Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Unilateral People

by Gilad Atzmon

They withdraw unilaterally
They ceasefire unilaterally
They invade unilaterally
They win unilaterally
They destroy unilaterally
They massacre unilaterally
They bathe in blood unilaterally
They spread white phosphorus unilaterally
They kill women and children unilaterally
They drop bombs unilaterally
They live on stolen land unilaterally
They support their homicidal leaders unilaterally
They love their ‘Jewish Only State’ unilaterally
Their democracy is unilateral
They love themselves unilaterally
They are the unilateral people.
Living behind walls of concrete, hatred and arrogance
They are still united and lateral failing to love their neighbors



GodSend said...

THEY will be MELTED unilaterally! (Ezekiel 22:20

Silex said...

As much as it may warm the hearts of sensitive Gentiles to read Atzmon's apparently reflective words, he is easily dismissed by Israelis as a silly fool because they know that Judaism at its core is about creating hostility between Jews and the 'Goyim' on 'their' planet.

Before you sigh when reading Atzmon's lament, ask yourself why doesn't he know that Judaism is about actively hating your neighbors. What could be the reason for such self-delusion on the part of Atzmon?

I suggest he write a poem like this:

Tell me
Oh please, if you can
Tell me why it is that
I don't know that Judaism at its core is a strategy to keep Jews together through hatred, arrogance, fear, and greed.
But then, I must know this, right?
So why do I still believe that psychopaths "fail" to love?