Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Friday, April 05, 2019

Attempt to Censor Michael Hoffman on Twitter Fails

Attempt to Censor Michael Hoffman on Twitter Fails

Good news! As many of you know, our scholarship is repeatedly targeted for censorship and deplatforming online by the enemies of knowledge and freedom. 

With all the complaints about Twitter in this regard, let’s give Twitter credit for declining today to suppress our April 2 tweet or deplatform us, because we dared to publish an accurate citation from the Talmud.  

Today Twitter e-mailed us as follows:

We have received a complaint regarding your account, @HoffmanMichaelA, for the following content.

Tweet ID: 1113143468514205696
Tweet Text: How much truth can you handle? 
TALMUDIC DOCTRINE “If a grown man has intercourse with a little girl less than three years old, all agree that it is not a significant sexual act…” 
“The Talmud: The Steinsaltz Edition,” Ketubot 11b, vol. 7 (NY: Random House, 1991), p. 145. #metoo

 We have investigated  the reported content and could not identify any violations of the Twitter Rules (https://support.twitter.com/articles18311) or applicable law. Accordingly, we have not taken any action at this time."


(end quote from Twitter)

Our enemies endeavor to instill in us despair, defeatism and paralysis, with the objective of removing us from the field of spiritual and intellectual battle. To succumb to this psychological warfare is a sin against the virtue of Hope. God is in charge, not the powers of darkness. If we have faith in Him, then we will sit tall in the saddle and continue to charge, trusting in His Sovereign Will.

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