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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Tuesday, July 06, 2021

Threatening letter received due to Hoffman's anti-Hitler book

 The following letter was sent through the mail and was postmarked June 30, 2021. 

It was received by our office on July 6. The sender is from Texas. 

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In this letter Michael Hoffman is referred to as "a race traitor."  The author states, "still can't believe you wrote that book about Hitler...covered in what deception you use. But, usually at a real inappropriate time the coat is turned and the true colors fly."

The letter further states, "...you transmogrify into the enemy...

"Now enemy of all men, particularly the white." 

"Drink deep - enjoy while you can."


Michael Hoffman's response: Threats from Zionists, and since my book Adolf Hitler: Enemy of the German People was published,  from neo-Nazis as well, have been a part of my life. They do not intimidate me. I will not be silenced.

No one has overturned my facts concerning Hitler's iniquity. I only wish I could double the size of the book. I have enough new material to do so but it has not been a best-selling volume. One aim in writing it has been to deter young men and women in the West from going down the Hitler path to disaster -- a danger not only to themselves but to innocent Judaic people and many others. 

Hitler was an occultist who murdered the anti-usury campaigners in his own ranks after he gained power. His regime executed the Polish priest Maximilian Kolbe, the leading anti-masonic campaigner in the West. Hitler slaughtered Judaic and Slavic civilians on the basis of their race. He tyrannized the German people and sacrificed them and their posterity on the altar of his own ego. These facts need to be stated by a revisionist and I am that person. Young people beware -- agents of  the Cryptocracy seek to launch you again on the Hitlerian path of hate and mass suicide. 


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apsterian said...

Hoffman, Mad Satanist, Liar, Virtue-Signaler, Above All Else

What's the basic problem w. Hoffman? First, Hoffman is simply a subjectivist, hence given to Satanism, and Hoffman promotes subjectivism, whether he acknowledges it or not, as subjectivism is necessary basis of Pelagianist "good"--Hoffman is mere crass VIRTUE-SIGNALER--that's Hoffman's end-all and be-all, pretending he's "good" (also known as Pelagian heresy). Hoffman is no Christian, who cares nothing about TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6).

Thus Hoffman, like the Jews he defends and promotes, pretends to Godly powers of creation, a perfectly "free" human will by which Hoffman pretends to achieving the non-existent "good," good the worst enemy of truth (= Christ). Hoffman cares NOTHING about TRUTH which is the essence of Christ and Christianity (JOHN 14:6)

Thus Hoffman proceeds, like the Satanist he really is, w. all his lies and lying, defending Jews and attacking a great hero like dear unc' Adolf (Hitler) who did his best fighting those foremost Satanists, the Jews.

Thus Hoffman idiotically pretends and insists "usury" (which he doesn't and can't define) is mere lending at interest, etc., Hoffman not understanding even the first principles of money or economics.

Another gross failure of Hoffman's is, historically, he can't figure-out the tide of history in the continuing advance of Satanism (extreme subjectivism) since the beginning of the 19th cent., especially in form of central banking and ever-growing power of the Jews, foremost Satanists.

Thus Hoffman can't grasp simple fact that Germany was under intensive attack of Jews and satanic cohorts even fm before the first world war when Britain (UK), France, and Czarist Russia combined and conspired to attack Germany, et. al., assassinating the Austrian Archduke, which later led to the heroic rise of Hitler to defend against those horrific Jews, satanic goyim, masons, and Bolsheviks, who then again attacked Germany in 1939, instigating Poland to taking Danzig, UK and France, pushed by Jew S A, declaring war against Germany.

For Hoffman, satanic liar and Pelagian, is absolutely addicted to virtue-signaling, his alpha and omega, and this psychotic, obsessive virtue-signaling of his is at the bottom of all his lies, lying, and moronic assertions regarding "usury," WWII, Hitler, etc. So as long as one notes this fundamental subjectivism, hence satanic obsession at core of Hoffman's motivation, one sees the basic problem of the world dramatized in the single instance of such as Hoffman, and how and why the scourge of Satanism rules the present degenerate culture and society. Hoffman is mere case in pt.

Michael Hoffman said...

The preceding comment is published solely to provide a textbook example of the mentality that dwells in the Cryptocracy's Right wing fever swamp, where the recrudescence of the Hitler meme is virulent --though seldom as forthrightly articulated as in the writer's comment.

The Cryptocracy summons or suppresses neo-Nazi activism at will, mining the deep well of Hitler enthusiasm on the far-Right and dispatching Manchurian candidates according to its own timeline. The Rightist Hiterlism phenomenon is due partly to the historical illiteracy of American "patriots" who were not taught the authentic history of this country' founding on principles that remain profoundly antagonistic to the leader-worship the Nazis cultivated and which is alien to the true western spirit personified -- from the Magna Carta to the Declaration of Independence -- in the rights of the individual as opposed to a would-be divinity like Adolf Hitler.

Sub-rosa, the Hitler meme conveys the apocalyptic, suicidal despair of mostly single males, alienated from women, often divorced, childless (or estranged from the one or two children they may have fathered). In their psychological trauma, resentment and isolation they are easy marks for the Messiah/Father figure with which the Cryptocracy's far Right propaganda identifies the Führer. By signing on with Hitler's legacy they've done a deal with the devil: they have also, patently, endorsed his methods: tyranny, terror, war, and mass murder. For partisan political gain, Biden has exploited the threat of the neo-Nazi far-Right, while Tucker Carlson has minimized it.

A genuine debate on Hitler's iniquity as presented in my book (Adolf Hitler: Enemy of the German People), can't take place at present because the Right wing fever swamp, like the Left wing chaos cults, consists of one-track minds for whom the reasonable observation that there at least two sides to every question being worthy of consideration, is for them anathema. They are bent on war to the hilt with the enemy the Cryptocracy presents to them. Nothing else matters, neither facts nor logic. The life of the mind, the spirit of the West, is extinguished by this renascent barbarism.

Michael Hoffman

Anonymous said...

Asa said:

"Aspertian" is an anagram for "septarian," a crystal node that is also known as "Dragon Stone." Here's what the New Agers think:


Anonymous said...

The book might have sold better if the cover design wasn't so atrocious. It looks like the rantings of every self published kook on Amazon. Your writings are first rate, but there presentation always seems lacking.