Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Thursday, April 04, 2019

Southern Poverty Law Center Lynch Mob

By Michael Hoffman

Shame on Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, Paypal and Apple for disgracefully submitting to the ultra-partisan Southern Poverty Law Center's inquisition against freethinkers and dissidents who are demonized and hounded as "haters” by the SPLC, a multi-million dollar Orwellian gatekeeper that aims to make the Internet safe for corporate media orthodoxy. On the contrary, in its early days the Internet provided a welcome and often radical alternative to the corporate-controlled media.

Dissidents smeared by the SPLC become targets for violence and vandalism and are banned from the Internet — as determined by a private spy organization of Stalinist methodology, to which the billionaire Tech Tyrants submit in order to maintain the “reputation of their brand” in the midst of a lynch-mob atmosphere. 

Freedom of thought and the advancement of human knowledge are not considerations once a visionary writer or radical speaker is stigmatized with the hate label, which in effect signifies “hated by the Southern Poverty Law Center” — the enemies of freedom of speech.

Michael Hoffman is a dissident historian censored, libeled and witch-hunted by his ideological and political rivals in the SPLC, the ADL and other online thought police organizations to which the Tech Tyrants bow in abject submission.

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rerevisionist said...

'Lynch mobs' have often been decent people unable to get justice. Hoffman is wrong to call SPLC a 'lynch mob'. It's like calling Jewish mass murders a 'lynch mob'. They are 'Jew' fanatics