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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Wednesday, November 08, 2023

The Theology of Israeli War Crimes

 The Theology of Israeli War Crimes

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In this podcast Michael Hoffman, author of the banned textbook Judaism Discovered (1,102 pages), studies hate speech in the Talmud and derivative halachic texts, and their real world consequences for Arab civilians in Lebanon and Palestine. Hoffman’s empirical evidence is conveyed with compassion and charity for both Jews and gentiles. 

Hate speech in the Talmud is not a “canard” or an “anti-Semitic trope.” To achieve peace and justice all hate speech must be repudiated, not just certain politicized categories. To safeguard civilians in occupied Palestine and the Middle East, and for the advancement of human rights and knowledge in defiance of cancel culture, the influence and impact of Talmudic theology on the Israeli government, military and the settlers must become known and challenged by all people of good will. In studying Israeli violence, confining the analysis mainly to “settler-colonialism” seriously limits authentic understanding of the roots of the racist, ethno-supremacist forces at work.

It is 110 minutes in length which many people with attention spans damaged by frequent viewing of high speed video imagery, will find difficult to sustain, in which case those folks should listen in 15 or 20 minute segments, or whatever their powers of concentration can sustain.

The first part consists of a lapidary deconstruction of the claims of Talmudism to being Biblical. Fom there Michael proceeds to debunk the most popular, media-disseminated myths about Talmudism. Part two is a study of the connection between the Talmud of Babylon (and its sacred successor texts), and the real world harm to Palestinian civilians we are witnessing now. American “Conservatives" will have none of this because they have turned a blind eye toward the reality of hate speech in the Talmud and its malicious influence on the Israelis, while Leftists, as noted, tend to confine themselves to an analysis of Israeli war crimes almost exclusively in connection with “settler colonialism.” In both cases the Talmud is the missing key to understanding.

We hope you will not only listen to the podcast  in its entirety — a study based on decades of research —  but also help to publicize it as far as you can.

Mr. Hoffman’s work is made possible by the grace of God and the sale of his books, newsletters and recordings, as well as donations from truth-seekers.

The research is hate-free and offers charity and compassion toward Jews and gentiles alike. The advancement of knowledge is not "anti" anyone. Free speech campaigners should note that Michael's books on this subject are banned:


The unfortunate truth about hate speech in the Talmud, which the gatekeepers have concealed, is needed more than ever in the struggle contra Zionist racism and bigotry. Study and disseminate the suppressed scholarship in this podcast.

This is the information desperately needed to obtain a breakthrough in educating for peace between all people of good will, and preventing more massacres of the Palestinian.

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