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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Monday, January 25, 2021

The Talmud Contrasted with the Ethics of Thomas Jefferson


My Speech in Montana

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By Michael Hoffman

I spoke for 75 minutes at Rev. Dr. Chuck Baldwin’s Liberty Fellowship Conference last Saturday in Kalispell, Montana, along with the eminent historian, Prof. Thomas DiLorenzo (speaking on “The Real Lincoln”).

My topic was, “The Babylonian Talmud, Its Impact on America Contrasted with the Ethics of Thomas Jefferson.” I received a standing ovation at the end of the address from the approximately 250 persons assembled.

(An all-region DVD of the speech has been issued and may be obtained at this link).

We sold many books and made many new contacts. Dr. Baldwin treated my wife and myself like royalty. The Liberty Fellowship is a family affair —  large families with children trained in the way they should go, as Scripture indicates. This is the basis for our survival and victory. The man assigned to my security detail is the father of eleven impressive children. His slim, attractive wife and many of those children, were present.

A man from Italy presented me with his translation into Italian of my book, Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare. He is attempting to find a publisher in Italy for it. He undertook the translation gratis.

A lovely anti-Communist family from Poland, now resident in the U.S,. introduced themselves. Their precocious ninth grader is being home-schooled with the Logos curriculum.

We met Kalispell physician (M.D.) “Doctor Annie,” a dynamo who was among the first to scientifically question the COVID-19 hysteria.

We were pleased to see Black, Hispanic and Asian Christians in the audience, as well as one man of Judaic descent who is following Our Savior Jesus Christ.

Seated at the banquet table on Friday  left to right: Michael Hoffman, Prof. Tom DiLorenzo and Rev. Dr. Chuck Baldwin

Liberty Fellowship is highly organized and has deep roots in the local community. I wish you all could have been there to experience the camaraderie, as well as the brilliant lectures by Pastor Baldwin and Dr. DiLorenzo. I was privileged to spend quality time with both men over two successive evening dinners, benefiting from their expertise.

The drive from our base in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho via US 90, then to Montana state highways beginning near St. Regis, and turning just before Plains, Montana through the Flathead Indian reservation, grants those fortunate to travel this old pioneer road, startling proof of our Creator’s magnificence. I said to my Kalispell interlocutors, I didn't see how anyone who experiences this spectacular view of the Bitterroot Mountains every day could become overly depressed or morose. The divine grandeur is simply too magnificent and overwhelming. True Christians are flocking to the area in droves.

Our thanks to Chuck and Connie Baldwin for a fabulous weekend in which we were afforded the opportunity to convey to an alert and enthusiastic audience new research on Thom Jefferson’s views on the Talmud and the occult, and to “inoculate” them against Talmudic hate speech and halakhic usurpation of our court system. 

Michael Hoffman autographing one of his books, near a volume of the Talmud, left open on the table (at bottom right)

We placed a volume of the uncensored (Steinsaltz) Babylonian Talmud open on our book table  tractate Sanhedrin  with the hate speech passages underlined in Aramaic and English, a fairly irrefutable means of establishing our thesis. Exposing bigotry and extremism is our educational mission.

Soli Deo Gloria,

Michael Hoffman

An all-region DVD of Mr. Hoffman's 75-minute speech is available for purchase here



Katherine D said...

Michael, Good news about the Italian translation of Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare. I've quoted it many times in my email blogs. I pray a publisher in Italy is found.

James Newlin said...

Was this a secular or religious meeting? You say, "large families with children trained in the way they should go" but as a Christian parent, your most fundamental obligation to children involves initiation into the Christian mysteries (i.e. Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist), which these types of tent revival Protestants totally reject. This man rejects everything in Christian liturgy of the first 1000 years. He calls it all "ceremonialism" and "bondage" and thinks it all to be "Judaic."

He does a lot of screaming and his teachings are far from Christian in his rejection of all things that the apostles taught. It's one thing to reject the superstition & distortions that appeared in Christianity, but another to reject the sacraments & liturgy totally.

Do you associate with groups such as NOI and Liberty Fellowship primarily for book sales? The Liberty Fellowship website says, their sole mission is "...instructing them in the historic Natural Law principles that begat our great nation." They are preaching a false Americanist religion completely separate from the teachings of the apostles. Association with groups like this is a bad idea. As a Christian, I can't understand how you can promote such a person.

Michael Hoffman said...

