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Friday, August 12, 2011

The Ancient Alliance between Judaism and Islam

Here is the missing piece of the puzzle that renders absurd the new Judeo-American and Judeo-European crusade against Islam:

"Jewish law' is the Talmud and the Halakha, the Jewish equivalent of the Muslim Sharia. It means in practice that legal norms adopted 1500 years ago and more will trump the legal norms evolved over recent centuries in Britain and other European countries. Similar clauses exist in the laws of countries like Pakistan and Egypt. The similarity between Jewish and Islamic law is not accidental - Arabic-speaking Jewish sages, like Moses Maimonides ('the Rambam') and their contemporary Muslim legal experts influenced each other."

Source: Uri Avnery, "Dichter's Law," August 12, 2011

Islam was profoundly influenced by the Talmud. This is evidenced in part by Islam's hostility toward St. Paul and its denial of the Resurrection, two principal rabbinic doctrines.

Judaism was formerly allied with Islam against Christianity. 

The Crusades were wars waged against Islam and Judaism.

The American Protestant Fundamentalist and Catholic neocon crusade against Islam has only one eye. It will not see Judaism’s evil or its influence over Islam. It will not see that Sharia and Talmudic halacha are equally deserving of vigilance and exposure. 

In the kingdom of the blind, one-eyed people are kings.

— Michael Hoffman

On Aug 12, 2011, at 17:30, JP wrote:

Mr. Hoffman: Perhaps you can send some references (books, articles, etc...) that supports the idea that Judaism is equal to Islam. I know Fr. Raphael Johnson holds this view.
Thank you.


Dear JP

Judaism = Islam is not an equation I have ever put forth.

Islam is the farthest out of all the Christian heresies; it was bent by Judaism; that does not mean that it is synonymous with Judaism.

There are similarities between Sharia and Talmudic law but Islam is absent self-worship and racism —  a huge distinguishing factor.

I am not acquainted with Rev. Raphael Johnson.


Michael Hoffman



Jason said...

Mr. Hoffman,
I appreciate this post. And you are correct, as halacha is completely ignored to our country's detriment.

However, what about the 4th Crusade, in which Constantinople was sacked by "Christian" Crusaders; cathedrals were looted, nuns were raped, monks were killed, etc?

Per the online Roman Catholic Encyclopedia, their own Latin Clerics participated in this looting and pillaging, for which Pope Innocent III (while "he had had no hand") "determined to make the best of the new conquest." Is it more correct to say then that the Crusades were waged against Judaism, Islam, and Orthodox Christianity?

One thing I have an honest question about: Has there ever been a reciprocal attack (either before or since) against the Latin/Roman Catholic Church by the Orthodox that was equivalent to the 4th Crusade?

Michael Hoffman said...

Dear Jason

I am not endorsing the Crusades, bur rather stating historical fact concerning their central targets: Judaism and Islam, which today’s anti-Muslim Crusaders who harken to the Knights Templar and the entire era as an epoch worthy of emulation, overlook. They have sanitized history to make it palatable to their Zionist and rabbinic allies.

The attack on Constantinople was an unconscionable horror. I know of no similar attack on the Latin West by the Orthodox.

Nonetheless, if we claim the mantle of Christ, all hatreds and resentments should be buried.

Jason said...

Agreed. I did not intend for my post to be as polemical as it reads.

Steve in Vista said...
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Zaheer thinks said...

Islam is not founded by Mohammed(Saws) it was completed by him and Islam was a way of life for
all the prophets since beginning and is a the only way of life accepted by God even for the last human on this planet.

Christ,Moses,Abraham and Mohammed were all prophets and followed Islam they didn't hear words like christianity or judaism.

Islam means "Peace attained by submitting your will to will of God"

Adlane said...

I'm very troubled by your statement that there has ever been an alliance between islam and judaism. I hope you'll have the time and fairness to study islam from its reliable sources starting with the koran , like you did studying judaism. If you find some similarities, they mean nothing ,because islam has always claimed that their prophet is the last one, and it's mandatary for all muslims to believe in all the prophets who have been sent by the same God. Lots of their stories are narrated in the koran. I advise you to read them.
I'm amazed how you can say something like that, after the remarkable book of yours judaism dicovered.

صفيّة Safiyah said...

Dear Michael,

In both the political and religious spheres, it is the secularists who pretend to unite and actually divide people instead.

For instance, Assad is yet another brutal dictator, but who is behind him?

Please see.

Egypt and Syria

Dear Adlane,

The Qur’an does indeed support what you say and even more. It is modern Muslim writers, like Abdullah Yusuf Ali, the Indian British educated modernistic translator, who give the impression that the Qur’an is antagonistic to Christianity. But the truth is, it is not.

Please see.

Muslims and Christians

torbaker said...

Mr. Hoffman, i think the person who sent you that email was reffering to Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson, who I have heard praising your book Judaism Discovered many times on his radio show.

donoterase said...

The four Islamic schools of law (Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi’i and Hanbali) developped at least two centuries before Maimonides was even born. In fact it seems that Maimonides was the one who borrowed concepts from Islamic theology as explains Shaul Majid in his review « Maimonides The Muslim? Could What We Call Jewish Law Have A Muslim Source? »
As for Islam hostility toward St. Paul and the resurrection, we know that Islam, as opposed to Judaism, preaches that Jesus was one of the mightiest messengers of God that he was the Christ, that he was born miraculously without any male intervention, and that there will be a second coming of Jesus too. So how come the “profound influence” did not reach these main beliefs ?
As far as i know, St. Paul is not mentioned in the Islamic jurisprudence sources (Quran & Tradition), the hostility is explained by the Islamic belief that Christianity was infected by pagan religions. Islamic scholars later came to the conclusion that the ideas in the writings attributed to St. Paul played a vital role in this.
I wonder if the author, by the same logic, acknowledges the profound influence of Dionysian religion in the Christian religion, as evidenced by the fact that precursors to Christian notion of transubstantiation can be found in the Dionysian religion and other striking parallels between Dionysus and the christian view of Jesus Christ.

For Egypt and Siria guy, the link you provide contains misleading information about Islam. There is no room in the Quran nor in the Tradition to make the holy trinity consistent with the Islamic concept of God.

Arjalea said...

Salaamu Safiyah, Well said sister, I agree. Also this -

SURAH 19: MARYAM (Blessed Mary).