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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Pondering the Mysticism of the Times on Thanksgiving, 2020

 Pondering the Mysticism of the Times on Thanksgiving, 2020

Michael Hoffman

On Nov 22, 2020, at 22:58, Tim <xxxxxxx@startmail.com> wrote to Michael:

I recently read your post regarding the Puritans.  It brought to mind a few questions I had regarding your thoughts on certain topics that seem relevant to the times we find ourselves in.  First, a great deal of speculation is afoot regarding what will come of the election and whether Trump will activate the Insurrection Act if he doesn't prevail in court.  Alternatively, there is speculation that if Biden is installed, we will begin a move into tyranny, initiated by a form of medical martial law that ends in the gulag.  While I don't have a great deal of knowledge on the esoteric side of astrological doctrines and beliefs among the elites, this coming year would mark (maybe?) the "21" of the "Great Game of Black Jack" you have referred to occasionally.  It also seems to coincide with the 26,000 year procession of the equinox and the earth's passage through galactic center.  Do you think this coming year -- if the Cryptocracy places significance in dates and times according to the movement of planets and stars -- has been a time-table known for centuries?  Is this coming year particularly significant because it aligns with "21" and the astronomical phenomena?  If so, is this how they've managed to use twilight language and predictive programming that gives the appearance of coincidence and synchronicity?  

Dear Tim

The Internet has overblown predictions about Trump and the election results. More particularly, forces of the Cryptocracy working inside the Internet related to QAnon etc. 

Post-election we were receiving “the-sky-is-falling” e-mail in considerable volume while 9/11 conspirator Rudy Giuliani and co. were staging theatrical election-fraud (the fraud seems to be real in many cases) spectacles that were long on declamations and remarkably short on evidence. 

Now that Trump has done what he had to do and initiated the transition to Biden, our e-mail on this subject has gone nearly silent. One can see that those expecting an apocalyptic "fight to the finish!" and activation of the Insurrection Act, have been demoralized and exhausted by the charade into which they were sucked. 

This fatiguing mental enervation is almost always the objective when the Cryptocracy is conditioning our people, who seem gullibly unaware that Cryptocracy honcho Cass Sunstein of Harvard Law, and late of the Obama administration, wrote of the need for cognitive infiltration of the patriot and JFK/9-11 conspiracy research movements. Sunstein heads the UN’s behavior modification unit, designing heightened psychological warfare approaches to defeating us mentally. Much of this tricknology is operated from inside the extreme right wing, using useful idiots, as for example the circulation of hysterical rumors against Tucker Carlson, urging a boycott and claiming he was a sellout because he correctly demanded a little something known as evidence for the wild allegations made by the lady lawyer on Giuliani’s team who Trump eventually fired.

As for esoteric speculation about the forthcoming 2021, since the BlackJack gateway opened on Sept. 11, 2001, every year since has been “charmed.” Our current year MMXX with its "20/20 vision" (as Matthew Bell has perspicaciously termed it), is significant for debuting the “crowned" (corona) COVID19 "peril to our land” national emergency. As you know, 2001 was ushered in on Jan. 1 with the appearance of a "mystery metal monolith” in Magnuson Park in Seattle. Now in 2020, on Nov. 18, another "mystery metal monolith” was unveiled in southern Utah during our “moment of national peril.” Was the discovery truly accidental or part of a timetable for its revelation? What is its role in processing the Group Mind of the masses?

I don’t credit astrological doctrines, though I don’t blame you or anyone else for gauging the impact of beliefs in astrology on people’s behavior, which is a Fortean study. Talk of "26,000 year procession through the galactic center” reminds me of the apocalyptic talk about the thousand-year-old, long count “Mayan Calendar” apocalypse, falsely prophesied almost eight years ago for December 21, 2012. 

Whatever places us in a psychic pressure cooker is suspect. Whoever claims the authority to know a 26,000 year procession is imminent, or the Mayan Calendar is about to be certainly fulfilled, is suspect. 

Consider the mental state of those whose lives are so impoverished they have a psychological need to go from one end-of-the world prognostication to the next, ever more frazzled and burned out as they do so. Imminent End Time expectations are seeded among our more vulnerable people by the agents of paralysis. Their intent is to cause us to intensely psychologically light up for a time, and then burn out permanently. If I had a hundred bucks for every fine person I have known in the course of 35 years in this fight who has quietly dropped out and sunk into paralyzing despair and oblivion, I would be a wealthy man. 

The last time I checked, the Bible teaches that up until the Second Coming, people would be marrying and being given in marriage, and crops sown and harvested. Perhaps if more of us were engaged in age-old natural vocations and ways of life tied to the good earth — farming and raising large families — we would be less vulnerable to the states of nervous exhaustion induced by the 24/7 emergency “news” cycles on television and the Internet.

