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Monday, June 13, 2022

Coeur d'Alene “Patriot Front” White Nationalist arrests

Another Cryptocracy Charade

Coeur d'Alene “Patriot Front” White Nationalist arrests

By Michael Hoffman • Copyright ©2022


I have been asked to comment on the tempest in a teapot here in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho concerning the preemptive detention of thirty-one “white nationalist” so-called “Patriot Front” members on June 11, which has been reported across America and throughout the western world

The players arrested fall into the category of (mostly) unconscious servants of the Leftist-Soviet imperium which is rapidly developing in the U.S. These "extras" from Central Casting help to Sovietize America by acting parts in the Cryptocracy’s script, like the patsies in Michigan ("Wolverine Watchmen") who were lured into the FBI’s plot to kidnap the Democratic governor of that state.

Apparently there is an endless supply of useful idiots and patsies willing to act out the Federal government's entrapment theatre, thereby further empowering the Far Left change agents who conspire to paint Idaho as a white racist redoubt (only one of those arrested was an Idaho resident), and further empower the LGBTQ ideology. They succeeded on both counts.

There are other issues at play: the rush to judgment on the part of a media that shreds the standard of innocent-until-proven-guilty — the storied pillar of American jurisprudence, as well as the preemptive nature of the arrests on difficult to prove “conspiracy” charges, which will probably be dropped months from now when the cameras and microphones are focused elsewhere. 

If those arrested have connections to lawyers they can probably sue the city of Coeur d’Alene for a large sum and deliver a painful lesson in civil liberties to those who perpetrated the preventive detention of individuals who had broken no laws (we would say the same if Leftists or anyone else were treated in this unconstitutional fashion by the Kootenai County District Attorney's office). 

However, the nature of these government-infiltrated patsy groups is such that they operate at a level that is one magnitude above mental retardation. The Patriot Front is not anitfa. I suspect the members of the "Front" have zero legal resources. It may be that they extricate themselves from legal jeopardy solely due to the flimsy nature of the conspiracy charge against them, but we don’t see them having the wherewithal to litigate their arrests in civil court.

Why does the Cryptocracy target north Idaho with these charades? Because we are a Christian Constitutionalist demographic and overwhelmingly so. 

Ours is not a racist region. It is a place where Americans of all races are welcome to come and enjoy freedom to home school or enroll their children in multiple charter and private Christians academies. We are a state highly resistant to mask and vaccination mandates. We do not appreciate interdiction by Soviet-style bureaucrats who have made life miserable for freedom-seeking Christian families in places such as New York, Chicago, Seattle and Los Angeles.

Yes, there was an LGBTQ “pride” parade in Coeur d’Alene on June 11, sponsored by US Bank, Numerica Credit Union, Idaho State Police District 1, a local Methodist and a local Lutheran church, and the Temple of Satan, which operates 400 miles south. (Yes, Temple of Satan was an official co-sponsor— Revelation of the Method). This phenomenon is media and capitalist driven. The corporate media are mostly owned and run by diabolic liars intent on the human alchemy that erases traditional society in order to remake it anew, according to a revolutionary template, like the Jacobins in France in Year One (September 22, 1792), or the Bolsheviks in Russia (October, 1917). 

The business lobby in Idaho, with many honorable exceptions, consists of capitalist buccaneers. Our state's weakness and that of its churches, is that it pays little or no heed to Gospel economics. Hence, heinous 400% rates of usury are legal, and so too is largely unchecked development which avariciously crowds an unsustainable number of houses on tiny plots of acreage.  Our Rathdrum prairie is being consumed by this cancerous growth. The deluded Right wing imagines that if we protest this profanation of God's earth by the developers we are "socialists."

As in other states, Idaho corporations have decided that the LGBTQ movement is the Next Big Thing and they hop on the money-minting bandwagon without regard to what the Bible teaches and commands. That’s what capitalists do (free enterprise is distinguished from capitalism by its foundation in higher laws than the market and profit).

Alas, there’s no heaven on earth, not even in Idaho. Families do have a much better chance to thrive here than in many other areas of our nation, but media-induced amnesia and apathy remain at work in Idaho as elsewhere, as part of the larger processes of mind control which we delineated in our 2021 book, Twilight Language.

From now until the 21st of June we experience the longest, most wondrous, light-filled days of the year. After that, every day the sun will set a little sooner and the light of day will be shortened, until December 21, when this divine cycle of nature repeats itself. I trust you will be mindful and immerse yourself in the peak light that casts its splendor and illuminates our lives this week. God forbid we surrender our attention to the media cacophony while ignoring the beauty our Creator has deigned to bestow upon us.

