Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Friday, August 19, 2011

Death threat e-mailed to Hoffman

"We will be paying you a little visit next month, to offer you your very own circumcision, from the neck down"

While death threats are routine, I thought I would share this particularly egregious one for my own protection. It arrived several hours after I had sent a courteous e-mail questioning a column on the Talmud written by University of Haifa Prof. Steven Plaut (I sent my questions via e-mail to Plaut and his publisher, the Brooklyn-based "Jewish Press").

I am not making any connection between the threatening e-mail I received (see below) and Prof. Plaut or the "Jewish Press." I am only stating a fact concerning the sequence of the e-mail I have sent and received. 

To the best of my knowledge, I have not received a communication by e-mail or any other means, from Plaut or "Jewish Press."

Caveat: the following threatening e-mail contains exceedingly vulgar language.

--Michael Hoffman

On Aug 19, 2011, at 8:14, cracker basher (crackerbasher@gmail.com) wrote:

Hoffman you pathetic little Nazi.

We just wanted to congratulate all you little Nazis and subliterate crackers for doing so much for the world!  You are doing great work.  Just imagine being able to use crayons to turn out such deep thoughts and even getting the spelling in a few words correct as you drool over a computer keypad!   And let's not have any more of using those crayons as suppositories – you need them for important thinking!

Yes, you Nazi crackers are amazing. You refuse to get a junior high school equivalency.  Your biggest problem in life is that you have never had sex, and never even found anyone willing to spend the night with you long enough to give you gonorrhea!

You hate all dem Joos because your penis is so tiny.  You march about shouting Nazi slogans to cover up the fact that your mother abandoned you back there with the barnyard animals when she ran off with that nice Nigerian fellow, leaving you in the trailer park.

We know all about your Momma and how her abandoning you there in the trailer park turned you into cracker trash.  But other trailer park scum have learned to read, so why couldn't you?  Is it because of your complex concerning your little tiny penis?  But you know, your momma is way ahead of you. She appreciates a good circumcision!  She was saying just last week how much she enjoyed a circumcised penis slipping in and out of her ass.  Circumcised ones tickle her, she says.  She gives little squeals of delight.  She says she likes it especially when a circumcized penis massages her belly button. From her inside.

Speaking of circumcision, we will be paying you a little visit next month, to offer you your very own circumcision, from the neck down.  So keep a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree, since your Nazi penis is not large enough to hold one up.  Meanwhile, you can try to work on your multiplication tables, for some day you might be able to get one of those cherished minimum wage jobs and get off welfare at last!

Until them you can Sieg Heil your way around the trailer park, push your supermarket cart about, and ask people for some spare change.  The future is bright.  Remember that finishing junior high school can sometimes propel you all the way to a job at Walmart and to indoor plumbing!   You have heard about that, right?  It is what other folks use instead of the trailer park outhouse where you do all that important thinking of yours.

[End quote]


Dead Reckoning said...

That e-mail is a criminal offense as it is a direct threat on your life - people have gone to jail for less. The 'Gmail' account is an excellant e-mail service - used by hundreds of millions of people. The IP address for the 'cracker' e-mail address will have been logged. Even a semi-literate cop could subpoena the info on the e-mail account. The FBI could probably get the information in 10 minutes. If the IP log goes back to a University in Israel - or some institution. . .

Solitary Thoughts said...

My goodness---the email you received is so full of hate that any possible message is lost. All in all, the tone of disgust it tries to project sounds about like what I imagine the chanted mantra of a death squad might be as they tried to work up the courage to execute an innocent. Do be careful. The hateful email proves to me that evil exists in far too large a dose.

Martin73 said...

It is so disgusting. My toughts and prayers are with you, Mr. Hoffman.

You know, there is little I can do or even say. And the one thing I feel pressed to say, I don't know if you will appreciate it at this place. But I say it nevertheless.

I say thank you, Mr. Hoffman, as but for you I'd probably have foresworn any remnant of faith in Jesus Christ that still seems credible to me by that date, as I simply cannot come to grips with this load of evilness and hypocrisy whic is prevalent today, especially in the so-called Christian sphere.

You know, I keep telling me that it is not the master's fault when his (false) disciples do not follow what he says, - as he even predicted they would - but all this doesn't really account in full account for a world where you can no longer see virtually ANY one who is essentially true. For with the last true one gone the concept of truth itself would fade away to anyone who with the best intentions would yearn to abide by it. And God must have foreseen that too.

Inquiring for historical truth and being twice and three times careful against any possible indication that one is howling with the pack (in that perfidous way the quality of which you work out: denigrating innocents, confounding the very concepts of truth and lie, making hateful conduct mandatory) should be a self-evident conclusion for ANYONE who professes allegiance to that pure good we see in Jesus Christ.

And yet, I haven't seen it before I met you. People sin with the best of consciences in this time, and while that is not completely new, it IS unparalleled how vastly and how enduringly God suffers this Satanic work to prevail.

I cannot say much more, but wish you God's mercy and guidance. And that he ever will stand ready to prop up your faith when you need it most. God and Christ are the good ones, I still uphold. Although I have no idea how I shall go on doing this in any credible fashion for any much longer.

I will conclude these lines with an acclamation I still uphold despite both hope and faith all but dead: THE NAME OF THE LORD BE PRAISED and NO HONOR DUE TO GOD FOR REBELLIOUS (humanist, Judaist) MAN!

God bless.

Pamela Rae Schuffert said...

Hi Michael from a sister journalist Pamela Schuffert, more recently exposing the Noahide laws and the documented presence of modern guillotines in our US military bases. I am sure the write of this offensive email was referring in fact to the modern guillotines that they actually intend to use on millions of us in the future. Circumcised from the neck down means CUTTING OFF YOUR HEAD! They ALL know in the Jewish communities about the modern guillotines and their purposes. God bless and protect you always.-Pamela Rae Schuffert www.AmericanHolocaustComing.blogspot.com

Jason said...

Mr. Hoffman,
You really did a number with that recent book review of a Hollywood kabbalist. Although I have no proof, the language and violent obsession with genitalia is right out of something a sycophant of his would write. His spells weigh heavily on the minds of his followers. Would by reading your work, even bathed in this demonic rage, the person's hypnosis will begin to crack.

I'm sorry that someone doing honest work such as yourself has to endure these attacks. It isn't fair, but like General Forrest you are leading the charge - and having an effect. Thank Yahweh for it!

May you and your family be eternally blessed and safe.

The Viking said...

I am sorry you have to endure such ugliness Mr. Hoffman. If however you are being attacked by the collective masters of this valley of tears, then you are indeed in good company.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to read that you recieve mail like this, but, I must admit, I think the level of the language is sadly funny in the way it reveals the mind of the writer. He/she/it lives in a world concerned with the size of genitals, rectal intercourse, traditional jewish racism and toilets. That a person writing in this manner suggests education is beyond logic, but I sense that this letter was more about emotion than brains.

Thank you Michael Hoffman for doing great work. You have inspired and educated me with your books, writings and lectures.