Secondly, you mention the recent book contra transgenderism by Abigail Shirer.  Do you think the focus on transgenderism is, ultimately, alchemical in nature?  Is this about the androgyne and a reconciliation of opposites to create a new consciousness?  If alchemy was, at some level, an attempt to achieve immortality without Christ and repentance, then is the recent focus on gender theory meant to converge with transhumanism? 

In the rabbinic Midrash and Lurianic Kabbalah the “primordial” created man, "Adam Kadmon" (אָדָם עִילָּאָה,), is depicted as possessed of male and female genitalia in one body. In alchemy this “unity" is a recurring trope. The Japanese philosopher George Ohsawa to the contrary, believed that divine creation was sustained by the attraction of strong opposites, personified as male and female: very masculine men and intensely feminine women. This is why, he said, for centuries traditional schools kept boys and girls apart so that they might strongly develop their unique biological, psychological and spiritual characteristics in temporary isolation, coming together after high school with their polarities sufficiently developed. Ohsawa taught that this fostered life. He said that where there was little distinction between opposites much death would manifest. 

One only has to look at the state of the self-extinguishing, contraception-and-abortion obsessed white race to see the truth in his observation (alas, the same can be said for the vanishing Japanese). Or take a gander at the tormented souls in the ranks of antifa brimming with hatred and violence, whose sexual identity is as fluid as a tropical storm. 

I see that little, if anything, was mentioned regarding the assassination of JFK today as well.  When I was growing up, through college, it was often a day remembered, like Dec. 7th and Pearl Harbor.  

The same weak-willed amnesia greeted the 400th anniversary on Nov. 21 of the landing of the Mayflower in New England. Even fifty years ago this was celebrated throughout our culture and society at large. In 1920 the 300th anniversary of the Mayflower was massively commemorated. 

I’ll close with something to laugh at: the despots who call themselves the governors of Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, California ad nauseam, have in many cases ordered Thanksgiving celebrations to consist of ten people or less. I had to smile when I read that because years ago I was friendly with an Amish bishop named Mose who had 17 children. I know of "traditional Catholic" families here in north Idaho with ten or twelve children. By the edicts of our newly minted tyrants, the children of these families cannot all gather together to give thanks to Almighty God for the blessings we continue to enjoy. What a joke on the arrogance of our small-minded rulers who can’t conceive of a modern family consisting of more than a couple of kids.

A blessed Thanksgiving to you and yours,

Michael Hoffman 




Tom Quinn said...

There are substantial problems with your reporting.

In the first place Sidney Powell was not "fired" by Trump. She was never retained by Trump. Therefore no firing was ever possible. Distancing and firing are not the same thing.

Secondly Powell noted that she already had provided Carlson with affidavits that he chose to ignore at the time of his disingenuous demand for "evidence" he was already given. In the time since Powell has filed two lawsuits that contain a wealth of evidence of election fraud. Have you bothered to consider either?

Thirdly you appear to have forgotten Carlson's role in the legitimation of Bush II's crimes. And the fact of his established early life connection with the CIA, which he shares with fellow media disinfo agent Anderson Cooper. To think Carlson is trustworthy is utterly absurd.

Michael Hoffman said...

Dear Mr. Quinn

No one is "trustworthy " in the sense of receiving our faith that they will do the right thing tomorrow. There is too much pressure on leaders and prominent talkers like Tucker to go bad. All we have is their performance today that we might support. For example, Tucker has deflated Critical Race Theory and consistently stood up for freedom of speech contra the Tech Tyrants in every avenue except that of Zionist censorship (which as you probably know, his bosses the Murdochs would not allow him to report).

He generalizes far too much and sometimes his shouting and hyena-like laughter are off-putting. Nonetheless, I believe he does some very good work offensive to the Cryptocracy, as for example his live broadcast from Las Vegas in the wake of the occult massacre of the Country and Music fans there. He radically demanded an investigation and pointed to a coverup.

I need not mount a defense of Tucker. If you can't see that he does more good than harm, then there's no convincing you and I leave you to your opinion. My opinion is that Sidney Powell is not credible.

Michael Hoffman said...

Furthermore Mr. Quinn, when antifa attacked Tucker Carlson's family home and terrorized his wife while she was alone in the house, did they know something you don't?

William Austen Bradbury said...

Why do you think Sidney Powell is not credible? She is a well-accomplished lawyer who has been in the game for a long time. She has written books exposing high-level corruption. As I understand it, she has trained as a prosecutor for military tribunals, which is why she has separated from the Trump team. In her own words she is on good terms with President Trump.