Dear Mr. Newlin

Apparently you are of the ultramontanist faction of inquisitors who believe that any coalition with Protestants for exposing the racism and hate speech of the Mishnah and Gemara, demanding human rights for unborn human beings (62 million of whom have been slaughtered since Roe v. Wade), and protecting our nation from tyrannical politicians, is suspect, if not some kind of outrage.

Your claims against the American Revolution ("Americanist") were refuted by Fr. Christopher Hunter in his important book, "The Strange Case of Solange Hertz."

By the way, have you taken a look at so-called Catholicism lately?
With whom do you affiliate, the cultic SSPX with its anti-American, French-Bourbon, Jansenist Phariseeism, which is a simulacra of Catholicism? Or how about those "faithful" who are unequally yoked with the diabolic Pope Francis? If you are affiliated with either of those, perhaps we should cast aspersions on your motives?

It seems that only you and your associates are Christians. What does that make the wonderful Bible-believers with eleven children I met at Liberty Fellowship? In your eyes it seems they are pagans, because they have a different understanding of the Scripture from your own. If you wish to reignite the wars of religion, wherein Catholics slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Protestant and Anabaptist men, women and children (and many Protestants did the same to Catholics) you are barking up the wrong tree, sir.

Ryan said...

I should hope in this time of great confusion that God should grant his grace to all men of goodwill who seek for him. And that if there are theological errors on their part I hope he will forgive those errors just as I hope he will forgive my own sins. Likewise should we treat all those who call themselves Christian with love and charity just as we would hope to be treated by them. Though there are serious divisions in Chistendom, we should work to heal them with calm reason, charity and the patients of saints, not passionate discord and name calling.
Sincerely Ryan,
A Catholic

Michael Hoffman said...

I hope we can keep the focus on the thesis advanced: Jefferson's campaign contra Platonism, the occult and Talmudic halakha. I would hope this would occupy us with many further queries, researches and discussion.

kurttraveller said...

Probably there are no more noteworthy Jewish Academics that stand in contrast opposition to Zionism and its covert aspirations of Sabettean Frankist Talmudic insanity, than Hoffman and Makow.
Thank you your work is legend😑👍🙏

Ryan said...

Michaelto you and any other reader that would like to answer,
I have two questions that I have wished to ask about Jefferson one of wish I have wished to ask for a long time:

I have heard it argued that contrary to popular opinio that Jefferson's support of a seperation of church and state (cited in his letter to the Danbury Baptist Association) was really a protection against government interference with different religious denominations and not support for the establishment of an indifferent (atheistic?) government. Is this true or is it false? and if it is true then what in your opinion would the governments relationship with religion be in our age?

My second question is this: Jefferson is said to have been very much against the idea of a central bank, but he was for state banking. So how would modern banking look under the Jeffersonian model?

God Bless,

Michael Hoffman said...

It's difficult for us, from our vantage in the 21st century, when no Catholic is in danger of being murdered by an Anglican or Calvinist government, and no Calvinist is in peril of life and limb from the Church of Rome, to grasp the degree of horror and revulsion which the Founders, and Jefferson in particular, felt toward the possibility of the Old World's Wars of Religion being exported to the New World.

The separation of Church and State was instituted to preempt any move toward that type of fratricide in the U.S., and it succeeded.We don't appreciate what an achievement that was on the part of the Founders. We take it for granted now, but the spectre of religious massacres and warfare haunted 18th century America.

Prof. Thomas DiLorenzo would be the one to ask regarding your question about what the economy would like today on a Jeffersonian model. It would certainly be agrarian and opposed to the suzerainty of banks.

Ryan said...

Thank you for the reply Michael,
I certainly agree that the ability to overcome the old divisions of Europe is one of the great achievements of America.
God Blesss,

Anonymous said...

Mr Hoffman,

Can you provide any more info (publisher, distributor) on the book you mention, _The Strange Case of Solange Hertz_ by Fr Christohpher Hunter? Thank you,

-Inquiring Mind

Michael Hoffman said...

The correct title is:

"The Strange Spirit of Solange Hertz"
By Christopher Hunter. (Rev. Fr.)

A quick search online turned up no copies anywhere I looked. (It probably doesn't have an ISBN number). Very rare and worthwhile.

You might try writing its author: Rev. Fr. Christopher Hunter, Box 847, Veneta, Oregon 97487.

If you would include a self-addressed stamped envelope it's more likely he'll respond (he's elderly and not in the best of health).

Anonymous said...

Well said kurt. I thank both MH and CB. You can also throw makow. Even though there was no Jewish holocoust in ww2. But there most certainly was their destruction in 70ad.

