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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Birch Society attacks Putin; Michael Hoffman replies

Birch Society attacks Vladimir Putin; Michael Hoffman replies

Mr. William Jasper's October 1, 2014 article (excerpted below) constitutes Zionist disinformation.

I will answer his most egregious charges. My replies follow his assertions:

 Putin - No Defender of Christian Faith and Morality

In a key article, William Jasper blows apart Vladimir Putin's facade of championing Christian values. 

Bill Japser of the Birch Society wrote:

 Invading, bombing, and occupying Chechnya, including destroying much of the country and wantonly killing many civilians, including women and children. Independent estimates of the number of civilian casualties in Chechnya range from 25,000 to 200,000.

Michael Hoffman replies:  Recall that Russia was fighting an ISIS and al Qaeda type of barbaric Islamic terrorism in Chechnya. Mr. Japser doesn't mention that fact. Putin's methods in Chechnya were brutal and I condemn them. Putin did in Chechnya what the US perpetrated in Iraq and what NATO did in Serbia, although Putin was not quite up to the standard of massacre and sadistic blood-thirst exhibited by the Israelis in their invasions of Lebanon, about which Jasper, of course, has nothing to say. 

Bill Japser of the Birch Society wrote:
• Murdering Russian journalists, whistleblowers, and dissidents who are brave enough to challenge his corrupt dictatorship. Famous investigative reporter Anna Politkovskaya is the most well-known example, but Reporters Without Borders and the Committee to Protect Journalists cite dozens of additional cases and have named Putin one of the world's top "predators" of journalists. 

Michael Hoffman replies: This has never been proved. These generalized accusations are standard boilerplate in the NY Times etc.  Jasper can't report that it is the Israelis who are the "top predators of journalists." We will probably never see a Birch Society author admit that fact in print. Meanwhile, the leading journalistic dissident in the West, NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, is being shielded by Putin in Russia. Again, Mr. Jasper omits this fact.

Where Mr. Putin has indeed pandered to alien forces of censorship has been in his recent criminalization of the scientific investigation of Auschwitz execution gas chamber claims; an act of censorship which is not listed in Mr. Jasper's indictment. We are not surprised.

Bill Japser of the Birch Society wrote:
• Expanding the "soft persecution" of Christian churches and organizations that are outside of the rigid state control exercised within the Russian Orthodox Church.

Michael Hoffman replies: Putin does not persecute, "softly" or otherwise, Judaism or non-terrorist Islam, neither of which is "rigidly controlled" by the Russian Orthodox Church. 

Putin has suppressed cults like the Jehovah's Witnesses. I disagree with this suppression.

"Evangelical" Protestant groups that are fronts for Mossad and other Israeli entities, are also interdicted in Russia.

For decades the Birch Society has made Russia the number one enemy of the American people and has never acknowledged Israeli perfidy or subversion. 

The revival of Christianity in Russia, however flawed, and the defeat of the Zionist oligarchs who had intended to transform Russia into a British/French/American-style Israeli satrapy, and simultaneous predatory capitalist paradise, has been thwarted by Mr. Putin.

Israeli assets like the Birch Society contribute to the neocon campaign to oust Putin and his allies, which includes most of the Russian people. They will not succeed. 

A few months ago we published in Revisionist History no. 73, "Masonic America: The Mormon Branch of the Brotherhood." I dare Mr Jasper to publish our study in the Birch magazine, The New American. It won't happen.  Birchers are heavily infiltrated not only by Zionism but Mormonism.

The New American will not allow ads for this writer's  revisionist books on their website. More than 50 years ago, John Birch Society founder Robert Welch admitted in a speech that the Birch Society was allied with the ADL -- the notorious Orwellian thought police who censor, smear and spy on patriotic Americans for the Israelis and their Mossad assassins. 

The most eminent anti-Communist of the 20th century was Alexander Solzhenitsyn. He was an ally of Vladimir Putin. Forgive me for having more faith in the judgment of  Solzhenitsyn than that of Bill Jasper and the John Birch Society.

Michael Hoffman


Anonymous said...

John Birch society is by contrary to its name & this is called "Hypocrisy" & is no wonder that the Prophecy sates " The west think that they are their own creators, for salvation shall come off Russia" & to this Russia's stand on Morality is clearly defining against the western immoral sands unto its "Sodomic" core.

Anonymous said...

Good job Hoffman! I've grown to really not trust the Americanist Birchers. Have they helped reveal how 9-11 was an Anglo-American black op that heavily used Israeli Intelligence? They got their earliest funding fm the father of the Koch bros. ( who made his money building refineries for the USSR ). Don't trust the JBS!

Daniel Krynicki said...

Is Putin a dictator; or is he an elected president?