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Reactions to news that Pollard the traitor will go free

The following comments from NY Times’ readers to Jonathan Pollard's forthcoming release are on the website of the NY Times at this URL: http://nyti.ms/1IH6OM2 
Most of the comments are anonymous; a few are signed, as indicated.

Pollard betrayed his country and the sacred trust it placed in him. He seems to be totally unrepentant. His crimes were motivated by allegiance to another nation. I don't see why America should be releasing Pollard, and at the same time trying to imprison a man who leaked secrets to the American people, motivated by love of the Constitution and concern for our disappearing freedoms. I'm talking, of course, about Edward Snowden.


I DO NOT approve of this, and I have written the White House and my representatives to say so. A spy who spies for a 'friend' is far, far more dangerous in many ways than a spy who spies for a nation or entity that is clearly our adversary. He should of course be treated humanely, but he should die in prison. If Israel chooses to spy on the USA again, and I am certain that they have people trying to do so even today, it should be crystal clear that the price for that is very high.


The fact that he was not executed for treason and that relations with Israel were not permanently affected by his spying - those things constitute a dangerous degree of concession to a nation that is willing to undermine our security for their own gain. He should remain in prison, and entreaties by Israel to release him should be met with a cold shoulder.


Pollard is the worst kind of human being, a traitor to his country. If Israel gives him a hero's welcome, it will be proof to the American people that Israel is not a true friend of the U.S., but is willing to sacrifice the safety and security of American families in pursuit of its own goals. May Pollard never be allowed to return to this country when he leaves.


Pollard stole the crown jewels of American intelligence (documents detailing the sources and methods utilized to safeguard American interests and agents throughout the world) and sold them to the Israelis, who proceeded to trade the material with a number of countries, including the Soviet Union. Pollard's treasonous betrayal of his country has made him a hero in Israel. Pollard's offenses are infinitely worse than any crime committed by Edward Snowden, who exposed classified information not to a foreign government or for money, but to inform the American people of the illegal activities directed by their government against them. Once again, the Obama Administration proves that justice lies not in what you do or its effects, but who you know and their influence. 
— David Eason, Denver, CO

How could he have been tried and convicted as a spy for selling secrets to Israel? Is not Israel just a distant 51st state? Albeit a very greedy,ungrateful and entitled state that has more influence in our Congress than the Koch brothers. A state that has no other friend in the world but us yet insults our president and threatens our Congress. — Ed Blau, Marshfield, WI 

Let's see, they spy on us, they undermine our democratically elected president, they cause us to loose face in the world for being on "their side", they cost taxpayers billions, yes billions, every year in free money we give them and highly escalated military costs because of them, they kill innocent woman and children, and these are our dear friends? Yikes! No wonder no one likes us anymore.


The NSA investigate the corrosive effect of Israeli lobbying on American Security. When the Senate Minority leader (Democrat Charles Schumer-NY) puts Israel's interests over that of his own country's, or at least says he needs to weigh the Iran deal through the lens of Israel's security needs, as opposed to those of his own country's, and when the Israeli Ambassador (born American) has open doors to anybody's office in the US Congress, this is an insidious relationship. Those who support Pollard's release just on the basis of his Jewish faith (presumably coinciding with their own faith), really need to check their passports in.


Research Notes for July 2015

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Catholics, Protestants and Usury: This is a video of my two hour speech and question-answer in Lansing, Michigan last April (the audience was very patient and everyone present stayed to the end; my colleague Daniel Krynicki expertly fielded some of the questions). Two DVD set. Scheduled date of release: August 15, 2015

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The "Human Rights" fraudsters want rights for sodomites while denying the humanity of babies in their mother’s wombs. They deny human rights to the aborted child. They go on about the recent tragic case of a black lady who died in jail after a routine traffic stop. This is supposed to exhibit concern for women. About 30 million women have been killed in their mother’s wombs since abortion on demand was made legal by the US Supreme Court. 30 million dead women and the putative “pro-women” lobby has no protest against it. If they are pro-woman, then Bruce Jenner is a woman (his DNA says otherwise, but do scientific facts even matter any more?) Our intellectual bosses are very obviously stepping further and further away from reality and into mass insanity. This is part of Donald Trump’s appeal. His fans are saying to the Establishment (however inarticulately): you refuse to respect traditional boundaries? You’re going crazy for your cause? We will too, for our cause. It’s a dangerous game for the Cryptocracy because once Pandora is out of the box there’s no turning back. The Cryptos will have to buy-off Trump, or silence him some other way (blackmail, induced cardiac arrest, plane or auto “accident" etc.)

