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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Monday, December 14, 2015

The Jew Haters in the Vatican

The Jew Haters in the Vatican

by Michael Hoffman

“Childhood’s End Starts Tonight” reads the online advertising banner for the Syfy network television series based on Arthur C. Clarke’s novel. It forecasts a future when the devil himself will walk openly on earth and no one will care.

 Last week the Church of Rome issued a document entitled, The Gifts and Calling of God are Irrevocable, which teaches that so-called Jews are not to be “institutionally” offered conversion to faith in Jesus Christ. The alleged descent of these Judaic unbelievers from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is said to be sufficient to define them all as follows, Jews are bearers of Gods word. Even the Jew who wrote in the Babylonian Talmud that Jesus is in hell burning in human manure, is a bearer of Gods word. Even Ariel Sharon, who terror-bombed downtown Beirut, Lebanon in August, 1982, is a bearer of God’s word. Even Moses Maimonides, who decreed that Christians should be killed, is a bearer of God's word. 

Surely learned theologians far above this writer in mastery of ecclesiastical texts, will hold forth on this document, mainly pro, but some contra.

I have no intention of following their lead. I don’t believe that those who have a sufficient love for the truth will require extensive catechesis in order to penetrate to the heart of this Vatican document. Neither shall I add to the critiques of pundits and wordsmiths who will, with multisyllabic eloquence, endeavor to prove that the true Catholic Church always opposed Judaism, until recently.

I won’t add to it due to the fact that it is not true. The statement on the Jews coming from the pontificate of Pope Francis has its roots in the secret occult rapport which has existed between Judaism and the papacy since the Renaissance.

Oh, Hoffman you have gone too far this time! What about the burning of the Talmud by the pope on September 9, 1553 in the Campo dei Fiori in Rome, or the encyclical fulminations of Leo XIII, and many others!

Watching ignorance stew in its own sauce is dull. Reading boiler plate from propaganda (pseudo) fide, proffered as some sort of riposte, is sad.

Here is a recondite fact submitted for your consideration: in the past, whenever Catholic saints, or just as importantly, informed laymen, began to discern the contours of the clandestine papal treason with the occult rabbis, and were on the verge of lifting the lid on the charade, the Vatican would engage in an extensive, public theatrical display of opposition to Judaism, for the benefit of the simple-minded goyim, for whom image is reality.

In 1553 while copies of the Talmud were being incinerated, Florentine Catholic humanists at the highest level and with the blessing of the pope, were continuing their secret get-togethers with rabbis in which veneration of the Talmud was the primary focus of the meeting.  Daya Chakimah Ramiza.

During the pontificate of Pope “Saint” John Paul II, the covert Renaissance papal gnosis became overt for the first time in history, and the texts on Judaism issued by the papal “saint” and his successor, the “conservative” Pope Benedict XVI, all attest to this, and serve as precedent for the current document from the pontificate of Francis.

 The Gifts and Calling of God are Irrevocable is no new thing. The revolution in the Church’s relations with Judaism has been 550 years in the making, and their emergence now is part of the gradual process of revelation, which is the hallmark of the Machiavellian psychological conditioning and transformation at which the Vatican is expert.

What this writer learned from studying the gradual papal derogation of the mortal sinfulness of profits from loans (often termed “usury”), is that we arrived at the usurious omega point (in the pontificate of Pius VIII), over the course of a long series of pastoral and sub-rosa moves that were designed to interdict any attempt to label them for what they were; hence, their chameleon power to effect radical change without being detected, denounced or exposed.

Almost immediately after the masters of deceit in Rome issued their decree of irrevocability last week, they covertly circulated this disclaimer through their mouthpieces: “The text is not a magisterial document or doctrinal teaching of the Catholic Church.” 

Here we gaze upon the two-faced genius of the Cryptocracy, born from hundreds of years of learning Talmud and Kabbalah at the feet of Florentine rabbis. To the Left they give this document, which negates all attempts to launch missions to convert people self-described as “Jews.”

To the Right they whisper, don’t worry, it’s not a teaching of the Catholic Church.

As a result of this duplicity, each wing of the Church of Rome, Right and Left, remains in the fold and continues within the papally-induced alchemical psychodrama, despite the fact that The Gifts and Calling of God are Irrevocable is one of the greatest monuments to the nullification of the Gospel of Jesus Christ on record.

Concerning salvation, Jesus said He will only confess us to His Father if we confess Him before men.

In terms of refuting the text of the Vatican document itself, we note that pride is a deadly sin; that the religion of Judaism is the religion of self-worship, and the Vatican, in upholding this self-worship by insinuating that “Jews” are saved by their race, is guilty of Jew hate.

