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Monday, August 14, 2017

The Fiasco in Charlottesville

The Fiasco in Charlottesville
American conservatives of every color were the losers

By Michael Hoffman 

The “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville was  a gift to Hillary, Barack and the Democrat Party. Given the state of the media in the USA, and the nature of the government in Virginia, it was pure folly for “white civil rights” demonstrators to parade together with representatives of terrorism in the South — members and supporters of the masonic Ku Klux Klan, and expect to be greeted calmly

White rights activist Jared Taylor is indeed correct when he points out that the local government colluded with violent Left-wing demonstrators, who threw bricks and initiated fighting and looting (for which crimes only three arrests were made; reminiscent of Berkeley, California where masked Leftist terrorists torched the college campus with impunity while obstructing a conservative speaker). Mr. Taylor writes that according to the corrupt moral calculus of the media and the government of Virginia, “Racially conscious whites deserve violence simply because of what they think.”

In response to Charlottesville, when President Trump condemned “hatred and bigotry on many sides” he was met with the ancient cry of the totalitarian, “There is only one side!” All other views are forbidden and will be suppressed by street mobs and a politicized police command that deviously creates a situation where white protestors are violently attacked. Then the lightly-policed fighting becomes the excuse to stop the rally. The ultimate victim of this barely concealed set-up is the First Amendment. The more unpopular and obnoxious the group, the more vital it is to guarantee their right to peaceably assemble, but the civil liberties issue has been lost in the ensuing hysteria. 

The fault is not entirely with the Left, however. If the objective truly is white civil rights and not inflaming bitter feelings between blacks and whites leading toward a race war, then the template of a mass parade consisting in part of Klansmen, along with neo-Nazis sporting their regalia, is a non-starter. How could the “Unite the Right” rally organizers not know this?

Any rally of this type, to have a chance of success, would have to include at least a handful of sympathetic conservative black people at the head of the march. Moreover, it would have to consist of families carrying American flags and marchers wearing their Sunday best. All other symbolism would be excluded.

Conservatives cannot gain or maintain power in statehouses and legislatures, and Congress and the White House, without making common cause with black Americans who have been exploited by NAACP poverty pimps who, along with Democrat Party politicians such as Elizabeth Warren, obstruct the growth of charter schools for educating disadvantaged youth outside the confines of the public school monopoly. This issue is central to the advancement of black people in America. It is in the interests of conservative whites to assist black Americans in this cause and build good will in the process.

Black people have also suffered at the hands of the de facto open borders policy of their Democrat Party “saviors.” The populist Republican campaign to limit foreign immigration has direct benefits for American blacks and is another potential common cause between the races.

Furthermore, historically, black Americans have been victimized by a conspiracy of Klansmen and Judaic leaders who covertly backed the KKK in the South from Reconstruction to the eve of the Second World War, as documented in the book, The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, volume 2.

The Democrat Party was in disarray before Saturday’s march in Charlottesville  split asunder and bickering  while losing the moral high ground on issues such as abortion. Saturday’s tragedy in Virginia will reinvigorate the Left. They will seek to conflate all Republican Conservatives with bitter-enders in the South who imagine that it is 1920 again and the sight of klansmen in sheets and Confederate battle flags will cause American whites to rise up and assert themselves.

This chimera reflects a profound misreading of the mood of white Americans. Granted, many are angered by reverse discrimination in employment and education, and by the lawlessness of the thugs  white and black  churned out by the criminally negligent public school system. They are repelled by the Hate Whitey mentality, wherein taking personal responsibility for one’s own life takes a distant second to blaming the white man for one’s lack of ambition and work ethic.

American whites by and large however, are also desirous of comity between the races, based on equal opportunity and justice before the law. 

The prudent mainstream of conservative whites believe in advancing their own people through building strong families and family values, electing genuine conservatives to office and quietly relocating to sections of the country where folks of like mind gather in community.

This is not only the new model of white empowerment, it is the only model that has a chance of success under present circumstances. Unfortunately, a minority, the so-called “white nationalists,” who are seldom personally invested in raising large families, periodically gain headlines with nationally publicized stunts that almost always backfire, uniting the Left and giving the media the opportunity to once again portray whites seeking to preserve their heritage and rights, as moral lepers and cretins.

"Unite the Right” should have been billed as Unite and Empower the Left. This was the Charlottesville fiasco’s primary “achievement.” American Conservatives of every color were the losers.

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George Kocan said...

The way I see it, the Russia probe was going nowhere. We learned rather that the information about the DNC rigging the primary election for Hillary came from the inside, maybe Seth Rich, who was murdered in a "botched robbery." Some big event had to take place to distract the attention, just as Black Lies Matter distracted attention from Hillary's troubles. There is nothing like a riot to get the blood moving.

1776blues said...

What parade? I did not see any right wing groups who dressed up as the Klan. The MSM used a 2014 photo of a lone black woman who was face to face with 2 klan members.The organizers of the event merely wanted to have their rally, speak, and leave just as they did in previous rallies. But the deep state had another plan to turn this into a weapon to use against President Trump. When that lone nut from Ohio drove his car into a crowd striking another vehicle, the rally organizers were gone.

