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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Friday, December 11, 2015

Judgment on America

Judgement on America
By Michael Hoffman

As America treats the Hanukkah Menorah this week with utmost reverence, Seth Rogen’s Talmudic movie-blasphemy of Christmas Midnight Mass, “The Night Before” has earned $34 million at the box office in just three weeks.

This Antichrist "holiday" movie is number six on the list of top ten most popular films currently playing in theaters in the U.S.

Read the recent domestic terror headlines and then contemplate the damage done to the honor of Jesus Christ by the millions of Americans who pay to see this Talmudic filth.

Imagine if there was a Hollywood movie playing now featuring gross-out vomiting at a high holidays synagogue service? Faithful Judaics would be in such an uproar you’d have to cross a picket line to buy a ticket to see it. Protests and leafletting would be intense.

But any faithless goy anywhere in America can amble up to his local movieplex and buy a fistful of tickets for “The Night Before” and nobody, including church-goers, will give a hoot, or notice, or care, except for perhaps a handful of true Christians.

I care.

What about you?

What are the newsletters, organizations, magazines and websites that you support doing about it?

Defend Christ. Stand up for Truth in public (not just behind your computer screen).

Here's what we did:  http://bit.ly/1NncMii

The Judgment on America will not be lifted as long as Seth Rogen and his partners in crime in Hollywood can make tens of millions off of puking on the Midnight Mass; and so-called “Christians” could not care less.

God is not mocked. 

Woe unto America — and the not-so-innocent Americans.

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Anonymous said...

I pointed the disgusting puke scene out to my wife about a week and a half ago, the imagery (the sweater with star of Saturn in a Christian church) was undeniable for anyone who has a head for reality...although I'm not Catholic, it really made me angry. As a nation, we are so engrossed with the need for entertainment that Truth has no place for even consideration.