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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Friday, March 27, 2020

Murder Most Foul: Bob Dylan conjures the ghost of JFK "33 times"

Murder Most Foul 
Bob Dylan conjures the ghost of JFK, "33 times

Dear Michael

Bob Dylan is in the news today with a newly released, seventeen-minute song about the JFK assassination, “Murder Most Foul."  After listening to it, it seems like he may have very well read "King-Kill 33.  

Curious that it is released during this time, though, when the psychic pressure cooker has been turned up.  

There are strange elements of twilight language surrounding the current Coronavirus outbreak.  

There have been claims that the fourth century saint, St. Corona, is a patron saint of plagues and that her relics are in a church in the north of Italy.  This story, however, doesn't seem supported by what one finds in the lives of the saints.  I couldn't find any mention of her being a patron for plagues.  And, there is some disagreement over whether she is actually buried in a church in the north of Italy.  

Additionally, this pandemic began garnering attention around the time of the Chinese New Year, which happens to be the Year of the Rat.  The subtext here, so it seems, would be the connotation of rats with the plague and, perhaps reaching a bit, the yellow flag hoisted as a universal sign for contagion on ships or in camps.  The color yellow also suggests the verse  in Revelation, "Behold a pale horse" and the release of a plague.  The virus emerges out of "the land of the Yellow Man" during the "Year of the Rat," bearing a name that, for some reason, has been associated with a St. Corona that, in reality, is not the patron of plagues and is not likely buried in Northern Italy   though both are claimed to be true.  We then have a surprise release of this song by Dylan that any reader of "King-Kill" will immediately recognize as full of twilight language?   Bizarre -- 

Best Regards, 

Fair is Foul and Foul is Fair

Dear Tim

Thank you for your thought-provoking analysis.

Dylan chose as the title of his JFK assassination ditty a line from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, “Murder most foul” (1.5:26), but the manifest parallels are with Macbeth (personified as Lyndon Baines Johnson in Macbird in the 1960s), wherein three bearded females pronounce a heads-is-tails reversal, “Fair is foul and foul is fair” (1.1:11). 

Another suitable title  also emanates from these “weird sisters”— “When the hurly burly’s done; when the battle’s lost and one.” This  refers to murder, and the energetic memories and investigations that so often follow in the wake of the crime, only to eventually fade. Then, in the burned out aftermath, it doesn’t signify that a CIA conspiracy killed President Kennedy, or that a “weapons of mass destruction” deception was mounted by President George W. Bush as a pretext for invading Iraq. When the smoke clears and "the hurly burly’s done and the battle is lost and won,” the perpetrators have committed a crime for which they are not punished. 

(In the case of Macbeth, this is true in the aftermath of his assassination of Duncan, King of Scotland, but not in the wake of his eventual murder of Banquo).

Here below is the section of Dylan’s lyrics that begin to approach a hint of King-Kill/33:

i'm never gonna make it to the new frontier 
zapruder's film i seen the night before 
seen it 33 times, maybe more 
it's vile and deceitful, it's cruel and it's mean 
ugliest thing that you ever have seen 
they killed him once and they killed him twice 
killed him like a human sacrifice

Leave it to Bob Dylan to taunt his public with this stuff, like a pre-pubescent ck tease, rather than give the public a straight decode.

He knows his fans will pour over every word of his new “cryptic” song, and his star will ascend again, temporarily, in the midst of his mystifying doggerel and these “plague" times.

Marilyn Manson, who has cultivated transgender/androgyne imagery and symbolism, has actually been more manly in disclosing, or at least insinuating, some of the truth in his"King-Kill/33" song of some years ago, while Dylan, who projects a mostly masculine Cagliostro persona, is a depleted wizard, exploiting President Kennedy’s death for the sake of generating headlines for his fading brand. 

If Dylan had written, “killed him like Downard said, a human sacrifice…” then we’d be getting somewhere. 

Then Dylan would actually be naming the person he alludes to as "the man with a telepathic mind…" 

Nosferatus like Dylan drain us; compounding our collective anemia. It’s part of America’s celebrity sideshow. Nothing is real unless a “star” endorses or confims it. Maybe by 2030 Bobby will get around to dropping a few more hints into the open mouths of his slavering lap dogs. Cant wait. Meanwhile, letbuy more from his streaming song catalog.

In the last two weeks we’ve watched “The People,” i.e. the post-modernist, virtual-reality immersed, “tech-savy futurists,” behave like sheeple always have throughout low tech “Dark Ages” of yesteryear, in this case swallowing the corrupt media’s Coroniavirus panic. Westerners are more passive and obtuse than ever, even as they imagine themselves to be “gods.” Perhaps it's all that time they spend staring at screens.

There is no major “celebrity,” or statesman or legacy media journalist with the testicular fortitude to go public and fully narrate James Shelby Downard’s decrypting of the Killing of the King, in the lodge that was Dealey Plaza, in masonic Texas, close to the Triple Underpass and the 33rd degree line of north parallel latitude, which runs straight to the Trinity Site on Mr. Downard’s subterranean map of the American psyche. 

The civic magic Artaud foretold has, since 2001, emerged largely undisguised, but we tell ourselves we cannot confirm its reality or act on it unless we see it reflected back to us in the media mirror. 

When someone builds his own jailhouse and imprisons himself within it, are his cries for help anything more than the plea of a masochist for further abuse?

Michael Hoffman

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Hoffman is the author of Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, and its sequel, "Twilight Language," which will be published January 1, 2021.


Gordon Pratt said...

The photo of Zimmerman features the one-eye sign, an occult symbol. VIGILANTCITIZEN.COM tracks hundreds of instances of its use

Phillipa said...

Thank you for your analysis of this. The song, which supports the falsification of history, was released with perfect timing during another ongoing black operation and falsification of history, the fraudulent pandemic. In this way, it reads not only as a calling card from the cryptocracy, but also as a form of hypnotic suggestion for the masses. This person has passed himself off as counter-establishment when he is an insider and state asset of the highest proportion. "The executioner's face is always well-hidden." You should know, Bob, you should know.