Huckabee the Gas Oven HucksterCaveat: Sheldon Richman is a usury advocate. Nonetheless, even a blind rooster will pick up some corn and Mr. Richman did precisely that recently when he tweeted Mr. Huckabee as follows: “Didn’t Ronald Reagan help Saddam Hussein gas the Iranians? Watch your historical analogies.”

Speaking of Saddam, he protected Christians in Iraq. Rightwing Protestants in America such as the deceased Navy Seal “American Sniper,” have almost no respect for Arab-Christians in the Middle East because those Christians tend to sympathize with the slaughtered and dispossessed Palestinians. Hence, there is only token interest in the US in protecting the Christians there. The “American Sniper” viewed almost all Iraqis as savages and apparently did not distinguish between Christian Arabs and Muslim Arabs. There was no surfeit of Baptists or Pentecostalists in Iraq, so away with them all was the attitude. The article at the following link makes good points about our vanishing Middle Eastern Christian brothers and sisters, and how Iraq before the Purim 2003 U.S. invasion had been a haven for them: http://gu.com/p/49p2d/stw

Yesterday July 27, was the 70th anniversary of the post-war election in Britain (a little over 2 months after the surrender of Germany) which saw the landslide defeat of Winston Churchill and the massive victory of his rival Attlee as Prime Minister. Just a few weeks after the end of the war in Europe and British voters showed Churchill the door. It’s now forgotten, but in 1945 he was despised by a substantial segment of the English people for declaring war in 1939 on a German nation that had zero designs on the United Kingdom or its empire. As David Irving has repeatedly observed, if the Tommies who landed on those bullet-ridden shores on D-Day could see the shape England is in today, they would not have bothered to advance a hundred yards up the beach. 

Furthermore, Mr. Churchill’s air forces deliberately incinerated hundreds of thousands of German civilians. He’s much admired by kosher Conservatives like the head of Hillsdale College in Michigan, which advertises itself as being in the forefront of "restoring western civilization." Churchill’s savage holocaust in Dresden, a city of high civilization, makes no impact. German lives are not truly valued and the barbarism of the Allies is not acknowledged.

Top scientists like Stephen Hawking and tech entrepreneurs such as Elon Musk and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak have published a letter sounding an alarm about the perils of autonomous weapons (“killer robots,” which are just a few years away from implementation). Their prophetic letter is here: http://futureoflife.org/AI/open_letter_autonomous_weapons  News article here:  http://nyti.ms/1HWOawi 

In issue no. 79 of our Revisionist History newsletter we take the rabbinic mentality to task for inculcating lying in adherents (an accusation leveled at Islam by the pulpit buffoons of the misnamed Bible Belt, but they never say it about Judaism). Many adherents of Orthodox Judaism study a page (“Daf Yomi”) of the Babylonian Talmud daily. A recent page was from tractate Nedarim 62b: A rabbi is permitted to lie and say he is a Zoroastrian priest in order to avoid paying taxes.
...Wait - come to think of it, considering the pagan doctrine of the Talmud, the rabbi isn’t lying! 

Our American friend Brian H. has resided in England for more than 25 years. Last evening he was an invited guest at a high society dinner where, at the conclusion of the repast, he had the courage to distribute copies of our newsletter no. 68, a chronicle of the maritime enslavement of many tens of thousands of British white people (“Kingdom of Kidnappers: The Hidden History of Impressment”). He writes: "Last night, I upset a lot of people by handing out copies of your magazine at the end of a dinner party. I won't burden you with the details, but I want you to know that these people choose to shoot the messenger rather than consider what you have written. One person went so far as to describe me as 'mentally ill.' This is all part of The English Disease. When I was growing up in America, many people I knew well called it the WASP Disease. It’s very sad that these people will never question any part of the Holohoax story, but deny every fact about White slavery. I’m trying my best…”  Keep at it, Brian. Activists like you are the heartbeat of our Truth Mission.

