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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Kasich confronts ignorant rabbis and Talmud students

Republican Presidential candidate John Kasich confronts ignorant rabbis and Talmud students in New York

By Michael Hoffman

This surprising scene is refreshing to watch, after observing many politicians cringing and toadying in the presence of the self-Chosenites. Kasich has the intelligence and knowledge to get the job done, and obviously has little respect for the enormous, artificially inflated prestige of the rabbinic world.  But does he have the courage to maintain it and follow-through?  That’s the question. 

The video of his confrontation is just three-and-half-minutes in duration. Take the time to watch this somewhat amazing scene. It opens immediately after an Orthodox Judaic man told Kasich that God made a covenant with Moses. You will see Kasich’s ridicule of this nonsensical statement in the opening scene. Then he moves on to the Biblical Joseph, who prefigured Christ. About Joseph the assembled Talmud students appear to know little or nothing. Finally, Kasich directs their attention to the Biblical Joshua, who he praises.  Jesus bore the same Hebrew name as Joshua: Yashua. We see the hints the Governor is dropping.

In the midst of unfaithfulness, Joseph shined like a bright light. He was Jacob-Israel’s first-born by Rachel. His father, Jacob-Israel, shows him particular favor. Joseph’s brothers resent him because he is faithful and they are not. Like many Jews, they refuse to see that the cause of their problems is their own unfaithfulness. They blame Joseph for their sin. Like Jesus, they resent Joseph because God’s hand of blessing is on him. Gov. Kasich considers these facts obvious to any student of the Bible. 

Memo to Kasich and millions of Americans: despite propaganda to the contrary, Orthodox Judaics and their rabbis are not primarily students of the Bible. They are students of the Talmud; whatever they think they know of the Bible is filtered through the distorting prism of the traditions of men; i.e. the Torah sheBeal peh, i.e the Talmud of Babylon. 

In this one case, Governor Kasich was not deferential or accommodating toward rabbinic conceit. This candid exchange captures his impatience with the ignorance he witnessed. How long he will continue with this type of outspoken defiance is anyone’s guess. It is certainly a break with his past positions and actions. Is he at last beginning to behave as a true American leader?


Clayvessel said...

To bad that he missed a golden opportunity to point out how the story of Joseph points to Christ, how he was a type of Christ. God made Joseph the savior of Egypt; God made Joseph a king. Joseph was an example to follow in that he loved all men (as Christ does) including his own enemies and he was honorable and virtuous in all things. Sad that those ignorant men didn't get the opportunity to be enlightened.

Michael Hoffman said...

It’s pretty obvious what Mr. Kasich was hinting at. Notice toward the end he also praised Joshua which was the name of Jesus (Yashua).

At least one person (presumably Judaic) who saw the video, got Kasich’s message and stated the following criticism:

"Barely concealed contempt for these Jews. Do they know who the covenant was with, Abraham or Moses? Of course they do? Do they know Joseph? Naturally. What did Joseph do wrong? He said his father loved him best and they would all bow to him. Kasich's hostility has to do with Joseph/David being seen as precursors to Jesus, in Christian theology. A pretty insulting guy. Sad to see them sucking up to him.” (End quote).

Anonymous said...

It's a great shame how people never recite Genesis 48 & 49 where Jacob blesses his two grandsons Ephraim and Manasseh and his sons who were ALL Patriarchs just like Jacob, Isaac and Abraham. This means they would be progenitors of their OWN nations and kinsmen.

Jacob promises that Manasseh alone will be a GREAT Nation but Ephraim will GREATER than Manasseh and that Ephraim will become a company or multitude of nations. How do the Jews fit this promise for they have never been great nor, since 70 AD, have they even been a nation let alone a company of nations.

Here are some clues as to who Israel really is:

The British Gaelic and Old English tongues are Hebrew in origin.

"The English tongue agreeth with the Hebrew a thousand times more than with the Latin."

- William Tyndale

CumExApostolatusOfficio said...

Mr. Hoffman,
Do you know why and when Kasich was in this particular bookstore? I didn't see any secret service milling about so I assume it was before he announced his candidacy?
Thank you.

Michael Hoffman said...

To the best of my knowledge, a few days ago Gov. Kasich was campaigning in a Judaic neighborhood in NY and went into an Orthodox Judaic bookstore where he had the exchange captured on the video.

The Secret Service are not always obtrusive. Or they may have been outside, as unlikely as that may seem. Some years ago in Michigan a presidential candidate with Secret Service protection was in the home of a friend of this writer (I’ll save the details for another time), and his protective detail elected to remain outside the home, after sending in an agent to look it over. So you never know.

CumExApostolatusOfficio said...

I liked John Kasich, from what I remember of his days as a political analyst. His manner of speaking was tempered. This is an interesting and revealing article I found at Politico when I searched for Kasich's religious affiliation. He's another lapsed Roman Catholic.


Also, this is Gov. Kasich on same-sex 'marriage'. It's definitely a capitulation.

And here is Gov. Kasich on climate 'change' and family planning with the womyn who host "After the View". And he got Joy Behar's ringing endorsement, so what else will he need?

Unknown said...

Trump is Cartman.
Kasich is Kyle.
kyle's mom is Hillary

Caryl said...

Hello Michael Hoffman,
I agree with you about the article on the Talmud published on LewRockwell.com. I was utterly shocked by it. I wish you would write something in rebuttal. Thanks for this youtube- my opinion of Kasich has gone up.