Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Friday, October 03, 2014

Follow-up on the Birch Society's smear of Vladimir Putin

The following is an e-mail from an American Catholic layman received in response to yesterday's On the Contrary column:

Dear Michael,
...Yesterday I read Bill Jasper’s attack on Putin and I thought to myself, I wonder what Mr. Jasper thinks of the comparison between politics in this country (Obama and his filthy go-alongs in the ZOG-controlled Congress) and Putin’s politically controlled atmosphere where the Russian legislature (Duma) almost unanimously (one vote a nay) condemned homosexuality and all its degenerate spin-offs in Russia.  Where else in the world do you see anything approaching this sterling moral and politically incorrect stance anywhere today?  And it is led by none other than Vladimir Putin. God knows what is going on the minds of Jasper, John McManus and his “Catholic” wannabes in the head-shop of the John Birch Society.  This is arrant hypocrisy—and treason!


Michael Hoffman replies to Pat:

Dear Pat

In their war on Vladimir Putin, the Birch Society joins the One-World forces of neocon Zionism. Birds of a feather flock together. This observation will not be lost on most of the people the Birchers are attempting to mislead. 

In my lifetime and career as a scholar, I have been invited to appear on exactly two national television programs: Iranian TV and Russia's RT network. In the latter case my appearance was broadcast outside of Russia and around the world. The corrupt pro-Zionist TV networks, such as the BBC in Britain, and FOX, CNN, CBS etc. in the USA, would never dream of having this writer address a national audience. By their fruits ye shall know them.

John Birch Society Chairman John McManus knows the score when it comes to Talmudic and Zionist perfidy, but like tens of thousands of other timid careerists, he refuses to do God's will by speaking forthrightly and exposing these iniquitous ideologies. Instead, he plays dumb. This is one main reason why evil rides so high in our world: men in positions of power and influence will not do their duty.

Fortunately, the John Birch Society is a mere shadow of its former self.  Their new assault on Putin will be seen for what it is -- a Cold War relic of a rigged chess game. Most of us know that President Putin is the bane of sodomite America, as well as Antichrist NATO and the Israeli-Russian oligarchs who are seething at his obstruction of their scheme to buy the media and politics of Mother Russia. Not a week goes by without the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times or FOX News attempting to stir up war-like hostility toward the leader of the Russian people.

Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary are protected from blasphemy in Putin's Russia, even as the Israelis, who enjoy immunity from Birch Society castigation and exposureharbor some of the vilest degraders of Our Lord and His Mother.

Truly we live in a world turned-upside down, a western world fanatically dedicated to placating the idol of Talmudic supremacy, which could be crushed tomorrow if Christian men and women would honor God and do their duty. 

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1 comment:

Michael Hoffman said...

The following is from a member of the Orthodox Church. It was received as e-mail and we are posting it as a comment here in our blog.

Bravo Michael!

As you aptly said, the crux of the matter at the heart of world events are the forces of Christ, presently Russia underway of being re-christianized, and the forces of anti-christ, residing in the synagogue of satan, entrenched in the apostate West.

I commend and admire your courage. Christ told us that the "fearful" will be excluded from the Kingdom of Heaven (Rev. 21;8).

The Holy Fathers and Martyrs endured much suffering and shed their blood to defend the truth.

Many said:

"Silence before evil is complicity”.

"I hate silence when it is time to speak".

With love in Christ Yahweh,

J.A. (Sub-Deacon)