We work on average 14 to 16 hours a day on the writing and other projects mentioned above, which are a joy and a privilege; in addition to the more prosaic, promotional side of our Truth Mission (trying to place advertisements, raise funds, design, print and mail catalogs, garner publicity, update the website, blog, twitter feed and other stuff we must do (Genesis 3:19), but wish that we didn’t have to do (you know the feeling). Unfortunately, we often don't have time to spare to answer your e-mail or written correspondence, but we do try to read everything sensible that is sent to our attention.

We hope you are edified by the On the Contrary blog, the writing and transmission of which is made possible by a few self-sacrificing donors who are dedicated to ensuring your access to alternative facts and truths. If you can’t or won’t join them, then please pray for them. 

The War is Now

— Michael Hoffman  


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The Occult Church of Rome - Notes

Notes on the Occult Renaissance Church of Rome

Michael Hoffman’s long-awaited, controversial history book, The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome is still a work in progress, consisting of three sections: 1. Occult Philosophy and Judaism. 2. Lying and Equivocation 3. Usury (the smallest section, since the author has an entire volume on this subject already in print). The usury section will include new information on the usury banks of the Church of Rome and partnerships with the Money Power. The audio CDs we are offering consist of an overview of only the first section, “Occult Philosophy and Judaism.”  

In this talk, Hoffman discusses the Romanists’ mystagogue—Hermes Trismegistus—as well as Marsilio Ficino, Giovanni Pico della Mirandola, Johannes Reuchlin and other leading agents of the Neoplatonic-Hermetic conspiracy inside the Renaissance Church of Rome. In this lecture he names guilty theologians, bishops and popes responsible for the subversion of Christ’s Church and tracks the establishment of the founding ideology of the secret societies alleged to be inimical to the Church of Rome

While these CDs are not a substitute for the forthcoming book, this talk by Hoffman reveals for the first time the focus of his research and the direct challenge it poses to practically everything you thought you knew about “Catholicism” since the Renaissance.  

Masonic popery

The illustration above displays the square and compass symbol which would become the emblem of the occult Brotherhood of Freemasons. Above it is a portrait of Domenico Fontana, Pope Sixtus V’s architect and engineer who, in 1586, erected by order of the pope, the Egyptian obelisk, a symbol of the secret Hermetic “wisdom tradition” which had captured the papacy and which was installed—and remains today—the triumphant, dominant symbol in St. Peter’s Square

Two Audio CDs recorded in digital stereo. 84 minutes total. Order here


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Chronicles of Kosher Conservatism, 7/18/15

Mr. Rothstein

Rothstein: Kosher Conservative Mole

By Michael Hoffman

Edward Rothstein is a public intellectual whose oracular writings are found throughout the canonical journalism of the American Establishment: the New York Times, Wall Street Journal (where he is “critic at large”), New Republic, New York Review of Books.

Mr. Rothstein is a mole within the “Conservative” movement. He cuts an impressive figure in decrying the process whereby the West engages in "...confessions of guilt, gestures to make recompense, and shamefaced withdrawal from the exercise of power and self-interest. Such a perspective, though, is deeply flawed. Imperial desires, slavery and exploitation have been hallmarks of every powerful culture and are hardly unique to the West (more unique, in fact, is the West’s abolition of slavery).

All well and good you say. But in the same essay from which we excerpted the preceding (Wall Street Journal, July 18, p. C-7), we find this omission-laden revelation of the sort of Conservatism Rothstein is supposed to represent. He writes:

"...the far-flung explorations that characterized early modern Europe were not undertaken just to attain power and riches; they reflected a desire to illuminate the unknown, to comprehend the universe and map its qualities, to discover not just novelties but fundamental principles. They involved a kind of nervy geographic universalism.” 

Let us endeavor to learn from this sage. According to Rothstein, European business, colonies, exploration and military power were projected around the world in order to:

 Attain power and riches

• Illuminate the unknown

• Comprehend the universe and map its qualities

• Discover ….fundamental principles

• Undertake geographic universalism 

Mr. Rothstein has included everything but the kitchen sink in his list of motivations for why Europeans extended their influence and power across the globe. This falsified version of history is the emerging status quo in the campaign to put forth a deracinated, sterile, secular distortion of our heritage which passes for history these days and which has absolutely nothing to do with Conservatism. 

Dare we say it? Rothstein wields a Judaic airbrush as he refuses to attest to the great Christian missionary mandate as the overwhelming primary motivation for western European exploration from the Middle Ages into the late 19th century. 

