Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Wednesday, January 06, 2021

Trump’s January 6 Gift to the Deep State

By Michael Hoffman


On January 6 Donald Trump's puppets acted their scripted part in the Cryptocracy's theatre 

This report was online free of charge as a public service from January 7 to January 16. It has been greatly expanded into the 12 page January edition of Revisionist History® newsletter, and is now available only to those who subscribe or who purchase issue no. 112 


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Korona Hokes said...

Trump's a puppet, Obama was, Bush likewise, all theater, no one sits in the White House has any real power, they're just actors. All the world's a stage and some have big fat parts, Hitler, Saddam, Stalin, JFK and other make do with posing as fake terrorism.

Ryan said...

Good Analysis Mr. Hoffman! Trump is a "Judas Goat" who leads his followers into the hands of their enemies. With the left hand he types the most psuedo-patriotic inflammitory tweets he can get away with and with the right hand he signs over everything the ziocoms ask for. He proudly proclaims to be pro-military America first and then sends traitor and sabatuer Johnathan Pollard to a hero's parade in Israel. Meanwhile Trump's acolytes riot in DC over which shadow on the cave wall has defrauded them, not realizing the whole thing is a charade.


Robert F. said...

I'm glad we have you on the side of truth, Mr. Hoffman. God bless you.

Ryan said...

I forgot to add Mr. Hoffman that there was once a time when the Republican Party stood for small government and Christian values. The fact that those who are self-proclaimed MAGA Trump followers worship at the feet of a: thrice divorced, 6 times bankrupt, police state aficionado, failed casino mogul, beauty pagent owning Epstien Island platinum club member, Chabad-Lubavitcher really begs the question doesn't it?


P.S. would you ever consider going on Adam Green's show (know more news)?

Ryan said...

It's also funny Mr. Hoffman because in the video of the woman being shot everyone is wearing a mask. You would think that if you were to storm the capital that all pretenses would be off. Think again I suppose.


Alan Donelson said...

Even having heard that truthful tune by The Who, we shall be fooled again and again and again. On January 6, America's epiphany arrived. The Magi visited and left gifts. AND, just like that, Trump's gone!

NOTE: Jim Stone has coverage you probably won't find anywhere else:

Now that we find ourselves solidly in the denouement of a protracted, distracting puppet show, we contemplate the fate of the tragic fallen leader, the last who loved America and strove in vain to make his beloved country great again. We watch the aging puppets who, like Brutus and his co-conspirators, take by evident fraud and force the reins of power over the people, some who welcome their perfidy, others appalled, all transfixed by the last show of the season. The King is dead, long live the King (or Queen).

After a short break to alert you to regular programming -- COVID is real, mutations are happening, a vaccination passport required to use the restroom -- we shall return to never ending puppet show, "The Last Days". Stay tuned for previews of the first shoah of the new season!

It's not often you can witness (selected snippets) of a "revolution" and a palace coup blended to such perfection. Live on stage and now in film! Bolsheviks, eat your heart out. There's a new lefty on the mound. Meet the new boss, the same as the old boss. You know in your heart that Demonrats and Repugnuts are two wings of the same two-headed bird, which many call Phoenix. (The horned-headed man shown by the MSM is an actor from Phoenix, Arizona. You just can't make this shit up. Please excuse my French.)

Trump the puppet had almost all the people fooled, one way or the other, right or left, almost all the time! He shall retire to prosperity and ease, having done his work as directed, perhaps joining Mr. Epstein for breakfast and a bit of fun. He was always so, from the beginning of his grooming, first by Roy Cohn (misdirector of Senator McCarthy), then by the Epstein-Maxwell tandem. Surely you got that before January 6, 2021!!

Michael Hoffman said...

CAVEAT: Alan Donelson's endorsement and promotion (above) of this webpage: is very problematic. The author of the page articulates certain delusions not dissimilar from the ones that led to the January 6 fiasco in D.C.

Most egregiously, the author of the web page recommended by Donelson terms Rand Paul, the principal constitutionalist in the US Senate, a "traitor." This is the type of reckless and irresponsible rhetoric that is fueling extremism and misdirection. I oppose it utterly. We have published Dr. Donelson's comment solely on the basis of our commitment to freedom of speech.

Popeless1958 said...

Quotes from the NY Times. One wonders why Judea is so concerned given Trump's limited time remaining in office. I don't think it's actually their concern for American "democracy" or Trump's "potential return" to power. He doesn't seem to have had any power to command anyone within gov't or the military to do anything.

"The magnitude of the current crisis calls for both of these measures. The threat the president poses to our democracy is not short-lived and must be cut off urgently and decisively — before it leads to even greater degradation to American democratic processes and traditions. It will need to happen quickly, even with other demands pressing on our country’s leadership like certifying the election results, rolling out the coronavirus vaccine and calming a nation in crisis.

To do this, the cabinet and Congress must deploy the 25th Amendment and impeachment in sequence.

