Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Reactions to news that Pollard the traitor will go free

Editor’s Note: the following reactions were collected from comments from readers of the liberal-Zionist New York Times. I would guess that the comments are representative of about 70% of the total received and published by the Times. If this estimate is accurate, it signifies that even readers of a leading American-Zionist newspaper detest Pollard and the cynical deal that President Obama cut on his behalf. 

Hence, outside the confines of the circles of ignorance in the USA (Right wing Churches and their pulpit buffoons located mainly in the Talmud-belt, i.e. the South), this would tend to show that despite any rigged polls (like the ones that tell us that all of a sudden a plurality of Americans favor marriage rights for men who use the sewer of the human body for purposes of romance), most Americans resent Israeli domination of American politics and foreign policy and Pollard is a focus of that anger.

What is most unfortunate is that that there is no leader on the national scene in a position to channel this resentment and anger into a positive movement for the restoration of our Constitutional Republic. But at least we can take solace in the fact that despite decades of “Holocaust" agit-prop the American people continue to harbor a healthy disgust for so-called “Israel” and the traitors it cultivates in our midst.

Post-script: several years ago we watched a lecture by a reputable author broadcast on C-Span television’s book channel, who claimed that the secrets Pollard sold to the Israelis made their way not just to the Soviet Union, but to Pakistan and China. If we noted the author’s name at the time we have long since misplaced that note, but our recollection is clear.

— Michael Hoffman

at this URL: http://nyti.ms/1IH6OM2  

Most of the comments are anonymous; a few are signed, as indicated. They were published July 28.

Pollard betrayed his country and the sacred trust it placed in him. He seems to be totally unrepentant. His crimes were motivated by allegiance to another nation. I don't see why America should be releasing Pollard, and at the same time trying to imprison a man who leaked secrets to the American people, motivated by love of the Constitution and concern for our disappearing freedoms. I'm talking, of course, about Edward Snowden.


I DO NOT approve of this, and I have written the White House and my representatives to say so. A spy who spies for a 'friend' is far, far more dangerous in many ways than a spy who spies for a nation or entity that is clearly our adversary. He should of course be treated humanely, but he should die in prison. If Israel chooses to spy on the USA again, and I am certain that they have people trying to do so even today, it should be crystal clear that the price for that is very high.


The fact that he was not executed for treason and that relations with Israel were not permanently affected by his spying - those things constitute a dangerous degree of concession to a nation that is willing to undermine our security for their own gain. He should remain in prison, and entreaties by Israel to release him should be met with a cold shoulder.


Pollard is the worst kind of human being, a traitor to his country. If Israel gives him a hero's welcome, it will be proof to the American people that Israel is not a true friend of the U.S., but is willing to sacrifice the safety and security of American families in pursuit of its own goals. May Pollard never be allowed to return to this country when he leaves.


Pollard stole the crown jewels of American intelligence (documents detailing the sources and methods utilized to safeguard American interests and agents throughout the world) and sold them to the Israelis, who proceeded to trade the material with a number of countries, including the Soviet Union. Pollard's treasonous betrayal of his country has made him a hero in Israel. Pollard's offenses are infinitely worse than any crime committed by Edward Snowden, who exposed classified information not to a foreign government or for money, but to inform the American people of the illegal activities directed by their government against them. Once again, the Obama Administration proves that justice lies not in what you do or its effects, but who you know and their influence. 
— David Eason, Denver, CO

How could he have been tried and convicted as a spy for selling secrets to Israel? Is not Israel just a distant 51st state? Albeit a very greedy,ungrateful and entitled state that has more influence in our Congress than the Koch brothers. A state that has no other friend in the world but us yet insults our president and threatens our Congress. — Ed Blau, Marshfield, WI 

Let's see, they spy on us, they undermine our democratically elected president, they cause us to loose face in the world for being on "their side", they cost taxpayers billions, yes billions, every year in free money we give them and highly escalated military costs because of them, they kill innocent woman and children, and these are our dear friends? Yikes! No wonder no one likes us anymore.


The NSA investigate the corrosive effect of Israeli lobbying on American Security. When the Senate Minority leader (Democrat Charles Schumer-NY) puts Israel's interests over that of his own country's, or at least says he needs to weigh the Iran deal through the lens of Israel's security needs, as opposed to those of his own country's, and when the Israeli Ambassador (born American) has open doors to anybody's office in the US Congress, this is an insidious relationship. Those who support Pollard's release just on the basis of his Jewish faith (presumably coinciding with their own faith), really need to check their passports in.


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