Rothstein can’t bring himself to credit Christianity’s mission to bring the Gospel to the heathen as playing any significant part in Europe’s global “exploration.” Cortes conquered Mexico for reasons of “geographic universalism.” The Puritans settled New England to “discover…fundamental principles” (not having any “principles" of their own).  The Jesuits opened up China, Japan and India to “attain power and riches.” The Boers settled southern Africa “to illuminate the unknown.”

Rothstein is an agnostic when it comes to Christian evangelism, the main motive for European exploration, and with the commissar-like authority invested in him by the Establishment press, he simply eliminates the rich history of our heritage. The resulting vacuum is presented to the trusting kiddies who are eager to imbibe muscular, red meat Conservatism as an antidote to the detractors of our western civilization. But how can a detractor like Mr. Rothstein serve as an antidote to detraction? 

Michael Hoffman is at the author of Judaism Discovered, They Were White and They Were Slaves, The Great Holocaust Trial, Usury in Christendom and four other books of history and literature. His columns are funded by donations from readers.

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“Traditional” Catholic advocates mass murder of whites

James T. Griffin

James T. Griffin, a young Asian-American and "traditional" Catholic, formerly of Texas and now based in a suburb of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has called for the burning of a white city in Mississippi as well as the destruction of our nation's capitol.

Mr. Griffin, a recent guest on the traditional Catholic "Radio Maria" program (http://radiomaria.us/april-28-2015-3/), in a July 4 entry for his Modern Medievalism" blog, wrote the following:

"After my affirmation of the elitist sentiments of Hamilton, Carroll, and other men of the founders’ generation, you might be surprised that I’m also somewhat sympathetic to the opposite view. Especially after the recent massacre in Charleston and the ensuing burnings of black churches as though it were the 1950’s all over again, I have a deep admiration, and am even perplexed, by the unending patience and forgiveness of the black communities in the South after continued offenses.

" It confuses me to this day, for instance, why, after the murderers of Emmett Till in 1955 openly admitted to the deed after their acquittal in an interview, that whole buses full of black Chicagoans didn’t roll down to Money, Mississippi and burn the entire town to the ground.

" If I were a black American, I’d instinctively lean closer to Malcolm X than Martin Luther King: that peace in our time is impossible, that not only the Stars and Bars but even the Stars and Stripes should be torn down, and that there should be no compromise with a government whose houses in Washington are literally built on the backs of black slave labor. Let the entire city be razed to the ground and built anew.

Screenshot from James GriffinModern Medievalism blog

One can only imagine the uproar from the Establishment media, Zionist ADL and Southern Poverty Law Center, which all claim to track "hate," if Mr. Griffin were a white Catholic calling for "burning to the ground" a predominately black city in Mississippi, and for Washington D.C. to be "razed" (completely destroyed).  Hatred and incitement to violence of this magnitude would likely garner national publicity. The white man as moral leper caricature would be reinforced.

But since the Catholic blogger's targets are white Mississippians and the nation's capitol in the context of African enslavement, it forms not a blip of outrage from even the local media.

Demented persons are not confined to the ranks of white Conservatives. It's just that the media will not typically publicize the dementia of anti-white-bigots. Non-white incitement to mass murder is not allowed to register in the documentary record. Mr. Griffin's outburst will probably be ignored.

Memo to Griffin and the U.S. media: the claim of  "unending patience and forgiveness of the black communities" toward whites can only be maintained when the hate crime statistics are rigged  (as indeed they are ) and the epidemic of rape, assault and murder of whites by blacks is classed merely as "random violence." 

In many cases, even when such attacks are accompanied by racist, anti-white remarks, the police will not categorize them as hate crimes. We have the false perception of the "unending patience" of black people in the face of "white evil because black-against-white rapes and murders are excluded from the category of hate crime. 

Those who nurse genocidal resentments against white Americans should take up residence in sub-Sahara Africa, in nations like Nigeria or Sudan, and see how long it would take for them to zoom back to the USA, grateful to live in a land where a white majority has granted unprecedented rights to a black minority which have seldom been conferred by rival tribes in Africa.

In the meantime, a "traditional" Catholic can condone the murder of white civilians and the "equality" and "human rights" crowd could not care less.

* * *

Whatever this is, it’s not America anymore

By Michael Hoffman 
Thomas Jefferson, more than any single individual the man responsible for founding our Constitutional Republic, may have his name removed this week from a Democrat Party fundraiser in Connecticut because he was a white “racist.”