Only the vilest haters of Jews would refrain from informing them that they, no less than all other humans, need Jesus to be saved.

Instead, the Vatican affirms the central “saved by race” dogma of Ku Klux Judaism, that by virtue of a supposed direct, genetic descent from the patriarchs, this is all that is absolutely necessary for their salvation. What does the Bible say? "No one who denies the Son has the Father" (1 John 2:23).

There is laughter in hell when, in the name of loving Jews, papist Jew haters encourage dereliction of the duty to convert Jews to Christ — which is a Jewonly chance for eternal life. Witness the efficacious power of sophistry.

The light goes out in our civilization and innocence dwindles like a guttering candle, and the epitaph is written by Arthur C. Clarke, “childhood’s end.”

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Unknown said...

Merry Christmas, Michael, to you and your family. I am uncertain about what conclusions to draw from your article. It would appear that we Catholics should make no attempt to convert Jews to the Catholic Faith, since, basically, the modern church asserts that Jews, because of their ancient heritage, are in no need of conversion. Rather, in order not to be accused of hating the Jews, we should try to convert them to a simple faith in Jesus Christ, and not insist that they become formally inducted into membership in the Catholic Church

Michael Hoffman said...

Dear Tim

You are alluding to the current advice offered by the Church of Rome.

These are not my views, they are Rome’s.

I believe that if one has love for Judaic people one will lead them to Christ. I believe that His Church should have a special institution dedicated to the mission of converting Judaic person with love and kindness.

But the theologians of Pope Francis say otherwise: no ecclesiastical institution dedicated to any such mission will be erected. Carnal Israel Israel is its own salvation.

Obviously the theologians of the Church of Rome are crypto-rabbis themselves.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Hoffman, me and my father would like to thank you for all the truth you've helped uncover from unjust suppression. And we also have a question.

Are you with the SSPX, or are you a sedavacantist? We often find this line of Protestant sympathy in your work, so we don't know whether you are a practising Catholic in His one true Church or not. Please help clarify this for us.

Thank you,

Anonymous said...

Mr. Hoffman, are you practising with the SSPX, or are you a sedavacantist, or neither?

Please help clarify this for me. Me and my father thank you for your hard work in keeping true history from suppression, as well.


Michael Hoffman said...

“Protestant sympathy”?

Because I point out truthfully that Catholic bankers pioneered usury in Christendom at a time when Martin Luther was fighting usury on all fronts?

Because I state truthfully that Luther himself and Protestant scholars such as Prof. Johann Andreas Eisenmenger and Prof Alexander McCaul wrote devastatingly accurate books exposing Judaism, which have no equal among Catholic scholars? These are facts. I will not run from reality. I will not be pressured or intimidated from presenting historical reality to the public. I refuse to contribute to reigniting the horrible, ungodly fratricide between Protestants and Catholics, or inciting hatred or contempt for Protestants; all of these inquisitorial activities are of the occult Cryptocracy.

“Traditional” Catholicism in many cases contains powerful elements of Phariseeism, Jansenism, a cultic mentality and in the case of the SSPX under Bp. Fellay, links to Zionism and Judaism. My colleague Maurice Pinay has researched these issues extensively and you may wish to consult his past columns at his blog: http://mauricepinay.blogspot.com

The Church of Rome has been a captive of the occult since the Renaissance. “Traditional” Catholics will not acknowledge this.

Have you read my book, “Usury in Christendom: The Mortal Sin that Was and Now is Not”?

Have you read our "Revisionist History" newsletter number 74, “Right Wing Myths with an Endless Shelf Life”? (http://revisionisthistorystore.blogspot.com/2013/06/revisionist-history-newsletters-section.html)

These resources should furnish any fair-minded person with an adequate grasp of this writer’s position on the issues you have raised.

Unknown said...

I wish I could disagree with Michael's riposte. Alas, I can not. So, Michael, where does that leave us poor TLM types? Mother Church in decline since at least the Renaissance. Usury rampant at the highest levels of the hierarchy, dating at least from that time. Traditional Catholicism beset by "powerful elements of Phariseeism, Jansenism, a cultic mentality and in the case of the SSPX under Bp. Fellay, links to Zionism and Judaism." You're leaving many Catholics outside with scarcely any mantle of protection from the freezing cold.

Michael Hoffman said...

Dear Tim

Jesus is Truth.

Where there is truth, there is Jesus, so we have no need to fear.

Let them fear who cling to illusions and embrace comfortable lies.

Beyond that, it is a matter of conscience and believers need to exercise charity toward one another as they grope for a way to worship God which is pleasing to Him, in these times when “the ceremony of innocence is drowned."

Unknown said...

Excellent..just excellent. Merry Christmas, Mr.Hoffman