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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Morris Herman Interviews Michael Hoffman

In this video I dared to compare Israeli ideology to Nazi ideology. The ADL objected and YouTube banned the video after it had been broadcast for seven years.
British-based journalist Morris Herman interviews Michael Hoffman, August 1, 2012. 
Approx. 11 minutes.



Anonymous said...

Hi Michael,

I really enjoyed the interview but it stopped suddenly. Will you be putting up the rest?
I have to say, you're like a mountain of information and your knowledge is clear to see in your confident speech.
I really liked your analogy about revisionism. It was precise, succinct and a great defense of revisionism. I'm looking forward to getting Judaism Discovered and understanding more about reality, breaking apart the lies of our education.

Three questions:

1. Do you, like some, believe that smashing the lies we've been told about the holocaust (events and death toll) is instrumental in destroying Zionism, or do you think we have to go further back in history and to start 'calling out' prominent figures in history, exposing their treason?

2. If I recall, you've exposed Jewish elitism in the Talmud and Kabalah and yet one only has to read Isiah to see how Jews are elevated above all else meaning there is also Jewish supremicism in the Bible too. Do you believe this?

3. It is said that Freemasonry is 'Judaism for the Goyim'. We know that Freemasonry controls many if not all our establishments. Do you therefore believe or possibly consider that the elites in charge of creating a New World Order are in fact Ashkenazi Jews, of course with their willing power hungry freemason Goy beneath them?



Michael Hoffman said...

Dear Harbinger

Thanks for your kind words. It is up to the interviewer to decide the shape of my interview and whether there is to be more of it.

My reply to your questions:

1. I don’t use the Newspeak word “Holocaust” because it can denote anything, from persecution and murder of many tens of thousands of Judaic people (true), or millions asphyxiated in gas chambers (false).

It is indeed important to overturn the holocaust denial of Dresden and Hamburg and all the major German cities that were set ablaze; and the denial of the murder of many millions of other Germans after the war. It’s important to remove the special ontological category of genocide of only one nation of Holy People, with all others occupying lesser status, including victims of the Allied Holocaust.

Is this important to the Middle East? Yes, because without Hitler there could have been no Israeli state and without posing as gas chamber victims or children of victims, the Israeli mass murderers of Lebanese and Palestinians would not have immunity from prosecution and other forms of censure.

2. Where in the book of Isaiah do you see “Jews being elevated above all else”? The Old Testament is anti-Jewish in many respects; Isaiah in particular. He accused Israel of having unclean lips.

The founders of Talmudic Judaism disparaged Biblical patriarchs. If you read my book “Judaism’s Strange Gods” (2011 edition) you would know this.

The old heresy of Marcion was resurrected by certain Nazi ideologues to blacken the Old Testament and maintain that only the New Testament had value. But of course, Jesus and the apostles quoted the Old Testament hundreds of times, so to disparage the Old Testament is to undercut Christ himself.

3. Some goyim are viewed as reincarnated Jews and some Judaics like Israel Shahak are seen as the gilgul of Haman, so it is not without some justification that we can say that the leaders of Judaism and Zionism share power with alleged non-Judaics. They especially prefer gentile front-men to one of their own as President of the US, at least in this dispensation; otherwise the usurpation becomes too obvious.

One pitfall is to be obsessed with the race or ethnicity of our hidden rulers. I assure you they run the gamut from Chinese, Latin American, Slavic, WASP, African, Arab, Nordic, WASP and Celtic, to Khazar, Sephadic etc..

Trying to discern the Cryptocracy from a racial standpoint is a zero sum game. The Cryptocracy knows better than we do how many impostors are among those said to be of the blood royal (“Jews”). I doubt they are very much impressed by the race of their associates, subordinates and colleagues.

The Zohar and Gemara teach a supreme awe for those who the rabbis say are Jews. The Cryptocracy is following that script for the present.

3,000 years ago the blood royal for the Cryptocracy was Pharaonic Egyptian. If you investigate this age-old conspiracy through race-colored glasses you are bound to be led astray.

Let us put to rest, for once and all, the 1930s style racial theories and racial “anti-semitism.”

The dichotomy is between those who love and those who hate, those who show mercy and those who demand eternal revenge, as Portia admonished Shylock in “The Merchant of Venice” (Act iv, scene i).

Many in the Right wing who claim to be on the side of western civilization exhibit characteristics of the rabbis, while I have seen people like Noam Chomsky behave with what can only be termed sincere Christian charity and ethics.

Anonymous said...

Dear Michael,

Thank you firstly for your erudite reply. And secondly for replying as I know you are a busy man.

1. I agree. Let us not also forget Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

2. I also agree. It is true that Christ preached the Law of Moses and therefore to deny the Old testament and the Hebrew God of Israel, would be to deny Christ himself and thus anything within the New Testament.