Simpleman said...

Amen sir. Well said. I respect all three, Baldwin, Hoffman and Makow ( even if I don't agree with his holocoust stance).

James Newlin said...

"There is no salvation outside of the church" is a dogma that must be held. Who is in or out of the church I don't know for certain, but I have no hope of salvation for Protestants as they reject the teachings of the unanimous consent of the orthodox Fathers. We're not talking about rejection of Ligouri or Thomas Aquinas, but rejection of the early ecumenical councils and all the orthodox Fathers. As one example, most protestants reject monasticism totally. I don't mean false monasticism, but they reject that of St. Antony, St. Benedict, St. Odo, and St. Romuald. Their claim is that a universal false church was present around the world (Egypt, Cappadocia, Rome) within a couple hundred years of the apostles.

The church of Vatican II is a false religion and SSPX is simply part of that false religion. I refuse to attend SSPX chapels. I'm critical of some sedevacantists in their support of sodomy, contraception, implicit baptism of desire, usury, probabilism, market capitalism, superstition, going through the motions, and many other issues. We're in the midst of the Great Apostasy and I'm not sure where the good priests and bishops are, but Christ's promises stand forever and there are true Catholics alive today.

I am still a Catholic and believe in the sacraments and teachings of the orthodox church fathers. Protestants have changed all the beliefs of the apostles and have changed the meanings of scripture to distort everything. The heretics (e.g. Arians, Nestorians) have always appealed to scripture to support their heresies. You can just as easily use scripture to deny the Incarnation & Trinity as many heretics do even today.

America is nothing but a shopping mall based on the false and heretical ideas of men like Roger Williams. The constitution is a satanic document and no Christian is supportive of false freedom. I'm against all religious wars or inquisition. Denouncing heresies is something true Christians have always done and that doesn't imply that we must take up a religious war. Anathemetizing a Protestant or a Vatican II Catholic is true Christian charity.

These days true Christians are largely alone as we're surrounded by false Christians, atheists, and people who have a false love of America & The Constitution.

Jeff Masters- San Francisco said...

"...and Jefferson in particular, felt toward the possibility of the Old World's Wars of Religion being exported to the New World..."

Though the causes were very complex, it seems that the European "Wars of Religion", after 1648, were more about royal succession than religion or Christian denomination.

Michael Hoffman said...

Jeff Masters wrote:

“...it seems that the European ‘Wars of Religion,’ after 1648, were more about royal succession than religion or Christian denomination.”

You're missing an entire historical epoch that was foundational to the view of John Locke, Thomas Jefferson and a legion of their contemporaries. Are you not aware that the Catholic evisceration of the Huguenot Protestants in France occurred after your arbitrary, 1648 cut-off date?

Meanwhile in Ireland, battles were repeatedly fought by Protestant British forces to maintain the vicious suppression of the Catholic Irish majority.

In England the second English Civil War was underway in 1648 between the Puritan Army of Oliver Cromwell and the forces of the Anglo-Catholic (Anglican) royalists. A third installment of that fratricide lasted until 1651.

Moreover, royal succession was often inseparable from confessional allegiance. The 1690 Battle of the Boyne in northeastern Ireland between Protestant King William III and Catholic King James II was intimately tied to the fate of the Catholics and Protestants in both Britain and Ireland. The victory of one monarch ensured the supremacy of the faith of his supporters across the entire nation, with a commensurate subjugation of the faith of the losers. To render these key battles a case of monarchial succession, with religion little more than a side issue, is insupportable.

The 1701 Act of Settlement excluded members of the Catholic faith from governing England. This led to the Jacobite wars of the eighteenth century.

These horrors were fresh in the minds of the Founders of the American Republic who were adamant about keeping this Old World sectarian fratricide from spilling over into the United States.

Jeff Masters- San Francisco said...

Sixteen forty-eight is the date of the Peace of Westphalia, which ended the Thirty Years' War of religion. The causes of subsequent wars were very complex. Many of them, including the global Seven Years' War, (which was a subject of the Barry Lyndon film), were fought over territory, and trade routes (including much of North America, Southern India, and Senegal), which stemmed from unresolved issues of the War of Austrian Succession. George Washington served under General Braddock against the French. The War of the Spanish Succession and the War of the Quadruple Alliance, wars of Empire which were not conducted primarily along religious lines were others that seem to have had a profound effect on the drafting of the United States Constitution AND the Monroe Doctrine.