Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

"Bio-weapon?” If it is, it's a strangely ineffective one

If it is, then Coronavirus is a strangely ineffective one

By Michael Hoffman

We are blessed with having many astute readers from the world of science, business and economics, and here below we reproduce an e-mail we received from "Oddo” in response to our previous column, which reinforces our contention that the Coronavirus panic is media-induced.

Our own opinion is that COVID19 is not a bio-weapon, and if it is, it’s a strangely ineffective one! To believe it is a bio-weapon is to do what the controlled media are perpetrating, from Tucker Carlson on Fox to Judy Woodruff on PBS News Hour, artificially increasing its deadliness on little evidence.

Oddo writes:

The majority of flu cases, and even this supposed "new Coronavirus," if it exists at all in the form we are being told it does, are never even reported, so many people stay home and recuperate and do not see doctors at all when they get sick. I always do. 

And this signifies that many more are likely to have been sick and did not die, which would mean that the Coronavirus mortality rates, i.e. death rates relative to those who were sick, are much lower than we are being told they are. 

No doubt the reason mandatory testing is not widespread in the USA, with one excuse being that there are not enough test kits, is because if everyone was tested it would drive the mortality/death figures so low it would become obvious that the whole thing is being blown grotesquely out of proportion. 

The problem with comparing mortality rates of flu and Wuhan virus is the flu uses the total estimated numbers to calculate the mortality rate, but the Wuhan virus is only using positive test results to calculate mortality.

To compare the same sets of data, from September through mid-March, there were 222,552 positive test results for influenza A & B, with 22,000 deaths. That's a 10% mortality rate from people hospitalized and tested positive for the flu:

The data requirements being used to pump the Wuhan virus scare are as follows: positive test results vs mortality, when in fact, to obtain an accurate number, they should figure the estimated total number of infections, which number we will never know because minor cases simply aren't tested.

South Korea was doing mass testing for "novel coronavirus" in their population. Their data shows about a 1% mortality from those who tested positive. With 8,320 positive tests there were 81 deaths, according to Wikipedia. That's orders of magnitude far less than deaths from the much more lethal annual influenza, so the Wuhan virus scare is an outlandish propaganda hoax that is an insult to our intelligence.

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