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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Video of civilian gunned down in Cairo while helping a wounded man

According to the Wall Street Journal of August 14, 2013, top members of the Egyptian military junta now ruling that nation after the coup are Israeli assets.

The U.S. media are not calling the murder of more than 500 protestors a massacre because the killers are Israeli allies.

In the eyes of the American media, everything that happens in the Middle East is weighed on the Talmudic scale of whether the action or event benefits or harms the Israeli government.

Morsi was an ally of Hamas, therefore the military that overthrew Morsi, a man elected in a democratic vote, cannot be that bad. Hence, it’s not a massacre but a “crackdown.”

Israeli tactics are being employed against Egyptian civilians. The recent massacre is a typical Israeli tactic. It can only breed more violence. Many Israelis despise Arabs. They love to see them die. The Egyptian civil war being stoked by Israeli agents in the Egyptian military and al Qaeda agents on the street fulfills the Talmudic bloodlust.
Michael Hoffman


Wesley D. Walden said...

Adding a comment to your site has become increasingly more difficult, that is unfortunate. Regardless, I felt it necessary to add that as an American citizen (and a buyer and reader of your works) I don't see this conflict as you have "generalized" it. I see this as a battle between Sharia Law/Caliphate versus Secular Law/Common Law/ quote-unquote "Freedom."

I think you are focusing on the Jewish equation with too much vigor, personally. I've been wishing for years you'd take your eyes off the Orthodoxy for a while and get back into Conspiracy and set these trendies straight in this age of Revelation of the Method where "conspiracy" sells and therefore the ordinary man is left aching in hunger for the Truth. Not "Truth, Inc."

God Bless you and keep you, Michael.

Anonymous said...

I concur with the comment posted. Additionally, I'm not sure we can tell if it's the Israelis or not. Over the past few months, you've exposed the persecution of Christians in Syria. In Egypt, recent stories have brought to light the persecution of Coptic Christians at the hands of Morsi's supporters. Do you disregard these stories?


Michael Hoffman said...

Morsi’s government backed the Al Qaeda-linked insurgency in Syria and generally turned a blind eye to the persecution of Christians. Whatever he and his government did or failed to do, cannot, by any civilized standard, be used to justify the massacre of hundreds of Muslim civilians. The Copts are very foolish not to denounce the military butchers who seized control in the coup. The Copts must live side by side with the Muslim Brotherhood people, who have human rights like everyone else. The Christian message is that all people are made in the image and likeness of God, with inalienable rights that extend from God. Massacres in the name of the Egyptian Christians are a terrible betrayal of the Gospel.

The Israelis are undoubtedly influencing the military in Egypt, the better to starve and blockade the Palestinians and exacerbate inter-Arab warfare.

Only the devil gains from all this violence.

Jason said...

Egypt's crisis seems to be extremely complex.

The Egyptian revolution toward democracy was likely hijacked immediately by Western intelligence. If Morsi wasn't stamped with approval he would have been rubbed out, no? And if Morsi was supporting the Syrian insurgency, then he was playing the assigned role. Why then, was he sacked before the Syrian coup was completed? With Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan being more heavily leaned upon by Western interlopers, had he outlived his usefulness? Possibly. Nick Turse was recently foiled when he attempted to gather at least a minimum amount of information on US military bases in Africa. Maybe Morsi was foiling some of this infiltration? Guaranteed the Egyptian Army will be more friendly on that front.

There are Coptic voices decrying the most recent violence, only their message is largely silenced/corrupted. Indeed, Coptic Christians marched WITH Muslims in Tahrir Square against the Western-backed Mubarack regime. Morsi then betrayed these former allies. This puts the Copts between a rock and a hard place. But who is the Army going to listen to - Pope Shenouda, or Uncle Sam?

Michael Hoffman said...

Interesting analysis, Jason.

Jason said...

Correction to my above post - I should have typed Pope Tawadros II, not Pope Shenouda of blessed memory.

I should have also been more clear on the fact that it's possible Morsi was beginning to resist Western designs in regard to military bases/staging points in the region, which is why his overthrow was green lit. My above comment makes it seem like he was somehow involved in Nick Turse's difficulty, which I do not think.

American military expansion in Africa is apparently growing exponentially and in secret. This is a big deal that is never discussed outside of niche sources.