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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Monday, January 09, 2012

WorldNetDaily Censors Ad for Books Critiquing Judaism

This advertisement for books critiquing Orthodox Judaism has been banned by World Net Daily:

The ad was suppressed by WorldNetDaily.com (WND) after three days due to unspecified "complaints."

Write to World Net Daily's corporate office:
2020 Pennsylvania Ave NW, #351
Washington, DC 20006

Send a (civil) letter of protest to the editor of World Net Daily:

Michael Hoffman's comment: Empty Tomb Books represents one of the most dynamic groups of intrepid, responsible, Christian conservative activists in North America. If you are a true follower of Jesus Christ and God's Holy Word, there is nothing to fear or censor in Empty Tomb Books. In fact, every faithful Christian would support their right to publish and advertise. Only the forces of Pharisaic-Churchianity, in league with the rabbis of the Babylonian Talmud, would find anything objectionable or deserving of a ban

WND's censorship of the "Empty Tomb" advertisement is more evidence that there is no free press for authentic Christians in the American media -- and that includes in the so-called "conservative" media.



knowthetruth said...

I used to read World Net Daily on a daily basis but the unabashed support they always give to Israel, no matter what Israel does, was enough to stay away. Below is my comment to their sales and marketing group.

Regarding your ban of the "Empty Tomb Books" ad, I for one am not surprised at your anti-Christ stance as you have been behind the world's Christ haters 100% for many years. How's the thirty pieces of silver doing for you?

Patrick Flanagan said...

This is a copy of a letter sent to WorldNetDaily (WND):

It has been brought to my attention that World Net Daily has pulled a book from its list of advertisements.

The book iS involved with presenting the Faith to the Jewish people who are in need of hearing the Gospel message as divinely revealed and written down in the Bible.

Ordinarily WND has an exceptionally good reputation for publishing material that is ordinarily not seen in the mainstream press which for the most part is regarded as little more than a lapdog presstitute for mouthing the hackneyed platitudes of the neo-conservative controlled Obama White House and his Zionist controllers.

There is really no sense in denying that our foreign policy is being driven by forces that want this country to stay in the Middle East keeping it in a state of constant turmoil. The only country benefiting from this imperialistic foray into ‘nation building” is this country’s best ally, ahem, Israel.

Many of Israel’s supporters are indeed Judaic persons who have a vested interest in keeping Israel in a position of hegemony amongst its Arab opponents who suffer want of the basic necessities of life as brought to them by the U.S.-Israeli war machine.

This juggernaut is a function of a religious fiction some call Zionism which is directed at placing the state of Erretz Israel in the most dominant geopolitical position in the Middle East for the now and near future and by keeping the heat on through its monopoly of major media outlets to eventually allow it to spread its racist and egocentric power base globally.

This would never possibly happen if knowledgeable and literate opposition is permitted through normal channels of communication. This would assume, of course, that a forum of free thought exists within the Western World. As we all know, freedom of speech exists for some and not for others.

It would not be a stretch to assume that if a book purporting to establish evangelical inroads between Christian-based missions extending a helping hand to Islamist-based groups would be available for purchase, your organization would not be so quick to pull it off the shelf on the basis of some “unnamed” sources of criticism as is the case with the book in question which is all about bringing the waters of regeneration to the unregenerate Jews. I hope you see the obvious point.

I think what we are dealing with here is: (1) hypocrisy in the most egregious form possible; and, (2) fear of the Jews and what type of blowback you would experience would you not have kowtowed to these sub rosa forces that seem to have you by the short hairs.

The very notion of our country having a free press is nothing short of ridiculous. When somebody has the talent for high-minded thinking and the ability to cogently write down thoughts that can literally shape others’ ideas, opinions and actions, then we have a right to expect that such gifted people also show some real guts and be willing to stand up to bullies in the crowd and allow those of us who are trying to establish all things in Christ to at least have a just forum for our cause. Anything less is moral cowardice.

Please reconsider your actions and put the book back up on your website. Thank you.

Dr. Patrick Flanagan Jr. MD

E-mail: pflanagan[at]tds.net
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