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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Tridentine Judaism and Supreme Court Nominee

Tridentine Judaism and the New Supreme Court Nominee

By Michael Hoffman

When we examine the curriculum vitae of Merrick Garland, Mr. Obama’s nominee to replace the late Justice Antonin Scalia, we find that, as a federal prosecutor, he helped to mastermind the criminal conspiracy that covered up the ultimate perpetrators of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. Until Bill Jasper’s investigative reports for the John Birch Society are gathered into a book, the best volume on that conspiracy is The Oklahoma City Bombing and the Politics of Terror, a work banned by the US government and forced out of print, though copies are still available on the used book market

Flanked by President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, Garland told reporters in the Rose Garden, “My grandparents left the Pale of Settlement…in the early 1900’s, fleeing anti-Semitism and hoping to make a better life for their children in America,” 

Mr. Garland was raised in a Talmudic community in Chicago by Judaic parents. His mother, Shirley (Horowitz), worked as director of services at Chicago’s “Council for Jewish Elderly.” His father, Cyril Garland, an advertising executive, is deceased. Garland’s wife, Lynn Rosenman, is Judaic royalty. She is the grand-daughter of the late Russian-American attorney and political king-maker, Samuel I. Rosenman, who served in the White House as Special Counsel to President Franklin D. Roosevelt, after promoting FDR’s early political career in New York. 

Victims of the Hegelian dialectic will lament the loss of their “thesis,” Mr. Scalia, and consider the “antithesis,” Garland, a poor substitute. We doubt that Mr. Scalia would have taken so dim a view of Judge Garland, however.

Justice Scalia was a leader in the movement we call Tridentine Judaism. It is a Hegelian synthesis of some adherents of the Tridentine Latin Mass movement inside the Catholic Church, and adherents of Talmudic Judaism inside the synagogue. In a recent Hoffman Wire we informed readers about this network and Mr. Scalia’s role in promoting Talmudic halacha (law) in the American courts. Our Revisionist History newsletter no. 83 contains an extended study of this ominous phenomenon, accompanied by illustrations of rare documents and photos.

Further evidence of the infernal synthesis has materialized online. In February, two renowned Catholic organizations within the Tridentine movement, the Latin Mass Society of England and Wales and International Una Voce, issued “Position Paper 28” on the Internet, titled: The Good Friday Prayer for the Jews in the Extraordinary Form. It’s online here.

Read the scurrilous section entitled, “The Fathers and the Middle Ages.” It could have been written by an Orthodox rabbi. It goes so far as to allege that the Fathers of the Early Church were somehow in favor of rabbinic Judaism!  

In an effort to ask for an amendment of the document, which libels the saintly Nicholas of Donin, the 13th century Judaic convert to Catholicism who has the distinction of having prosecuted the Talmud at the first trial of the rabbinic book in the history of Christendom, we corresponded with the “Catholic” author of The Good Friday Prayer position paper. He is a tutor at St. Benet’s Hall at Oxford University, yet we might as well have been corresponding with one of Judge Scalia’s beloved Chabad rabbis, so thick was this person’s pilpul. In his e-mail to this writer he favorably compared the Babylonian Talmud to the Summa Theologica of St. Thomas Aquinas.

When we attempted to correct some of the more egregious statements in his position paper, which is being circulated throughout the “traditional” and “conservative” Catholic world, he would not engage with our research and resorted to an appeal to consensus reality, telling us, “The paper relies on the scholarship referred to in the footnotes. This is current and respectable; we don't expect everyone to agree, but we do expect reasonable people to accept that the position the paper takes is itself reasonable.” 

The main corpus of the “scholarship referred to in the footnotes” is based on an absurd apologia for Talmudic Judaism which can be resoundingly refuted if any “traditional Catholics” with the necessary resources were interested in commissioning such a refutation.

Justice Scalia lent his prestige to this type of unnatural union between ghastly rabbinic homonculi and the Catholic Church. It is a movement that is growing by leaps and bounds. But instead of censuring it, Catholics are going after us for “denigrating” the “heroic” Mr. Scalia. 

Does the truth count for anything any more, or have we entered an age of total delusion, even among those who claim to be campaigning for the sacred tradition of the Church?

Mr. Hoffman is the author of eight books, including Judaism Discovered, and Usury in Christendom. He depends upon the charity of truth-seekers for the continuation of his work. His books, newsletters and recordings are for sale here. Proceeds from sales help to fund further writing and research.



Very Careful Thinker said...

"Rorate caeli" is run by Judaizing change agents. That is why their kosher thought cops rigorously patrol and suppress any discussion of Magisterium on Judaism.

Only vetted sycophants of the rabbis are allowed to post there.

Michael Hoffman said...

Unfortunately it seems that you are correct. From Rorate Caeli blog I have seen very little interest in a free exchange of ideas and open debate. They moan about Pope Francis’s repression yet one gets the impression that if a right wing pope were in power they would assist him in launching a new inquisition. They exhibit that mentality.

This is most patent in their relentless denunciations of Islam, with no distinctions concerning types of Islam, such as secularized Sunni Islam which has protected Christians in Palestine, or the Shiite variety in Lebanon and Syria which has also shielded Christ’s followers.

Concerning the power and influence of the Talmudic rabbinate, the ideological heirs of the original antagonists of Jesus Christ, they have either little or nothing to say, or they promote a tissue of absurdities like the “position paper” at hand. Their views have cachet because dissent has been suppressed, as Francis suppresses Right wing dissent. In that sense these two seeming opposites are birds of a feather: conjuctio oppositorum.

Anonymous said...

And if I may add to substantiate my contention...though he was of an orthodox family, from what I can gather Garland went centrist and sways more to secular left.


Michael Hoffman said...

I suggest that you should not imagine that Orthodox Judaics are always and everywhere Right wing (Gevurah) — and never play their Left wing (Chesed) card.

Right and Left are just two pillars of the sephirot.

Don’t be hoodwinked by a rigged political game which most Orthodox rabbis play like a fiddle. They have no allegiance to anyone or anything except themselves (under the name of "Klal Yisrael”), and whatever it is that can advance their interests, be it Left or Right.

Anonymous said...

My earlier post obviously did not make it. I agree, both will merge into synthesis, Mystery Babylon, Mother Harlot of the Earth, Ordo Ab Chao.

Either way, thanks for the article.

Do you mind if I repost at noahidenews ?


GodSend said...

Yes, we have entered the age of total delusion. The total delusion includes the delusion of Catholicism, posing as Christianity, and its occult practices and worldliness. Jesus would (and will) have none of it. Catholics who listened to the voice of the Holy Spirit are no longer subject to that delusion, thank God!