First, Vice President Pence and a majority of the cabinet should invoke Section 4 of the 25th Amendment in order to make a declaration that Mr. Trump is “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.” This would immediately suspend, but not remove, Mr. Trump from the exercise of his presidential duties and appoint Mr. Pence as acting president. The 25th Amendment would not and should not be used as a lasting solution in a case of this kind, but rather as a temporary measure to sideline a demonstrably unfit and dangerous actor who is fueling anti-democratic action.

Second, the House should quickly draw up and pass articles of impeachment. And then the Senate should hold a fair — but immediate and efficient — trial both to remove President Trump from office and, as important, to disqualify him from serving in public office in the future. Precedent suggests that the Senate would likely need to hold two separate votes on removal and disqualification, although the disqualification vote may require only a simple majority to be approved, as opposed to the two-thirds vote necessary for removal from office.

Disqualification is necessary given Mr. Trump’s anti-democratic response to the 2020 election and the continuing danger that he will pose to constitutional norms if allowed to flirt with a return to power in 2024. Indeed, the importance of disqualification in this case is such that the Congress should proceed with impeachment even if Mr. Trump’s term in office has already concluded."

Baregil de Gomcesval said...

Dear Michael, if I remember well, and I think I do, let me remind you that when you knew that Trump had won, you fell on your knees and prayed and thanked God

Michael Hoffman said...

Dear Baregil de Gomcesval

You are making a reference to November, 2016.

Yes indeed, more than four years ago I believed it was heaven-sent that Hillary Clinton was defeated and at that time I had high hopes for Donald Trump's presidency.

Alan Donelson said...

Thank you, Michael, for publishing my earlier post. Pushing the limit of the freedom to speak one metre farther, I also recommend the reading of Miles Mathis' take on the 2020 (s)election of POTUS -- updated through January 6.


The game now afoot started a long time ago. Michael's magisterial work, "The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome", intimates that! Vatica II was icing on the cake baked many centuries before. Linear, continuous traces of earlier conquests, subterfuge, and infiltration may well go back to the heyday of the Phoenicians.

In the spirit of Revisionist History.

Baregil de Gomcesval said...

Dear Mr. Hoffman, the following is from here: https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/msom-generals-paul-e-vallely-and-thomas-mclnerney-reveal-all/ I have much more respect for President Trump now than I did before 2016. It doesn't matter how much mud they toss at him or how many mistakes he made. He proved to me, he is willing to take on the swamp, and he did delay some of their plans for a while. This puts President Trump far above most of the other creatures in positions of power. His ultimate failure exposes the entrenched corruption more than it indicates his incompetence. He has sacrificed everything. He can never go back to what was his normal life. They will likely hound him until he dies.

Unless of course he takes out the CIA with a MOAB.

Michael Hoffman said...

Look at Baregil's last line in his second comment on this page (we published the two), if you wish to see how the Cryptocracy infiltrates the Conservative movement.

His first paragraph is fairly mundane and contains the standard boilerplate about Israeli agent Trump's "accomplishments."

Now look at Baregil's one-sentence final paragraph, suggesting that Trump mass murder the Central Intelligence Agency "with a MOAB."

For those not familiar with it, M.O.A.B. stands for "Massive Ordnance Air Blast." It is a non-nuclear US Air Force super-bomb. Using it against the CIA would result in hundreds or thousands of deaths.

We only published this person's comment to expose the extent to which infiltrators posing as patriots are trying to lead us into a sucker trap of violence, like the one we witnessed at the Capitol on Jan. 6.
Don't be hoodwinked!

BAREGIL wrote:

Dear Mr. Hoffman, the following is from here: https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/msom-generals-paul-e-vallely-and-thomas-mclnerney-reveal-all/ I have much more respect for President Trump now than I did before 2016. It doesn't matter how much mud they toss at him or how many mistakes he made. He proved to me, he is willing to take on the swamp, and he did delay some of their plans for a while. This puts President Trump far above most of the other creatures in positions of power. His ultimate failure exposes the entrenched corruption more than it indicates his incompetence. He has sacrificed everything. He can never go back to what was his normal life. They will likely hound him until he dies.

Unless of course he takes out the CIA with a MOAB.

______________END QUOTE__________________

Joe Prokhorovka said...

God's ways are not our ways.

Roger Slemmer said...

...Especially when His ways turn to general chastisement.

We have believed lies. Our punishment - a worldwide deluge of lies that are at the same time unbelievable and unassailable. Everyone will be victim. There is no Noah personality to build an Ark for this one. It's already been built. The Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. We need to embrace Truth Incarnate to survive this one.

Jeff Masters- San Francisco said...

