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Monday, April 15, 2019

Buchanan, Buttigieg and Forbidden Love

Buchanan, Buttigieg and Forbidden Love

By Michael Hoffman

The root of both usury and sodomy is situation ethics, which so-called “Conservatives” have not the vision to discern. Hence, they pen requiems for the past rather than manifestos for the future. 

"Are, for example, the Ten Commandments of the Old Testament, Christian teaching and natural law unchangeable and applicable to all men at all times? Or can some of the ten be consigned to the dumpster of antiquated moral prohibitions? This question has been brought straight into the presidential primaries by Pete Buttigieg, breakout star of the spring of 2019.what Buttigieg is saying is that either God changes his moral law to conform to the changing behavior of mankind or that, for 2,000 years, Christian preaching and practice toward homosexuals has been bigoted, injurious and morally indefensible….In the lifetime of many Americans, homosexuality and abortion were still scandalous crimes. They are now cherished constitutional rights. 

 Pat Buchanan, Mayor Pete and the Crackup of Christianity"

In a red meat column this week by Patrick J. Buchanan, he asserts the “unchangeable law” of “Christian teaching” against the spirit of our age.

The big hole in Pat’s thinking is his positing a good old days picture of the past, when abortion and sodomy were illegal. 

But those were not the "good old days” and hadn’t been for centuries. What he means to say is that they were good times in comparison to 2019; relatively speaking.

The crater that Buchanan has fallen through is his failure to address first things, rather than symptoms of the dystopian eschatology that follows from the corruption of original law.

Mr. Buchanan appeals to the law of God with half-measures that ensure more of the same decay and decline. God's law admits of no exceptions, no escape clauses and no situation ethics.

Way back yonder in 1515, when the Italian banking mafia grabbed the Catholic Church by the throat in the pontificate of Medici Pope Leo X, they used the alibi of Monte di pietá (charity toward the poor) to launch a Medici shylock operation. As a result, the immemorial Catholic dogmatic prohibition against taking one penny above the principal as rent for a loan, gradually was diminished and derogated to the point when, in 1830, any sleazy loan shark could be admitted to Communion in the Catholic Church, notwithstanding his “antiquated” mortal sin of usury.

If Patrick J. Buchanan will turn to the First Book of Timothy, at chapter six, verse ten, he will see that according to God’s word, the love of money is the root of all evil.  The permission of the Church for the renting of money (accompanied by the usual Machiavellian feints and double-talk ), marks the original weaponization of that forbidden love.

The permission of the United States government for “Mayor Pete” Buttigieg's forbidden love is a derivative of the Church’s permission for the situation ethics that made it possible for money-renters to receive Catholic Communion in good standing. 

Evil proceeds from the nullification of God’s law, a nullification which is accomplished on the basis that, “The-times-they-are-a-changin’.” 

Dante Alighieri, driven into exile from the medieval mafia fiefdom of Florence, made the connection between these two forms of forbidden love in his Inferno. Dante wrote that usury is as the sin of Sodom. 800 years later and the “Great Books” aficionados on the Right are still clueless. 

Pat can moan his requiem for the good old days, but in fact those days were rotten with the stench of money love and the supremacy of hedge fund operators and other usury parasites who up to this day continue to place the people Jesus bought for a price on that Cross on Calvary, into debt slavery.

So-called “Conservatives" are incapable of getting to the actual root of anything, whether it is the Talmudic nature of the subversion of the West, or the Renaissance papal situation ethics which, long before there was a U.S. Supreme Court or a New York media, turned the loan sharks loose on the people of God. That sodomites were eventually also turned loose is a shock only to “Conservatives."

 Until we have the grace and vision to penetrate clouds of misdirection, we will continue to inhabit the sad, stoop-shouldered ranks of history’s losers, consoling ourselves with the knowledge that wordsmiths such as Mr. Buchanan have crafted for us an eloquent obituary.  

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The Militia Guy said...

Mr. Buchanan is a product of his Americanist upbringing. In his campaigns for POTUS in 1996 and 1999, hHe betrayed Christians and the pro-life movement. He showed himself not to be a Roman Catholic, but the man in the pew member of AmChurch, i.e., the usurious and sodomite infested American Catholic Church.

Michael Hoffman said...

I have no doubt that Mr. Buchanan genuinely opposes sodomy and is probably no fan of usury.

The issue is the disconnect between the history of the massive betrayal of God’s law on debt by the Renaissance and post-Renassiance Church and the latter-day betrayal of God’s law on sodomy.

The focus should be on the situation ethics that is the father to all of these mortal sins and the point in history at which the appeal to the circumstances of the zeitgeist began to erode fidelity to God’s unchanging law. Without discerning the connections and knowing this history we are marooned in Buchanan’s landscape of paralyzing despair and longing for the past.

Fred Railsback said...

Have you seen Jan Irvin's shows with Lloyd DeJongh about the Torah and the Talmud? They claim a lot of the Talmud quotes floating around are fake. Would be curious what your thoughts are on that claim.


Michael Hoffman said...

We have documented many fake statements attributed to the Talmud Bavli either by reckless critics or by the conspirators themselves so that these fakes will be disseminated and discredit genuine citations.

The authentic Talmud contains thousands of iniquitous, pornographic and insane statements. There’s no need for anyone to concoct Talmud quotes.

For accurate citations from the Talmud cf. "Judaism’s Strange Gods: Revised and Expanded"


"Judaism Discovered"

Anonymous said...

That Dante'an thing about sodomites and usurers sounds strangely familiar, sorta E.M.Jones-ish. Did he borrow that from your work or vice versa?
BTW why don't you gentlemen don't get together well? What was the original spat about? Is it because he's Catholic and you're Protestant (?)?
God bless you for your scholarly contributions and keep up the great work.