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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Monday, March 23, 2015

The Occult infiltration of "traditional Catholicism”

By Michael Hoffman

Our colleague, who writes under the nom de plume "Maurice Pinay," has tracked the occult footprints in the “traditional Catholic” movement with admirable persistence.  

The occult is indeed alive and well inside so-called "traditional Catholicism." Occultism is not an exclusively Left wing or liberal phenomenon, though the Cryptocracy would like us to believe that it is limited to the Left. “Fatima priest” Fr. Gruner’s alliance with the Talmudic rabbi, as documented in Gruner's own video, is evidence of this (see Pinay, above). 

So too is a forthcoming Right wing Catholic conference dedicated to honoring Ramon Lull, whose quasi-Kabbalistic tropes helped to influence the thought of Giordano Bruno. This conference dares to attempt to integrate Dante, the medieval bulwark against sorcery and usury, with Lull, medieval spiritual father of Renaissance sorcerers like Bruno: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/dante-llull-conference-conversioncoexistence-tickets-15060595647

This “Dante and Lull” conference will take place in Italy on May 29, twenty-five days after the 500th anniversary of the initiation, by Medici Pope Leo X, of a process of gradualism, whereby the Church's immemorial dogmatic law against the charging of interest on loans of money was incrementally relaxed and diluted, leading to the complete abolition of all ecclesiastical penalties for usury by Pope Pius VIII in 1830, and the absence of all such penalties in the 1917 and 1983 Codes of Canon Law. 

Will the Italian conference ostensibly dedicated to Dante, the scourge of usurers, note this malevolent anniversary and study its implications and methodology, whereby “pastoral” means were employed to gradually transform usury from a mortal sin to no sin at all? This “pastoral” technique for nullification of the Law of God should be familiar to all students of the devious tactics of revolutionary change agents, among whom the most notable contemporary example is the current pontiff, Pope Francis, spiritual heir of Giovanni di Lorenzo de’ Medici.

Furthermore, certain extreme Right wing “Catholic” occultists view the Tridentine Latin Mass as a magical rite and call for the “baptism" of the diabolic doctrines of Renaissance Hermeticism.

This is not the legacy of “Vatican II.” This is the legacy of the popes of the Renaissance and their co-conspirators, as we are endeavoring to establish in a revisionist history we hope to have finished, Deo volente, this autumn (“The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome”).


On Dante, scroll to the bottom of the page at this link:

For Usury, The Mortal Sin that Was and Now is Not, click here:

Hoffman speaking in Lansing, Michigan:
Michael Hoffman is speaking on Usury in Christendom and ancillary topics in 
Michigan on Saturday, April 11. Tel. John Mangopoulas for details: 517-803-1375
(Includes a question-and-answer session and literature table).

Hoffman on the Web:

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Unknown said...

"Traditional Catholicism"; based upon
the Roman Empire and Mystery Babylon
and 'tempered' by The Inquisition, and, then, the complete take-over by Loyola's Jesuits? That one? The mere assertion that the Catholic Group was anything other than 100% completely corrupt, and heinous, and fraudulent,
is utterly ridiculous.

Michael Hoffman said...

Your remarks reflect traditional rabbinic and Masonic disinformation.

God chose the Roman Empire to destroy the decayed Temple system in AD 70. Roman General Titus is reported to have viewed himself as an agent of the God of Israel.

Your condemnation of the entire history of the Church of Augustine and Aquinas and its faithful witness against the Money Power is what is truly "ridiculous."

Innocent Smith said...

I have noticed that Father Gruner's publications also has brought in Muslim terrorism into his warped Fatima message that includes the idea that "Russia has not been consecrated". This is of course fits in perfectly with the Neo Con view of many Traditionalists. Father Gruner has done almost as much damage to the Church than Malachy Martin did. I am a Traditionalist. I run away from these people who constantly sloganeer this message from him and his minions over at The Remnant and Catholic Family News.

Unknown said...

