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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Gilad Shalit affair is an Israeli propaganda triumph

The focus of the Gilad Shalit-Palestinian prisoner exchange has been kept off the conditions of the concentration camps where the Israelis imprison the Palestinians. The media elicit no curiosity whatsoever about conditions in Israeli concentration camps (“prisons”) that confine large numbers of Palestinian inmates. Torture of Palestinians is also off the agenda.

The Palestinian prisoners themselves, including children, are written off as terrorists: none of them are innocent. All of them received a fair trial and a just sentence.

The media's focus is almost entirely on Judaic victims of Palestinians. Palestinians who offer armed resistance to Israeli occupiers are denounced as terrorists. The World War II Allied doctrine of rightful resistance against occupation by any means necesary is not a factor for the media in evaluating the Palestinian resistance to Israeli occupation. The slogan of the French Resistance "Chacun son boche" ('Let everybody kill a German') incited the killing of individual Germans. The French Resistance bombed cinemas, restaurants and buses where Germans were known to congregate. Today the French Resistance are lauded as among the noblest and most heroic fighters in western history.

The Shalit affair is a nearly 100% Israeli propaganda triumph in the American media. The Israelis are made to appear as benevolent, compassionate humanitarians; the Palestinians as irrational savages.

What  coincidence! This is exactly the Babylonian Talmud's view of Jews and goyim.


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Jason said...

This morning I was treated to a news feature on the radio about Gilad Shalit. My local station uses feeds from CBS, so this was a nationally syndicated story.

Don't recall the reporter's name, but his tone was soft and concerned, displaying a certain vulnerability to Mr. Shalit's ordeal. It was so sweet.

Brief mention was made that he was traded for over 1000 Palestinian prisoners. However, it was pointed out that Gilad Shalit was "kidnapped". Were the Palestinian prisoners "kidnapped" as well? Or, were they legally and justifiably imprisoned all this time? CBS news will never tell us.

Truly, a master stroke of public relations, which the intrepid CBS news team swallowed hook, line and sinker.