There is also a movement to remove the name of John C. Calhoun, Vice-President of the United States under John Quincy Adams, from a college at Yale University because he was a white “racist."

A memorial to the Confederate dead in Helena, Montana may be removed as well because the soldiers were white “racists." 

These attempts to ban historical memory smack of Bolshevism and are largely a result of pressure from Big Business, the same corporate America that funds the “gay” revolution.

The Money Power has decided that respect for the Founders of our nation, or the Southern boys in gray who fought for states rights from 1861-1865, often with tremendous self-sacrifice and heroism, are bad for business!

The Money Bags can’t face up to convention boycotts and all of the other intolerant attack methods consisting of economic boycotts and culture-erasing bans undertaken by those who holler “tolerance,” so they cave in, as the pusillanimous former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates did recently when, as head of the Boy Scouts of America, he advised us that it was no use any longer opposing the admission of homosexual Scout Masters.

Thomas Jefferson fought the Money Power and warned that a nation disconnected from agriculture and home enterprise would be captive to the banks and money men; in other words to the usurers that rule us.

I’m not interested in symptoms. If I have a middle name, this is it: “Not interested in symptoms Hoffman.” The root of our national rot is found in the fact that Conservatives and Rightists are all ruled by leaders who are patriots only after they have made certain that their profits are secure. That’s not leadership, and since we are fighting a ruthless, revived Bolshevism that is engaged in a permanent revolution, “our Conservative" leaders ensure that We the People engage in retreat after retreat. These alleged “Conservative leaders” conserve very little. Actually, they fulfill a mandate of the Cryptocracy, to manage our nation's decline, so that the decline will not be so rapid as to scare off the eternally skimmed taxpayers and military recruits, causing them to join, or work toward, the building of a militant, no-usury, truly Conservative, Third Party with an independent media and private schools to cultivate and strengthen it.

Treason and betrayal within our own ranks are the signposts all about us. Meanwhile, “scientific” polls with self-advertised “plus or minus 3% margins of possible error" tell us what we think. Suddenly, in just 20 or 30 months, a “majority” of Americans now support sodomite rights; or they tell us that we support the historical amnesia that calls for banning America’s history so as to appease the unappeasable, eternally aggrieved and resentful racial “minorities,” and their intolerant, neo-Bolshevik white allies.

In a sense we deserve this state of affairs because the godly side in this battle consists mostly of double-talking wimps at one extreme or mind-controlled maniacs such as the Charleston shooter, at the other. The steadfast dedication of our sophisticated enemies, their no-compromise demands for change, coupled with their will-power and vision in working hard to occupy high posts in the media, academia, corporations and government, has left us out-gunned and on the run. We have God on our side and yet we continue to abandon Him and retreat to the “safety" of our bank accounts. In Mammon We Trust.

Speaking of the controlled media,the rabidly Zionist Wall Street Journal propaganda sheet, which publishes an anti-Putin editorial or “report” every three or four days, suppressed all news in the July 6 edition of the resupply on July 5 of the International Space Station (with US astronauts aboard), by a Russian cargo ship. 

The Wall Street rag has published editorials of late decrying Vladimir Putin’s alleged “Russian propaganda” machine, but the Journal doesn’t even have the fundamental ethics to give credit where credit is due in the pages of their fish wrapper. And by the way, should the US government be goading into war a Russian nation with the technological prowess to build and fly reliable space rocket engines, a feat which the U.S. has of late trouble accomplishing? But perhaps the U.S. corporate media regard an American war on the Russians as obligatory, since they continue to dare to obey the God of the Bible and forbid the marriage of sodomites. 

I didn’t fly Old Glory on the 4th of July as I usually do, because whatever this is, it’s not America anymore. 

Michael Hoffman is dependent on your donation to continue these  columns (1 Timothy 5:18); you can also support this Truth Mission by purchasing Michael's books, newsletters or recordings.


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Sin of sodomy is now called “marriage”

The following is an excerpt from a sermon given Sunday June 28 by Fr. William Farge, S.J.,  at St. Patrick’s Church, New Orleans. 

(Michael Hoffman’s Afterword follows)

Today Satan’s power is growing exponentially due to the enormity of human sinfulness. Today there are sins that have become institutionalized as a part of our society and even in our laws, and far from becoming angry about that, many of us have become quite  accepting. Institutionalized sin has become acceptable sin.