As we look to the heavens for light and solace, let us ponder the words of Jesus in Matthew 15, when He rejected the mumbo jumbo traditions of men that are not entirely dissimilar from those of the arrogant media. Like the press in 2022 infuriated by our Christian family values and Biblical standards, the Pharisees were outraged by Our Savior's politically incorrect rejection of their anthropomorphic gnosis:

 "Then the disciples came and said to him, 'Do you know that the Pharisees were offended when they heard your saying?’ He answered, 'Every plant that my heavenly Father has not planted will be rooted up. Let them alone; they are blind guides.” (Matthew 15: 12-14).

Be of good cheer and have confidence, dear brethren. 


Historian Michael Hoffman is a former reporter for the New York bureau of the Associated Press and the editor of the periodical, Revisionist History®.




Bill said...

This infiltration by spooks to instigate false flag attacks or to subsequently prevent them thus promoting the “good work” intelligence agencies supposedly do whilst pushing the pliable populace to satisfy the Cryptocracy’s agenda I noted was hinted at in episode 3 of "Slow Horses" recently. In it Hobden, a "conspiracy theory" type of character with right wing political connections, is aware of MI's infiltration of a white supremacist group involved in a kidnapping of a Pakistani man and intention to thwart the plot makes a late night meeting with a right wing politician advising the group appealing him to call off the group's plan to behead the man and disband before it's too late: “Don’t you see? They want everyone to forget about body parts on the tube. Madmen with swords, hacking people to bits on bridges. But instead, we’ll have footage of our brave spooks rescuing some brown-skinned boy and painting the right as a bunch of murdering bastards. Do you want them to get away with it? This will stop you from taking your party and your country further to the right. Oh, that ground will be poisoned, and there’ll be a swing to happy-clappy, rainbow Britain. Where the rights of the minority drown out the rights of the true-born majority, and you’ll have to go along with it.” A very clear explanation of Hegelian Dialectics at work in modern Britain and America I must say.

North Idaho said...

Coeur d'Alene was in the past (70s and 80s mostly) a hub for small fringe movements to build compounds, so you had the CMRI in 1967 & the Aryan Nation at Hayden Lake. There may be other groups I'm unaware of, maybe some FLDS groups? However, that's such a tiny minority at this point. Coeur d'Alene is largely split between rich suburban evangelicals who go to Real Life Ministries & a kind of techie yuppie California group of liberals who like the outdoorsy stuff.

Coeur d'Alene is NOT a good place if you want to escape this stuff. Maybe more rural areas of Idaho, but Coeur d'Alene looks like any other big metro to me. Just stroll down Sherman & you'll see what this place has become. Go to Real Life Ministries and see what a joke the Christian majority is here. Look at all the McMansions on the Rathdrum Prairie, it's just rich Californians wanting to build their little suburban paradise.

My advice is to avoid the downtown area, avoid all the new construction, and avoid all the big corporate stuff. Also be sure not to live somewhere with an HOA.

Michael Hoffman said...

To North Idaho

Though I do not attend or subscribe to many of the beliefs of RealLife Ministries they have helped to rehabilitate hundreds of alcoholics and drug addicted persons and brought them back to sobriety. This is a huge positive.

McMansions and the rest of it go with the territory when conservative Californians flee their state and have equity cash from selling even a modest suburban home. It's not their fault the value appreciated or they want to live well in north Idaho. Idaho's Zoning laws should have been more strict in terms of density of housing-- and the Rathdrum prairie--what's; left of it--should be preserved by something like the Nature Conservancy.

As far as Coeur d'Alene is concerned, the city council tilts leftward as do the Arts Council and the library. The local paper turned left after the death of founder Duane Hagadone. However, the recent primary voting saw ALL conservative GOP candidates victorious and RINOs defeated. That fact reflects better the will of the local people than any other circumstance.

As for Sherman Avenue, it's really just a short strip with eateries, bars, art galleries and dress shops. It's typical of a boom town.

You may wish to discourage conservatives from relocating to north Idaho, however it offers the freedom to educate one's children at home or in charter and church schools; full Second Amendment Rights, and in general very conservative elected officials and neighbors. It's not utopia and vigilance is eternally required to continue to peacefully check the forces of dictatorship, but I'll take it over NY, Chicago, San Fran or Seattle any day.