Is it possible that intelligence agencies have evidence on Giuliani implicating him in the 911 cover up, in order to get him to sabotage Trump's post-election courtroom challenges? Likewise, Sidney Powell on her knowledge of the true perpetrators of the Oklahoma City bombing? Is Lin Wood their controller? The right wing is just one big scam. Q-anon, seemingly perpetrated by deep cover intelligence, is a masterful psyop in misdirecting down a dead end, people of a right wing bent who are addicted to grievance. The right wing is just one big scam. Q-anon is not the first trap. I list a few: The John Birch Society, chemtrails, birthers, Ayn Rand, von Mises, tax "patriots" who use pseudo-legal arguments and get their supporters pauperized or jailed (leftist tax resisters use moral arguments),etc, and finally,Trump. It serves them right, because most of these people support counterfeit Israel and military violence against weak countries and defenseless people. The person you single out in the video from the rally is typical of these people, an inarticulate thug. Today's Americans are not the Americans of 1776. We are being increasingly alchemically processed. How many people under age 50 are NOT continually snout down in their smartphones? Not many. Where do low-income inner city dwellers get expensive guns? Have you seen the homicide statistics lately? Now the big craze is "Dirt Bikes".
If the people are disarmed, they have no one to blame but themselves.

I will comment on my research on occult symbolism in the Nashville bombing when there is a blog post relevant to that.

Michael Hoffman said...

Dear Jeff Masters: There are valuable insights and good points in what you write about the Cryptocracy-controlled Right wing. Too many of our people fall for evidence-free wild claims about conspiracies in which their enemies are believed to be guilty. Skepticism is never to be surrendered in human affairs, no matter from which side of the political spectrum a criminal conspiracy is alleged. Biblical warnings against false witness and training in detecting fraud are abandoned in the rush to judge and indict our adversaries. Who is behind this? Sometimes our enemies themselves. Trump was manipulated and outfoxed in this way. His weakness was his engorged ego and the Cryptocrats exploited. Trump should take responsibility for this.

I take exception to one of the indictments in your comment. While the John Birch Society supports legalization of usury and has concealed the role of Israeli and Talmudic subversion -- and these are very serious charges against it --we must give credit where credit is due. In this instance, to their magazine, "The New American" and lead investigator Bill Japser for the outstanding exposé of the conspirators behind the Oklahoma City bombing. Only the book by David Hoffman (no relation), is in the same lofty category as Mr. Jasper's courageous sleuthing.

Anonymous said...

Q-anon shaman, elsewhere repeating ”conspiracy-theories”, here with some symbols on his body.
He has a cow appearance.
Not just the horns, but also in facial and bodily expression.
He is also a very photo-genic person.
Newspapers all over the world delight.
Look, a Trump supporter!
It is not viking, though, as has been suggested.
It is a many facetted incident.
Can we even tie some of the photos to the actual event?
I suggest more planning in advance.
Who took the photos of the representatives?
Good quality, but unconnected.

anastasia said...

You should become Biden's speechwriter

Patrick said...

“I wonder how many such men in America would know that COMMUNISM, The New Deal, FASCISM, NAZISM, are merely so many trade-names for COLLECTIVIST STATISM, like the trade-names for tooth-pastes which are all EXACTLY alike except for the flavoring.”
-Albert J. Nock

“The superficial distinction of Fascism, Bolshevism, Hitlerism, are the concern of journalists and publicists; the serious student sees in them only one root idea of a complete conversion of SOCIAL POWER into STATE POWER.”
-Albert J. Nock

“A slave is someone who waits for someone else to free them.”
- Ezra Pound

.....Just some food for thought from some conservatives who though they were far from Christian, might hopefully guide certain sensibilities to the truest and most original of Libertarians, Jesus Christ. (“Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty.) To my mind, all else, even as so far as going down the neutralized path of pacifist anarchism, is sinking sand..... but it’s the right preliminary idea, I think... the right springboard; the
right send-off... for TRUE LIBERTY. Not this evasive
“freedom” which always seems to play us false.

Philipski said...

It is more likely that those first two events you mentioned are, in essence, forgotten by the intelligence agencies (American ones, anyway). I don’t think it is generally introspective, thoughtful people who go into those careers. The effect of American society’s decades-long path of anti-intellectualism aimed at business-minded folk (can you seriously imagine Trump picking up and reading from a book more arduous than some “life-affirming” pablum a’la “The Secret”?) was far more likely a decisive, destructive factor in what eventually led to Mr. Trump’s cowing (or, perhaps, not even seeing his power to take on the Dr. Faucis of the medical industry to begin with) than some “planned, scripted” Judas goat role. It is unfortunate that “the Movement” was inflitrated, planted with Alex Jones types, but 9/11 is now as much ancient history as JFK.

Anonymous said...

Paul E. Vallely wrote the book From Psyop To Mindwar with Col. Michael Aquino, the front of the book spells his last name a little differently, but it is the same Paul E. Vallely. I'm sure everyone knows Aquino and his psychological warfare. Vallely is good friends with Flynn, now we're starting to see what QAnon was about.

The man dressed as a Viking in the capital building photos was conducting chaos magic while in the capital. James