Perhaps one of the most glaring examples is the sin of abortion. It’s the serious sin of killing human life, a violation of the fifth commandment that has become legal. Some of our politicians have even called abortion “sacred ground” that must be defended.

The recent Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage is another clear example of mortal sin that has become institutionalized. The mortal sins of sodomy and impurity, in addition to killing, has been set in the law of the land; and to compound the seriousness of this sin, it has been given the name of a sacrament. The sin of sodomy is now called “marriage”—  a lie that is being perpetrated as a law. 

These laws are a direct attack on God’s loving plan for families and on God Himself. Our legal institutions, particularly the Supreme Court, are acting as a kind of ministry of propaganda for Satan, promoting an acceptance of sin; calling sin good. Anger should be directed against this institutionalization of sin that attacks God and our society. 

Of course, all this did not happen all of a sudden. The widespread use of contraception has degraded our sense of morality. The use of pornography has long caused a gradual breakdown in the relationships between husband and wife and parents and children. 

Certainly anger, if out of control and turned against another person, is always misdirected anger. But anger used as a weapon against evil is used for the intent that God has given it. St. Thomas Aquinas said: “The person who is tolerant of evil when there is just cause for anger is an immoral person.”

 We will be called on more and more to fight against the acceptability and tolerance of evil in our society by following Christ and obeying the Commandments. And so let us focus our anger not against other people, but against Satan and the works of sin, particularly institutionalized sin, in our world today.

Michael Hoffman's Afterword 

Let us use the power of the boycott and refuse to do business with those who promote abortion and sodomite marriage.

The boycott weapon is utilized against God-fearing Americans constantly (see here).

Last year Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich was pressured to resign by the "gay" mafia because he donated $1,000 to the California campaign to prohibit sodomite marriage.

In 2012 the Chick-a-fil restaurant chain was boycotted for supporting traditional Christian marriage and family values.

As we write these words, Donald Trump, an undeniable nincompoop, expressed (with the dim-witted rhetoric that is typical of this individual) what is nonetheless a fundamental truth: that massive illegal immigration from south of the border is contributing to crime in the United States. For speaking this truth he has been fired or closed out of more than a few corporate and cultural positions.

The enemies of God are not tolerant! They use a cry for tolerance as a weapon to advance their supremacy. We must tolerate them while they are free to persecute us into the poorhouse —  or to the swamps, deserts and mountains — away from the centers of power. 

The sodomite ("gay") lobby, the illegal immigration movement, the mandatory vaccination giveaway to Big Pharma (lately in free-wheelin' California), and the feminist-butchers of female and male unborn children, all exhibit strong characteristics of "some-are-more-equal-than-others” Orwellian, Animal Farm Stalinism, to which the media are deaf, dumb and blind.

The Confederate flag must come down. The Redskins football team must discard its name. History must be re-written. This is all done in the name of "luhv" and "against hate.” Satan the chief hater of God and man is almost always disguised. In this time of rampant masquerade this is more than ever true.

Satan has rigged the debate: the foes of many of these horrible sins, such as Lou Dobbs, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly and Fox News in general, mix revulsion for the change agents with adoration of the Israelis and Netanyahu. Lou Dobbs on his television program on July 1, in the course of decrying Obama's opening an embassy in Havana, slyly slipped in this question in his next breath, "What's next? An embassy in Iran?” Horrors!

His audience is so conditioned to bow to the Israeli agenda that Dobbs' shameless genuflection to America’s foreign boss, Binyamin Netanyahu, did not require a follow-up line. The sheeple instantly understood Mr. Dobbs' cue: Iran bad. “Israeli" good. That’s all we need to know.

After Obama is no longer president it will be time to march into another bloody and costly Middle Eastern quagmire that will enrich the military industrial complex that funds Tom Cotton, Jeb Bush, Lindsey Graham, McCain, Santorum and the rest of the GOP neocons. Follow the money behind these patriots-for-profit and you'll  find what truly motivates them. Democrat Mrs. Clinton is implicated in the same racket.

The "conservative" culture warriors permitted by the Establishment to function in the media of mass communication can only do so for as long as they link the battle for family values with “noble Israel,” which, in reality, is the Christ-hating, church-destroying, New Testament-vandalizing Judaic regime, and the wars in Iran, Syria and Iraq which Prime Minister Netanyahu requires U.S. men and women to fight on behalf of his God-forsaken sandbox.