They were ordered to leave nearly an hour before their scheduled event. The police at the park pushed them back and into Antifa. The police did not hold up their agreement with Jason Kessler which was to provide protection. I believe this was the agenda was exactly what happened. The communist left had no intention to allow the event to happen. The ACLU released a statement that the police were ordered to stand down. Meanwhile back at the communist camp, the Antifa and BLM were allowed to march and cause havoc. If now is not the time to stand up, when is? Talking and writing about the future whites face is not working.

Unknown said...

Michael Hoffman: While I agree with some of your commentary, your comments of putting the KKK and Neo-Nazis as the face of the rally is way off base. Those groups were a small contigent and not part of the larger Alt-Right. In a new book "So you think this is a Meritocracy?" the second largest median income is black women. Black people have had their chance and white people in generally are growing tired of paying for their success. The Alt Right is tired of identity politics, cultural Marxism and want to be on equal footing with other groups. Currently they are not.

CumExApostolatusOfficio said...

It wasn't a tragedy. It was a set up. I'm sure one of the alphabet soup agencies was involved in order to stir the pot and smear the 'alt-right'.

Unknown said...

Michael Hoffman: Your commentary making the protest on Saturday the face of the KKK and neo-nazis is way off base. These groups were a small and seperate contigent from the larger Alt Right groups.

Rabbit said...

Really thoughtful article and I agree wholeheartedly. I'd like to include another target of conservatives and the right in the same argument. To be effective the conservative right needs to recognise common cause with and bring sympathetic blacks into their numbers they need to recognise that Muslims are not all ISIS supporters and that most Muslims are actually their natural allies against the left, progressivism and disruption of traditional society. It is true that Muslims need to do much more to isolate and reject Takfirism and even Salafism it's ideological parent. Even despite the media efforts to conceal the truth if the vast majority of Muslims who do in fact loathe Salafism were to openly and loudly reject Salafis and their nasty Takfiri pets as the blasphemers and destroyers they actually are then their Western and Zionist puppet masters would be left sitting like shags exposed on a rock with their ugly goblin creations.

The right needs to realise most Muslims are conservative, quiet and unlikely to make a spectacle and their perfect partners in rejection of the disgusting race to hell the West is upon with it's LGBTQ pervert agenda. Translate Islamic texts and prayers etc to English and you'd be hard put to tell if it was Christianity or Islam also, but for the mention of one name not spoken by Christians since he wasn't born until 600 years after the events related by the bible.

I'm a Muslim actually and also a white European blood Aussie. I am in very much the same position in relation to the Left as most Conservatives I see and I am scornful of the ignorant misplaced support from the left for "Islam" as they see it too. yet throughout I find I am subject to the same hateful stereotypical rhetoric and slander and am deliberately lumped back in among those opposed by the right, even as I am opposed to the same ones even longer than most. Very unhelpful and as self destructive of the cause as it gets. Unlss you're only aim is to be "White Supremacists" which is a sure path to extinction these days. Any form of supremacism stinks. It is all an excuse to pit your tribe against others. Usually on behalf of enemies of you both if you'd open your eyes and ears and minds a little. Thanks.

Rabbit said...

George the "Russian probe" suffers from a problem. A perception problem as it happens. The Russians who do indeed have immense influence over Trump, as in they own him are actually Jewish oligarchs who mostly left Russia when Putin came to power and curtailed their looting activities for the most part. They used Trump's broke businesses at the time to launder a lot of money back out of Russia this way. Today they live mostly in New York and Tel Aviv. The Russian Mafia is actually the Jewish Mafia and it is these "Russians" who own Trump. Now you can see the problem for the media and even the Left including whatever Dems are these days. How to get at the meat without exposing "they who muct not be named"? Another reasons Trump's finances won't be getting too much scrutiny.

The Militia Guy said...

We live in evil times, which is why my Christian Action political campaign of God, Guts and Guns is so "necessary to the security of a free state" (as the Second Amendment states).
Help me help you.

SL said...

I am really suprised that you would be taken in by the media fakery trying to link this march to the Klan. They had nothing to do with it and certainly there was nobody in robes leading the torchlit march, which was inspired by the ones in Europe, not by cross burning.

It was hilarious to see Trump being forced to single out and condemn a group that he knows full well were not even there. It just shows you the power of the press that they were able to intimidate him into saying something so ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

in other words Hoffman is not a raving pagan lunatic and actually grasps that families with children are the only future. You want immortality without paying the price. One thing for sure none of those boys marching around out there have a future.

JR said...

Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State psychiatrist Steve Pieczenik: By now, David [Duke] has been on the payroll of the FBI and several other federal organizations for decades...... What caught my attention .... was that the two antagonists facing off in this Civil War Wrestlemania have almost identical backgrounds! Let me be more specific .....

"Charlottesville: Staged Confrontation"


Could be correct, or could be wrong: in any case, nice theory.