I agree with you Mr. Hoffman, the continuous slock being turned out about the church's 'pagan roots' makes me sick. If these misbegotten schismatics really desired the truth they would scrutinize the overthrow of men such as Augustine and Athanasius instead of bearing false witness against such blessed men. May Christ and the men who have sacrificed everything for His kingdom receive the glory from your work Mr. Hoffman.
Robert H.

Anonymous said...

Thank you writing this.
Years ago I did a little research into Gruner after becoming somewhat entangled with a traditional Catholic website.

It was years ago now, but if I remember correctly I ended up tracing a link between him and the website I was having some disputes with.
Disputes based mostly on the Catholic faith which I felt they were scandalizing.

Simply looking at Gruner was enough to understand that something was not right, and my intuition told me to stay away.


Dead Reckoning said...

Very interesting stuff - this Blog and that of Maurice Pinay have really given us a much of fuller picture of Malachi Martin, Gruner, factions of the SSPX leadership, and infiltration of Traditionalist Catholic groups.

I offer the following anecdotes - the 'Gruner' crowd are first class agents of paralysis. A good deal of their followers believe that when Russia is consecrated by the Pope - then everything will magically fall into place and things will be wonderful and that the ‘Third Secret’ of Fatima has been kept hidden, yadda yadda yadda. Instead of working with our hands and what we now for certain, Gruner rides the lecture circuit raising an Apparition to an Article of Faith. When Malachi Martin was on the Art Bell radio show back in the 1990’s he used to tell everyone how he was permitted to view the third secret. Needless to say, everything Malachi Martin had to say has to viewed the prism of his largely undisclosed role with respect to Vatican II and Nostra Aetate. I also believe that Robert Sungenis and E. Michael Jones (published of Culture Wars) have parted ways because Jones won’t raise Fatima to the functional equivalent of an Article of Faith and Jones otherwise argues Russia was ‘consecrated’ and any direction by Our Lady to do so has been fulfilled. In either case, if we assume our true enemies think 10 to 20 to 30 years ahead, planting the seeds of anti-Russian sentiment among more Orthodox Catholics may have been the intent of getting the ‘Gruner’ crowd off and running to begin with. How ridiculous is it to castigate Russia when it is restoring the Orthodox religion in the face of united opposition from what used to be called Western Civilization.

Unknown said...

Russia has been converted to the Catholic Faith and we have peace in the world and in the Church, as the Holy Virgin said it would? Guess I am missing something here.

Anonymous said...

Ursula Oxfort+ wrote some worthwhile things about Fatima. She was one of the first to sound the alarm bell during the Vatican II Council. From what I recall only the six visions of 1917 were given church approval. No such approval was given to the later visions such as those at Tuy or Pontevedra. Those later ones figure heavily into the writings of Fr. Gruner and the books of other authors promoted by him.

Michael Hoffman said...

To Joseph

I tend to agree. For example, the nonsensical statement that “Portugal will always keep the Faith” is from a later “revelation."

Innocent Smith said...


That is very interesting to hear that the later apparitions were not "approved". That is a game changer for me in dealing with those who I think have a disordered view of Fatima.

But let us also remember what "Church Approved" really means. I think the term used is Worthy of Belief. And that is just a fancy, and almost euphemistic, way of saying the seers have not reported anything that is contrary to dogma.

john said...

A video of Bishop Williamson being interviewed in 2010. Much talk of traditional Catholicism


adamsutler said...

"Furthermore, certain extreme Right wing “Catholic” occultists view the Tridentine Latin Mass as a magical rite and call for the “baptism" of the diabolic doctrines of Renaissance Hermeticism."
Could you provide any sources on that? I, too, have noticed a certain fascination with the occult within right-wing traditional Catholics but could never tell exactly in what in consists. I would be very grateful.

Michael Hoffman said...

Dear adamsutler

I am writing a book that will illuminate the topic.

Brenda said...

sr hoffman
are you catholic? do you believe in the inmmaculate conception?
thanks for your answers