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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Monday, January 19, 2009

NYTimes admits Israeli policy was to go insane in Gaza

...The Israeli theory of what it tried to do here (in Gaza) is summed up in a Hebrew phrase heard across Israel and throughout the military in the past weeks: “baal habayit hishtageya,” or “the boss has lost it.” It evokes the image of a madman who cannot be controlled.

“This phrase means that if our civilians are attacked by you, we are not going to respond in proportion but will use all means we have to cause you such damage that you will think twice in the future,” said Giora Eiland, a former national security adviser.

It is a calculated rage. The phrase comes from business and refers to a decision by a shop owner to cut prices so drastically that he appears crazy to the consumer even though he knows he has actually made a shrewd business decision.

The Palestinians in Gaza got the message on the first day when Israeli warplanes struck numerous targets simultaneously in the middle of a Saturday morning. Some 200 were killed instantly, shocking Hamas and indeed all of Gaza...

"Parsing Gains of Gaza War" by Ethan Bronner | N.Y. Times, Jan. 19, 2009


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Anonymous said...

"The Palestinians in Gaza got the message on the first day"

then why did they keep massacring them for days on after?

none of this will be solved until they look in their synagogues and see the "blind, irrational hatred" that the rabbis have towards the goys, and their suspicions of poisoning food, murder, lying, etc

constantly hammering it in the fresh narcissistic children's minds of the "blind hatred Esau had for Jacob", hence why we see some of these ninkumpoop kiddies expressing narcissistic hatred towards their Arab house neighbours and throwing rocks

and the diabolical Purim Pagan Murder Rituals and Halloween face paint akin to a drenched KISS member, cursing the name of Haman the Persian. Or the name of Amalek the Palestinian

The Hate filled yeshivas and the racist bigotry

can this religion ever disappear? Does it become futile to try to convince most Judaics? Is this Babylonian witch craft going to actually still be haunting and menacing us for the next hundreds of years??