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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Thursday, December 28, 2023

The First Edition of The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome

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Collectors and Investors take note of this opportunity

For Sale: 

The magnificent First Edition of 
Michael Hoffman's

The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome

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Sealed in the printer's original shrink-wrap

Just a few copies left of the first edition of 3,000, printed in 2017, very few of which were autographed; perhaps no more than 50. This is a rare book.

 The first edition is the only printing of this volume with the magnificent gloss plates, defined as: 

"Book plates are...illustrations, pictures, or photographs that are printed separately from the text of the book, but they are bound in during production. Platings add color, texture, and value to books, and they are often gorgeous and riveting. For certain titles, plates are only included in first editions or deluxe editions..." [Source: Biblio.com]

The "plates" (illustrations) in the first edition were beautifully printed on heavy gloss paper by one of America's premier academic printers.

The 42 illustrations in The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome are particularly important because they are integral to the author's thesis with regard to occult extremism under religious auspices. These are best viewed and examined on gloss paper with a color process which renders both the black and white and the color illustrations in a manner that more closely approximates how they appear in actuality, with many details sharply highlighted.

Here below are samples of both the color and the black and white "plates." Keep in mind that their reproduction on this blog do not do them justice. They are much sharper in the book itself and are reproduced here only to give you an idea of the first edition's  photographic treasures.

New, mint condition
Softcover. 723 pages. 6 inches by 9 inches. 2 lbs. 
(All weights and dimensions are approximate).

Table of contents: More Catholic than the Pope; Neoplatonic Hermeticism; The Serpent in the Garden of the Quattrocento; The Priest and the Platonists; Pope Alexander’s Wizard; Bonfire of the Verities; The Sorcerer Abbott; Reuchlin’s Revolution; Renaissance High Art: An Initiation; The Grand Egyptian Lodge of Vatican City; The Cabal’s Co-conspirators; The Moral Theology of Mental Reservation and Equivocation in the Church of Rome; Ecclesiastical Sodomy and its Root; The Hermetic Prince of the Second Vatican Council; Neoplatonic-Hermetic Kabbalism in the Modern Era; The Breeders of Money Gain Dominion over the Church of Rome; A Prophecy Fulfilled; An Occult Miscellany; The Influence of Neoplatonic Thought on Freemasonry.

A sampling of sections: The Protestant Isis and the Papal Isis; Advancing Satan’s kingdom with a wink and a nod; Vatican Council I—Pastor aeternus; Popes on Papal authority; When white is not white and black is not black according to the Jesuits; Revolutionary overthrow by pastoral means; Plato Hermeticised; The Magi: A Cautionary Tale; The Inquisition in Legend and Reality; Judaizing: Distinctions and Definitions; Origins of the Illuminati. The Pyramid and Obelisk Men; Michelangelo’s Conspiracy; Pornographic secrets of the Sistine Chapel; Ritual Murder at Bernini’s colonnade; Talmudic oath-breaking: a pattern for the Church of Rome; The Patron Saint of Liars and Thieves; Secret Approval for Contraception. The Cremona Conspiracy; Child oblation; Sodomy and the Natural Law; Scripture twisting; Occult reincarnation; Reuchlin’s papist denial of the Judaic curse on Christians; Henri de Lubac’s Renaissance-Kabbalist magus; The Hermetic “Traditional Catholic” movement; Tridentine Judaism; Contra the Money Power in the Arena Chapel; The Ten Lost Sermons of St. Anthony of Padua; The Scrovegni Penance; Brother Brandano’s Prophecy; Kabbalism in a Catholic Bible; Pa-pa Francis and his parrot familiar; and much more.

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Questions about the book itself? E-mail: rarebooks14ATmac.com (substitute @ for AT in the preceding address). Please read the descriptive text above and view all the photos before asking a question. Thank you.


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