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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Friday, January 18, 2019

Occult Basis of Hitler’s Suicidal Attack on Soviet Russia

The Occult Basis of Hitler’s Suicidal Attack on Soviet Russia

By Michael Hoffman

With regard to our new issue of Revisionist History®. I realize many people who are not neo-Nazis and not generally sympathetic to Adolf Hitler, nonetheless continue to believe that his invasion of Russia in 1941 was a principled crusade against godless Judeo-Bolshevism, in light of the alleged fact that Josef Stalin was supposedly planning an imminent invasion of Germany.

The report in this issue no. 100 of our big newsletter this month (the entire issue is 16,000 words in length — the average book consists of 50,000 words ) —  “A Supernatural History of the Third Reich” — continues our series begun  in issue no. 82, “Did Stalin Want War with Hitler?,” and continued in issues no. 97 and 98.

What I hate with a passion, and I will mince no words here, is when our people, so-called “revisionists,” behave like Talmudic rabbis or Zionists when it comes to defending dusty dogmas they hold precious. 

Hitler’s “noble crusade” in Russia is one such dogma. I too upheld it in the past, but believe it or not, as revisionists we have since revised our view, in light of new evidence. Imagine the transgression this writer has perpetrated! We have dared to revise a sacred belief that is utterly wrong.

We revisionists who have defiantly demanded of the World War II-era Judaics and their legion of supporters and flacks that they revise their claims about Auschwitz homicidal gas chambers, can’t seem to tolerate a revision of the myth that Hitler’s invasion of Russia was one of his most virtuous acts.

The critical responses to issues 82, 97 and 98 have mostly been without historical substance. The supporters of the myth appear to know next to nothing of the factual history of the Ostheer (German army in the East) in the USSR from June to December, 1941 (to take but one period of “Operation Barbarossa”).

Most of the resistance we have received is from people clinging to their “bibles” — Viktor Suvorov’s book, Icebreaker — parroting the mantra, “The Führer had to invade first or the Red Army would have invaded Germany!” 

Putting aside, for the time being, the fact that the Red Army did indeed invade Germany in 1945, and proceeded to nearly obliterate east Germany due to Hitler’s failed 1941 invasion, whether or not Stalin was on the verge of attacking (and we argue in issue. no 82 that he was not), the invasion Hitler undertook was among the most reckless, incompetent, poorly conceived and yes, suicidal attacks in modern western history. 

Moreover, it was fueled largely by Hitler’s training in magic. 

He was set up in this regard to believe occult mumbo-jumbo (we trace this in our study) which had it that the Ostheer would defeat the Red Army on the basis of the triumph of the (magical) will. There was no other foundation for believing victory could be achieved. 

The “Führer” was utterly delusional when he dispatched millions of German youth into the Soviet monster’s jaws, like lambs to the slaughter (180,000 German youth were killed in just the first few weeks of the June invasion). By every measure of military preparedness (and not just the famously inadequate summer uniforms) — tanks, aircraft, fuel, spare parts, trains, food, ammunition — the German forces were hopelessly unprepared. They were tossed into battle with the Soviet war machine in an inconceivable manner that makes no sense unless one comprehends the fact that Hitler was in the grip of the magical gnosis in which he had been initiated since at least 1919.

Revisionist datum: by November of 1941, merely five months (!) after his invasion, Hitler's war in Russia was lost. It had gone from Operation Barbarossa to Operation Masada, i.e. mass suicide.

Even if Stalin had been on the verge of invading Germany, defending against such an invasion would have no connection with anything so megalomaniacally grandiose as seizing Moscow or the USSR’s oil fields. An astute, practical, hard-nosed leader would have been solicitous above all for the welfare of the German people. He would have moved a few hundred miles into the Soviet Union and crushed this invasion force. Then the shoe would have been on the other foot, and Stalin would have had to wage a war on a distant front, maintaining supply lines across the vast expanses of Russia in winter, while the German army would have been close to its sources of replacement troops, industry, supply and transport. 

Issue no. 100 of Revisionist History® is so much more than our research into Hitler's thralldom to the occult. 

•We go into depth on the root of the history of white pauperization and enslavement by studying the revisionist chronicle of the 16th century “enclosures" and the destruction of the monasteries in England.

•We introduce the reader to Karl Marx’s most formidable, hated nemesis, the eminent French anti-usury economist Pierre-Joseph Proudhon; and we recount narratives of the lives of two Christians, one Russian and the other Polish, who survived the holocaust that was the communist Gulag.

For us “revisionist history” signifies just what it denotes: the willingness to revise any conception about the past predicated on the discovery of new facts and evidence, no matter whose sacred cow is violated, whether Judaic or Hitlerian; or any other. Such a vocation is an adventure in learning. Join us!



Frank Frivilous said...

Well then, does that mean you are open to considering the possibility that Hitler and the top Nazis were probably British agents and perhaps even crypto Jews?

Nicholas Landholdt said...

WTPP does not recall hearing that possibility.
You can contact "Landholt for Congress" on Facebook.

Viki said...

Mr.Hoffman,I fully agree that the attack on Russia was reckless and suicidal.This said,can you offer any proof that Hitler was"magical gnosis initiated since 1919",I do not count some bogus one time possible attendance of one gathering of the Thule society.We also know that he declared war on the occult by closing the masonic temples.As to the belief -right or wrong-that you can achieve something based on strong will,it is not necessarily based on "magic".Show the proof that Hitler was"trained in magic".Thank you.

joel paul said...

Germany was betrayed from within as Stalin knew Hitler's moves before he made those moves. Things could have turned out differently without the treason.

Michael Hoffman said...

To Vicki

Vicki wrote: “...can you offer any proof that Hitler was"magical gnosis initiated since 1919",I do not count some bogus one time possible attendance of one gathering of the Thule society.We also know that he declared war on the occult by closing the masonic temples…” (end quote)

As noted, evidence for the role of the occult in guiding Hitler is offered in issue no. 100 of Revisionist History® newsletter.

As for Hitler closing masonic lodges: you mistake his war on his occult rivals for a war on the occult itself. He and the Freemasons were led by the same guiding spirit: the Kabbalistic gnosis.