The Left and the Right competing for our allegiance are both evil. A third way is required. Proverbs 4:27.

Michael Hoffman's column is funded by donations from readers and the sale of his books, newsletters and recordings.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Israelis obstruct Christian worship in Jerusalem

At King David's Tomb, Jews Block Christians From Entering Holy Site In Jerusalem

By Morgan Winsor
International Business Times • June 1, 2015 

Later-day Talmudic Pharisees in Jerusalem with a sign that reads, “ Pope! Stay in Rome!!! King David’s Tomb belongs to the Jewish people!!!

On Monday June 1, hundreds of Jewish protesters tried to block Greek Orthodox Christians from entering King David’s Tomb in the Old City of Jerusalem. The protesters held a mass prayer service and (Talmud) study session near the site in an effort to prevent the Christian worshippers from entering the complex, the Jerusalem Post reported.

One of the organizers, Yedudah Puah, said the Jews had gathered “to prevent the desecration of King David’s Tomb by an idolatrous ceremony of the Greek Church.” Jerusalem police were able to ensure access for the Christian worshippers to conduct their ceremony. No protesters were arrested at the site Monday, the Jerusalem Post reported.

The sacred complex houses sites considered holy to both Jews and Christians. Jewish tradition says the lower level holds the tomb of King David, and Christian tradition says Jesus’ Last Supper took place in a separate room above. The Israeli government allows Christian ceremonies at the site three times a year. Still, protests by Jewish radicals have increased in recent months to stop Christian worshippers from reaching the complex, the Jewish Daily Forward reported.

 Rumors that the Israeli government would hand over the site to the Vatican have also intensified demonstrations. 

The Jewish protesters argue the Christian services at the site breach Jewish prayer rights. 

In addition, opponents say, those services will prevent Jews from worshipping in the complex because Jewish law forbids using a building which is used for idol-worship. The use of effigies, icons and other rituals practiced by Christian worshippers fall under the definition of idol worship according to Jewish law, Israeli news outlet Arutz Sheva reported. “I’m shocked and am left shaking from the great desecration of God’s name,” Jerusalem activist Efraim Holtzberg, who was on scene during the protest, told the media Monday. 

“Here the previous government made a mistake, there are unwise people who made mistakes and allowed the Christians to hold a ritual once a year. It’s similar to a wedding ceremony in which the groom and bride sign a contract that the bride can cheat on her husband once a year,” Holtzberg said.

Michael Hoffman’s Afterword:
In Talmudic (“Orthodox” and “Haredi”) Judaism the worship of Jesus Christ as the Son of God is regarded as idol worship, not just the “icons and effigies” associated with Him. These same Judaic persons who object to Greek-Christian icons venerate photos and drawings of rabbinic “sages” and often wear magical amulets designed by pagan Kabbalists who worship the goddess Shekhinah and wave a Kapporat chicken over their heads in order to transfer their sins into the bird. Who are the actual pagans, the followers of the traditions of the men who were the ancient Pharisees, or the disciples of the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

Hoffman is a former reporter for the New York bureau of the Associated Press. He is the author of Judaism Discovered and Judaism’s Strange Gods and has written lengthy scholarly introductions to new editions of Johann Andreas Eisenmenger’s Traditions of the Jews and Alexander McCaul’s The Talmud Tested. Hoffman is the editor of Revisionist History, a printed journal published six times a year. His columns online are made possible by donations and the sale of his publications and broadcasts.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Other Casualties of the Charleston Massacre

Other Casualties of the Charleston Church Massacre

By Michael Hoffman

As readers of this column are aware, over the last few days, since I returned from the “America’s Promise” conference in Sandpoint, Idaho, I have been writing about Dylann Roof, the massacre in Charleston and the state of the black and white races in 21st century America.

In those columns I recommended two books, Black Serial Killer by white Christian author Justin Cottrell, and Out of America by the black journalist Keith Richburg.

As many of you also know, the continuing existence of these columns and our Truth Mission is precarious and often teetering on the edge of extinction. My vocation as a voice of independent thinking and a teacher of the ways of detecting fraud and misdirection, does not always contribute to our bottom line.

