Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ghost of Bin Laden summoned to Gaza

It has been reported that the tortured and brainwashed "accused masterminds" of the 9/11 terror attacks will go on trial at Gitmo on the last day of George W. Bulls**t's presidency, Jan. 19. How's that for a "coincidence"?

And here's another one: a "tape" recording (not a CD, because Bin Laden's ghost has not caught up with modern technology), of the voice of none other than Osama himself hit the air waves of the dumbed down and infantilized American media today, wherein we were told that Santa Claus/Tooth fairy Bin Laden is alive and well, and issuing press releases from his cave somewhere in the armpit of western Asia.

If you accept this malarkey at face value you need read no further. For the rest of you: what do you think this latest covert-op by the western intelligence agency that operates "Al Qaeda" signifies? My hunch is that it signifies desperation, when even CNN is broadcasting reports on counterfeit-Israel's white phosphorus burning of civilians in Gaza, accompanied by graphic footage of child victims of this "nasty" incendiary, which CNN was airing yesterday.

As the justification for the Israeli holocaust in Gaza skates on ice that daily grows as thin as Paris Hilton's waistline, the white male Republican base in the US needs to be reassured that the Fox Noose fairy tale is true, the rabbis and Zionists of counterfeit-Israel really are "fighting for the West." Consequently, the spectre of Osama is summoned to the seance and made to mouth a Gaza script which implies that Hamas is an arm of the same Muslim crazies who, we are told, "masterminded" the Sept. 11 attacks.



eli said...

Dear Michael,
I'm really glad for having found your site and blog. Your posts are real eye-openers especially for someone like me who has started a journey towards the TRUTH in terms of Religion.
I put a comment in another anti-zionist blog which belongs to Alan Hart and I think my comment is also relevant here.
I am so baffled at the extent of international *blindness* that I am most of the time left wordless!
It is quite obvious that when a person becomes brainwashed he/she would not be able to see the TRUTH, even if TRUTH falls from the sky on his head! Interestingly I encountered a verse in the Quran (I'm not sure where, as I've just sort of started studying it)where the Lord says that such people become deaf, dumb, blind and they lose the power to reason!
I was amazed how snugly this verse fits people who refuse to see the truth regarding Isreal!!
Now you can show them *evidence*, they won't believe it because their inner heart is blind and they will easily dismiss your evidence as biased. You can tell them about the real truth, they will hear it but in reality they do not hear because their soul's ear is deaf. Sometimes they see a little truth yet they are unable to confess it, because, hatred, self-worship and prejudice have made them dumb and do not let them utter anything. Finally their brain turns into a dormant pond and we all know that dormancy and lack of movement for water (which is the source of life) turns it to a breeding place for reptiles and filthy creatures thus destroying the purifying and life-giving character of it.
As I move on in life I realize more and more that it is EXTREMELY hard to change dormant water to a spring. The only way is to let in a flood that would take away all the filth and which may in the process of revitalization also destroy!.
May the dear Lord of the Universe save us all.

Anonymous said...

By "coincidence" do you mean January 19 -- that is, 1/19 or 119? Is the Cosmic Jester of the Cryptocracy providing a Janus-faced archetype here, that is, Bush begins with 911 and ends with 119?

Jim said...

Great Job on Rense.He started with the Zionism deal.And right off the bat you clarified the root problem,which is Judaism.Keep it up.The hotter things get in the world,the more we will hear of "antisemitism" and alleged victimhood status of the people doing the butchering.And the distraction and misdirection of a "Jewish" or "Zionist" or "Islamic" conspiracy plays into the hands of the Cryptocracy.Maybe we can't get Jeff or other big voices off that track,but we can speak the truth when we have the voice.I correct people all the time in a nice and condensed manner,urging them to study a little deeper,and not be sucked into the vortex by the Illuminati and the whole Cryptocratic web of deceit that leads to all the web strands of masonry,Kabbalah,secret societies,New Age,Jesuits,et al,when in actuality they lead back to the core or center of the web.

eli said...

I love your posts and shall pray to the Dear Lord to Guide you in the best possible way as He sees fit and make you the source of the REAL truth to all truthseekers.

Silex said...

Dear Mr. Hoffman,

Then again, it just as well could signal that a false flag attack is being prepared, the responsibility for which is so efficiently made known beforehand. The sudden "appearance" of Bin Laden should remind us that our ever persistent cult intends to draw the whole world into their trap. Is that an act of desperation or a carefully coordinated strategy?

Now, wouldn't an 'act of terror' be just the thing to keep the ball rolling?

You have identified the cult that authorizes its followers to murder and lie but you haven't suggested what the strategy might be. Why should the Rabbis instruct their followers thus?

Interestingly, you use the expression "taking a crap on an entire people" to describe the Israeli atrocity in Gaza. This expression seems to highlight the offensiveness of the assault, a perhaps Talmudic offensiveness, given that text's preoccupation with "excrement".

What would the strategy be? I suggest that it is to make hostile reaction seem inevitable. The hostility engendered by despicable acts is indispensable for their enterprise. If the hostile reaction is not forthcoming, the false-flag team is there to produce it.

You might call their strategy "tit for tat".

Consider what Hamas leader Mahmoud Zahar is quoted* as saying: “The Israeli enemy in its aggression has written its next chapter in the world, which will have no place for them. They shelled everyone in Gaza. They shelled children and hospitals and mosques, and in doing so, they gave us legitimacy to strike them in the same way.” If Zahar's statement is Israeli agitprop, it would be all the more evidence of the Rabbinic strategy.

Indeed, they have committed "tit" and await the inevitable "tat". It would be of course very useful to them to control the nature of the "tat" wouldn't it?


Hiram Fowler