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Thursday, October 09, 2014

The Talmud and the Israeli secret police

For the first time in history, all top Israeli secret police posts (Mossad, Shin Bet etc.) will soon be held by Orthodox followers of the Talmud. 

Forward newspaper reporter J.J. Goldberg explains why Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is packing top intelligence slots with strict followers of the Talmud 

(Michael Hoffman's Afterword follows this excerpt from Mr. Goldberg's report)

A Kippah on the Head of Israel’s Intelligence Chief
One by One, Top Spooks Replaced by Orthodox
By J.J. Goldberg • Forward • October 8, 2014

...After decades of domination by secular centrists, there’s been a dramatic surge of religious nationalist youth — settlers and yeshiva graduates — in crack (Israeli) combat units. A decade ago, secret reports began circulating inside IDF headquarters indicating that with Orthodox youth comprising nearly a third of officers’ training course graduates, religious conservatives would form a plurality of senior field commanders within a decade. This summer they began to make their presence felt.

Exactly what that means isn’t yet clear. The generals praise their fighting spirit. But reports surface of officers and rabbi-chaplains urging the troops to a holy war against the enemies of God.

...Major General Herzl “Hertzi” Halevi... is the first Orthodox Jew to command IDF Military Intelligence. Together with Shin Bet director Yoram Cohen, two of Israel’s three top intelligence services are now commanded by Orthodox Jews.

That will become three out of three in 2016 if Prime Minister Netanyahu remains in office long enough to replace current Mossad director Tamir Pardo, as he’s reportedly planning, with his current national security adviser, Yossi Cohen.

...In the spring of 2010 he asked his Security Cabinet for authorization to attack Iran, but the unanimous opposition of the service chiefs — IDF chief of staff Gabi Ashkenazi, Mossad chief Meir Dagan, Shin Bet chief Yuval Diskin and MI chief Amos Yadlin — convinced the cabinet to refuse. Infuriated, Bibi resolved to replace them. During the course of 2011 he ousted Dagan and Diskin. He also pushed for new faces in the IDF, which he doesn’t directly control.

The new crew, however, proved as bad — that is, moderate — as the old. That could explain why one position after another is now being filled by Orthodox Jews, whose views are, if not totally predictable, at least more likely to lean rightward.

The first was Yoram Cohen at Shin Bet. His appointment in 2011 caused a public uproar. The job had been promised to the agency’s No. 2, known as Y. However, Y headed the agency’s Jewish Division, tracking down settler radicals and interdicting so-called price tag attacks, which the State Department calls terrorism. As widely reported at the time, this alienated the settler leadership, which pressed for Cohen instead, and got him. Price tag incidents have since gone up. Arrests declined.

In 2012 Netanyahu tried to name Halevi, then commander of the Galilee Division, as his personal military secretary. Now came a showdown with IDF chief of staff Benny Gantz. It’s his job to offer nominees from which the prime minister chooses. Gantz wanted Halevi in another slot. Netanyahu, it’s said, wanted Halevi because of his background as an Orthodox Jew from a prominent Jerusalem Likud family. He lost.

Almost immediately he began pressing for Halevi to succeed (Major General Aviv) Kochavi at Military Intelligence. By late 2013 he’d won that fight. That summer he picked Yossi Cohen, another Orthodox Jew from an old Likud family, then serving as deputy chief of Mossad, to be his national security adviser, grooming him for Mossad chief.

The trend isn’t limited to the top slots. Israel’s military correspondents from left to right have been falling over each other throughout 2014 reporting on the Orthodox boom in the senior ranks. In January Haaretz’s Amir Oren caused a media furor with a report, titled “Dangerous Shin Bet,” that said three of the agency’s top four officials are Orthodox, including director, deputy director and chief of its Arab-Iran division.

...In February, Yohai Ofer of the right-wing daily Makor Rishon took on the Mossad. It had so many Orthodox senior agents that it hired an in-house rabbi to decide halachic questions like when Sabbath may be violated for an operation. In May, Amir Rappaport of the conservative Maariv published an overview of Orthodox leadership across the services. He said it was arousing a quiet furor within the security establishment. Kochavi’s battle for nuance on Hamas is the tip of an iceberg. In the end, the old guard can complain all they want. When the current process is done, nuanced evaluations of Hamas or Iran will be a thing of the past.  [End quote]

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Michael Hoffman's Afterword:

The notion that Israeli "operations" were more “nuanced" prior to the rise of Orthodox Talmudists inside the Israeli security and military establishment is a failed analogy. The Talmud has always driven the ideology of Zionism —  but indirectly —  through the amalgamation of secular Leftist messianism with Talmudic Judaism which was achieved by the man who founded Zionism and who Karl Marx termed "my rabbi” —  the remarkable Moses Hess. (I have a long study of Hess in my book Judaism Discovered).

What was slightly hopeful in the past about Israeli secularists is that they were sometimes capable of producing a real mensch, in the sense of an Israeli leader attempting to free himself from the twin shackles of Talmudism and Holocaustianity; that man was Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, who was assassinated by an admitted follower of the Talmud, and on halachic grounds.

With the rise of openly Talmudic Orthodox Judaics in the officer corps and the secret police, Israeli policies toward Palestinians will become progressively more savage. The 2000-odd Palestinians wiped out in the latest massacre-down-the-memory-hole is nothing compared with the bloodbath to come.

Because the Israelis have the unstinting support of the US Congress, the vast majority of the American media and tens of millions of Fundamentalist Protestants and neocon "Catholics," they are proceeding with an escalation of mass murder operations and land theft in defiance of European public opinion.

Palestinian blood will flow and their land will be stolen at higher rates than ever at the hands of the followers of the Babylonian Talmud, for whom all goyim are little more than, in the words of Chabad founder Rabbi Zalman, "supernal garbage."

But who cares? Turn on the glass toilet and watch a rerun of the latest "Holocaust" movie and weep for the victims of the 1940s Nazis. It is always 1940 in America.

Michael Hoffman is the author of The Israeli Holocaust Against the Palestinians, and The Great Holocaust Trial: The Landmark Battle for the Right to Doubt the West's Most Sacred Relic.


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Maurice Pinay said...

Netanyahu's trademark arrogance and bravado was transformed to fear and trembling when he reported to the Lubavitcher Rebbe in Brooklyn. I suspect that, like so many other figures destroying our world today, Netanyahu received orders from the Rebbe to do the very things he's doing. Whatever the case may be, it is for some obvious reason never mentioned that Netanyahu (formerly Mileikowsky) is a recent descendant of a long line of rabbis.