In Revisionist History Newsletter no. 74 I wrote of “Right wing myths with an endless shelf life,” focusing on how deep cover forces of the Cryptocracy burn us out by persuading us to sucker in for counterfeit history and a defective epistemology. I used as examples the persistent legends that King Charles I of England was overthrown by Puritan agents of the Judaic Money Power, and that it was the Puritan Republic that legalized the re-entry of Judaics to England after their long absence. I demonstrated from the documentary record that both of these notions were flagrant lies disseminated by the revered Catholic author Hilaire Belloc and the Right wing icon, Capt. Archibald Ramsay in his famous book, The Nameless War

Belloc is to conservative Catholicism what Babe Ruth is to baseball and a number of our Catholic readers and donors quietly dropped their subscriptions and stopped their donations after I wrote the essay in question. No one contested the truth of my assertions, presumably because there was nothing to contest. My “offense” was that I had dared to say that Emperor Belloc had no clothes. Well, since I have said the same about rabbinic “emperors,” why would I allow myself to be cowed into failing to alert Catholics (and everyone else) to the misdirection and false witness by which an eminent wordsmith had misled generations of conservatives? Apparently some Catholics believe that falsehood somehow serves the cause of Christ. It is important to note that to their credit, some of our Catholics readers and supporters stayed with us even after newsletter 74.

Over the years our exposure of the hidden aspects of Adolf Hitler’s biography, lately in Revisionist History no. 75, “Corporal Hitler in the First World War,” has cost us, and it cost us again after that writing appeared. Recently a friend who is a pastor learned of my plan to write a booklet or short book on the attempt, stronger than ever in 2015, to rehabilitate Hitler. This pastor who is not by a long shot any sort of neo-Nazi, warned me against it, suggesting that it would sow “disunity” in the ranks. But since a pro-Hitler “documentary’ movie has appeared on YouTube, beguiling even Christians into believing that Adolf Hitler was a “basically good man” who”fought the bankers,” it is more than ever imperative to show how a revival of Hitler’s movement would be a fatal dead end for our people. 

I do not factor a possible loss of income when planning the books or columns I write. Having forfeited, because I had defied the Zionists in the 1980s, what looked to be a lucrative career in the Establishment media, I believe that to please God and fulfill my destiny I must continue to defy the dogmas and dead ends by which the Cryptocracy, through its useful idiots, attempts to dupe and neutralize us. 

Now comes the racially inflammatory Dylann Roof murders and the Confederate flag tempest. My columns this week on this subject have led to the departure from among those who could be called my supporters, those whites who feel my criticism of the murderous moron who slaughtered black folk at prayer, was intemperate, and failed to take into adequate account the roots of white rage.

From the other end of the spectrum meanwhile, a man in Florida who has been a major donor to my writing and research has bid me and our Truth Mission farewell, because those same columns are allegedly “pandering to white nationalists” and offering “excuses” for the mass murder in the church.  It was American evangelist Lorenzo Dow (1777-1834) who coined the phrase, “You will damned if you do and damned if you don’t,” which is more or less the story of my life.

Last May revisionist author Michael Collins Piper with whom I often disagreed but nevertheless respected, died alone in a flophouse motel here in Coeur d’Alene. To the best of my knowledge he wasn’t even accorded a funeral or memorial service and I know not the disposition of his remains. I was privileged to see him on the shore of Lake Coeur d’Alene a week before he died, writing furiously in a notebook, a penman to the end.

I thought some of Mike’s material was off the wall, particularly his role in the rehabilitation of Hitler, but the mistakes he made (in my opinion) were honest ones. He didn’t write for money first, but for principle first, and his loyalty to his employers at the newspaper where he toiled for years was renowned, and some would say, ill-requited.

Yet the circumstances of Mike’s death is perhaps his most profound epitaph and while I do not invite suffering or penury and would very much wish to be prosperous, I understand that suffering and loss is sometimes the writer’s lot; particularly curmudgeons who obstinately pursue at all costs what they believe to be true.

Puritan William Prynne was branded on both cheeks, had his ears cut off in the pillory and was sentenced to life imprisonment for defying the king’s archbishop. In 1655 he wrote, “...desiring to do nothing against, but for the truth, for which I shall ever contend, and to which I shall ever subscribe; reputing it to be my greatest felicity to conquer with it or be conquered by it, and if occasion require, to suffer cheerfully, gladly for it.”

As our base of support dwindles as a casualty of the war to stay true to devotion to the pursuit of truth, I pray God grant me the strength to soldier on, cheerfully and gladly.

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