3. I agree also. It is not the premier who rules, but those around him. As for the cryptocracy, there has to be an underlying connection. I don't believe that they are all simply haters and revengers, for if this were the case, there would be constant struggle for supremacy within. As I said, there has to be an underlying connection. It is obvious that there is a reason behind the mass amalgamation of cultures and peoples in this world into one homogeneous group. Many believe (as do I) we are seeing the rebuilding of the Tower or Babel and rule of Nimrod.
We know of the depopulation agenda. We know of Lucifarianism, Theology and the New Religion. I know you say that the cryptocracy rules all over the world, in all shades, but then there has to be one or a group, all with common identity who sit within the capstone of the pyramid, controlling all. Those rulers from ancient times always maintained their power and merely moved from civilization to civilization acquiring more power. Those ruling dynasties descendents rule today do they not?

Again, I'm looking forward to reading your books as there is a great deal I need to learn. And again, thank you for your work.



D Handley, Vancouver, WA said...

I recognize the Shroud of Turin as scientific evidence for the resurrection of Jesus.
Leviticus Chapter One has the god of the Jews commanding Moses to instruct the rabbis that it wants young unblemished bulls and rams slaughtered (throats slit), their blood dashed on an alter, their carcasses dismembered into listed pieces including head and entrails, and the pieces wholly consumed by fire for "an aroma pleasing to the LORD"
This sounds like Satanic blood ritual and is undeniably destruction of life. Is this the God of love?

Michael Hoffman said...

To D. Handley

Moses was not instructing “rabbis.”

As the the rabbis themselves admit, their tradition is the “burial ground of Moses.”

Consequently, if you are trying to conflate Orthodox Judaism with Leviticus you are in error.

Furthermore, when you imply that the God of the Old Testament is behind Satanic ritual you are saying the same about Jesus Christ, since He quotes the Old Testament with approval and reverence many times.

D. said...

Mr. Hoffman

Your response is appreciated.
Leviticus specifies 'priests'. I assumed Jewish priests were rabbis.
To be clear; Your belief is that the deity in Leviticus which commanded ritual blood sacrifice/dismemberment/holocaust of young bulls and rams is the God of love, and the One whom Jesus instructed us to love with all of our hearts?
As an admirer of your scholarship, please don't think I'm pestering you. I want to understand. This will be the last question.

Thank you,

Michael Hoffman said...

To Daren

A challenge based on a sincere pursuit of truth is never “pestering.”

I cannot in this limited forum offer a course in Christian apologetics. You should consult some of the classic theologies and read deeply. Why not begin with John Goldingay’s “Old Testament Theology Volume One: Israel’s Gospel.” I am not giving a blanket recommendation to this book. The author makes mistakes, but overall it is a fine introduction and not by any means lightweight.

Belief in the God of Israel is dependent on faith, ultimately. Reason leads us to the place where we accept God’s having chosen us to be His followers by grace. If you don’t have the faith, by grace, you will not understand. Your reaction will probably be, “That’s unfair!”

You can’t approach God as if He were a human being. He is not human. His ways are not our ways. Pharaoh and his household treated Abraham decently and experienced an epidemic, courtesy of God. It was God who made King Saul mad so He couldn’t obey Him.

The Talmudic mentality is always trying to reconcile the ways of God with man’s finite intelligence and capacities (which the rabbis in their pride regard as infinite and unlimited).

I am happy not to have lived in Old Testament times. The incarnation of the Messiah, His death on the Cross and Resurrection, forever changed our relationship with Yahweh. Now we approach Him through the mediating sacrifice of His Son and the only law higher than to love one another is to love God. Without Christ we would all still be out in the wilderness.

If you search earnestly, indefatigably and with good will, I believe you will find the Truth. Whether you accept it or not is another matter, and this is true for all of us.

Unknown said...

Hello Mr Hoffman,

I must take issue with you regarding the identity of the Jews and Judaism.

The Jews were originally people who inhabited Judea in the late centuries BC and early centuries AD so they could be of numerous races, however they were predominantly Canaanites or Shelanites, what I call Canaanite Jews. The Pharisees in particular were of this race i.e. claiming descendancy from Abraham when they were not; the line coming from the female side so therefore descendants of the illicit relationship between Judah and the Adullamite's daughter Bathshua.

Real Jews or Royal Judahites come from the relationship of Judah and Taymar who gave birth to the twins Zerah and Pharez - Pharez being a forefather of Yashua Anointed.

Judaism is a religion which permeates all of mainstream Christianity making it a counterfeit or as Scripture clearly states making The Word of God to none effect.

Is God a racist? From the dissolute liberal stand point most definitely but then what do dissolute liberals know of or about God? Nothing - zilch - zero.

As a PS Anti-semitism = anti white.