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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Saturday, January 21, 2012

"Jewish Times" Threatens Obama with Assassination and gets away with it

Atlanta Jewish Times Owner Gets Away with Threat to Assassinate President Obama
By Michael Hoffman 
"You are Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu...give the go-ahead for U.S.-based Mossad agents to take out a president deemed unfriendly to Israel in order for the current vice president to take his place, and forcefully dictate that the United States' policy includes its helping the Jewish state obliterate its enemies. Yes, you read...correctly. Order a hit on the president in order to preserve Israel's existence."
 --Andrew B. Adler, Owner/Publisher, Atlanta Jewish Times, Jan. 13, 2012 
The Mossad has an arm long enough to be considered a likely candidate for murdering Obama with impunity. It is likely that Mossad has been terror-bombing Iranian scientists and their wives over the past few years. Mossad’s terrorism has generally been applauded and even glorified in the West.
Because of their marketing and public relations savvy, we rarely glimpse what top American Zionists are really thinking. In this case, the Atlanta Jewish Times seems to have goofed and let the murderous Mossad cat out of the bag.
As my friend Stan in Louisiana asked when this story first broke, “What would happen to a gentile owner of a Missoula, Montana newspaper if he had made the same threat against the life of President Obama, although for different reasons?”
Stan and I both know the answer to that one, as I'm sure most of you do: the thunder from the corporate media would be deafening. The Montana goy would be in Secret Service custody; a SWAT-team would raid his newspaper’s offices and his employees would be sternly interrogated. 

None of the preceding has befallen Mr. Adler, the Judaic publisher in Atlanta who openly advocated having the Israeli Mossad murder the President of the United States.
There are two parts to this news story: the assassination threat itself (because Obama has resisted going to war against Iran) and, perhaps just as important, the immunity of the Zionist who issued the threat. 


Malleus Haereticorum said...

I share your dismay and disgust, Mr. Hoffman. In fairness, though, I posit the possibility (if not certainty) that the Secret Service is assiduously investigating, and preparing a case against, the loathsome Andrew B. Adler. Anyway, let's hope so.

Stacy said...

Apparently, all you have to do if you are a Jew is apologize and it's all good - no jail!


Michael Hoffman said...

Dear Stacy

Reall,y “if you are a Jew” that’s all you have to do?

Would it do for Norman Finkelstein, Noam Chomsky, Ilan Pappe or thousands of other Judaics who are independent of Zionism and Talmudism?

When you make generalizations about “Jews” you are reflecting inaccurate and bigoted stereotypes.

aferrismoon said...

Considering his comment about the 'current VP to take his place , and forcefully dictate ..... obliterate its enemies'.

This was the actual course of action if we believe that JFK was removed to allow in Israel-supporting LBJ.

It questions aswell the 'loyalty' of the VP to the President.


Jason said...

Like all politicians, VPs are loyal to themselves. Situations where the Pres & VP actually get along are the exception rather than the rule. JFK didn't like LBJ, Reagan didn't like Bush, Clinton was not a Gore fan and so on.

Disgusting this could be printed with no repurcussions. Remember the supposed white supremacists that plotted such things during the '08 election?

aferrismoon said...

Jason - the combination of P and VP , the VP as a constant subversive , as we see in the battles for party reps.

At once rivals in total opposition [ Romney Gingrich , Clinton Obama] and then come election time [ as P and VP] the 'greatest partnership of the free world'.

And all before is forgotten [ ie the millions spent on slagging each other off]


john said...

I am reminded of the [white] man in Oklahoma that was arrested, taken to jail etc for standing beside a road merely holding a sign that said "Abort the president instead of babies" or something similar...
Stacy is right. And they dont even have to apologise.

AHLCglobal said...

I think you all may be missing the nuances here, in that it very well may have been them who installed him into power in the first place. Thus, all this wrangling with Bibi and such public comments as these from Adler are then mere smoke. Either way, it continues to heap black marks and additional hatred for all Hebrew people,(Jews), even from those who didn't have before. Then again, this as well may be the plan in and of itself, yet another final, final solution?

Dr. S. Asher Th.D
Ancient Hebrew Learning Center.

former employee said...

I am not shocked by anything he writes. He likes to shock people, it gives them something to talk about at the dinner table (his words). His apologetic tears were for himself not for the disgusting column he wrote. Please also note that Adler has NO Jewish employees...he fired all of them one by one and never paid them the money he owed them. Not one Atlanta attorney (jewish or gentile)would take my case. As a consequence, I have lost my home...that gives you an idea of how much he owes me. I chalk it all up to him being a very strange and narcissistic person that seems to get by with any and all of his actions.
Written by a Jew and former employee