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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

ROTM: Rot ‘em

ROTM: Rot ‘em 

The CIA and The Process of Mind Rot  Then and Now

By Michael Hoffman

“...the heirs of the conspirators are now so powerful they can afford to openly tease us with evidence of their guilt.” 

Among the discounted books offered nationwide this holiday season by Costco Wholesale we find, The Day Kennedy Died: 50 Years Later LIFE Remembers the Man and the Moment.

This volume is distinguished by two large, close-up color photos of President Kennedy’s limousine traveling in the motorcade through Dealey Plaza in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963, completely unprotected. There are no Secret Service agents on the back of the car; the handles for them to grasp and hold while they are positioned in the rear of the president’s vehicle are ominously empty. A police motorcycle escort is uselessly behind and not along the side of the Kennedy limousine. These motorcycle officers are protecting the occupants in the vehicle behind the president, while Mr. Kennedy and his fellow passengers are left as pitifully easy marks for any expert gunmen. 

Though I have seen these photos before, LIFE’s The Day Kennedy Died offers the opportunity to view them with these revealing details starkly highlighted. I can think of no other single piece of evidence that so powerfully testifies to an assassination conspiracy on the part of the security agencies pledged to protect our president. The photos in The Day Kennedy Died are mute testimony to the fact that he was a sitting duck as his driver slowed down for the dog-leg turn near the Texas School Book Depository and the Grassy Knoll, just prior to the lethal shots being fired.

The only significant reply from the coverup artists to this photographic evidence has been the claim that as a politician President Kennedy had ordered his protection withdrawn so he could be seen better by the people lining the streets, an allegation repeatedly refuted by rank-and-file members of the Secret Service, who have stated that Kennedy trusted his alleged protectors completely and never interfered with security arrangements. With this in mind, these photos represent a Revelation of the Method (ROTM) of how JFK was murdered.

On p. 162 of the LIFE book, one finds a partial reproduction of an iconic photograph of “three tramps” under police escort in Dallas in the aftermath of the assassination. This photo is nothing like most of the others in the book. The editors for some reason chose a grainy photo, with the “tramps”partially obscured, when there are much finer and more detailed ones extant. The one they chose to publish creates an air of ambiguity. Here we are not looking forensically at suspects, but mythically at ghosts haunting a scene.

This writer has published studies of the masonic concept of the “three unworthy craftsmen,” which this famous “three tramps” image would seem to symbolically represent. Similar references or symbolism appeared in the assassination by non-Mormon Freemasons of Masonic-Mormon Joseph Smith, and in the Jack the Ripper serial murders in Victorian England, perpetrated by the masonic royal physician, Sir William Gull. 

With this in mind, let us entertain the likelihood that there is a high probability that a Mafia contract-hit man, rifleman Charles Harrelson, father of actor Woody Harrleson, was one of the three assassins who killed Kennedy.

The American media and its corps of well-funded investigative reporters showed little interest in Charles Harrelson while he was alive, imprisoned for life for the assassination of a federal judge in Texas. With my limited means I did all I could to attempt to interview Harrelson in prison, including meeting with his famous son in San Francisco, to discuss arranging access; a meeting that proved to be traumatic for the actor.

On page 162 of The Day Kennedy Died there is ROTM again: one of the “three tramps” photographed in Dealey Plaza on Nov. 22 is identified by LIFE as possibly being “Woody Harrelson’s father.”

The Kennedy and Bush-Era CIA is one and the same creature

The CIA was the prime mover in the murder of Kennedy, assisted at the highest levels by the US Secret Service, military officers assigned to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and with the connivance of Vice President Lyndon Johnson. J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI played a key role in the subsequent coverup.

A mere eighteen days after the 51st anniversary of the spectacular assassination conspiracy in Dallas, the media are crying crocodile tears over reports of CIA “torture and deceit” with regard to the treatment of Islamic terror suspects in the wake of the most psychically damaging, game-changing conspiracy since King-Kill / 33 the 9/11 attacks in New York and on the Pentagon. 

The uproar over the CIA in this month of December is little more than a dog and pony show. It cannot be a surprise to anyone who knows the facts, that the CIA is an evil organization comprised of murderous traitors, and that this has been the CIA’s legacy for more than five decades. Who among those “in the know” can honestly be shocked or appalled that “our” CIA tortured Muslim suspects, lied about it and manipulated the media?

Are we really going to “reform” or “render accountable” a secret intelligence bureau that murdered the President of the United States and got away with it? 

Until the CIA is charged with the killing of Kennedy the pus that infects its sinews and corpuscles will continue to fester, infecting all who come in contact.

The cowards and careerists in the American media are complicit in the Kennedy assassination and will remain so until they use their resources to fully expose that which LIFE magazine puts on display as a kind of occult tease — photographic clues and name-dropping hints intended to rot our minds (ROTM) with the sense that yes, there was a conspiracy to kill the president and the heirs of the conspirators are now so powerful they can afford to openly tease us with evidence of their guilt. 

In 1979, another arm of Congress, the House Select Committee on Assassinations, issued its final report determining that there had been a “probable conspiracy” to assassinate JFK. One of the lead investigators for the House Committee was the late Gaeton Fonzi, author of the indispensable and highly recommended volume, The Last Investigation: What Insiders Know about the Assassination of JFK (2013).

The murder of our President is now more than a half-century in the past and the Cryptocracy is counting on the mustiness of the crime to anesthetize us, even in the presence of blatant cues and clues dropped by the perpetrators themselves, which would have energized and activated an angry American people circa 1963 or 1964, but in 2014 serve only to further rot our numb and heavily processed minds.

The hoopla this December about the CIA is being conducted in a virtual memory-hole vacuum, which ensures that what should be a boiling storm of protest and outrage so intense and sustained that it leads to the conviction and imprisonment of the CIA’s leadership and the abolition of the agency, will dissolve into a tempest in a teapot, according to the storied Solve et Coagula process of human alchemy, of which JFK, 9/11 and the present hubbub, are but constituent elements.



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Jeff Masters- San Francisco said...

I do not want to distract from this important and, hopefully, influential post. I have a few things to add, however. From what I understand, it is pretty much certain that the "three tramps" were not connected to intelligence or police agencies, and were just ordinary "Joes" (or "Jewes who will not be blamed for nothing" as in the Jack the Ripper case.) By Life tying in the tall, young fellow with Charles Harrelson, it seems they are attempting to create a "Doppelganger", or evil twin, effect, as in the-two faced building at Camp and Lafayette Streets in New Orleans, where Right-Winger Guy Bannister's detective agency and the Left-Wing "Fair Play for Cuba Committee" were located, and where some of the planning for the JFK assassination took place. Oswald worked both sides of the two-faced building (p.25?-Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare). Jack Ruby infiltrated a news conference and "corrected" the police spokesman by saying that Oswald was pro-Castro (R.H. #69), and I add, possibly to deflect attention away from Right Wing conspirators. In the movie "Ruby" there are two "Lee Harvey Oswalds". One is a sharp guy who was one of the actual assassins (in the movie), the other is a dim-witted patsy who was killed by Ruby. Separately, I observe that "Jewes who will not be blamed for nothing" is a double negative that may mean that it is the dupes and patsies who take the blame for the deep cover conspirators. All these doubles may be a way to induce a double mind in the Group Mind of the masses, who know that the mass media, the government and their agents and assets are behind these crimes, while simultaneously waving the 50 pentagram flag and saluting, as Michael has put it so many times, "their worst betrayers, enemies and executioners".

Arnold E.-Maryland

Michael Hoffman said...

Dear Arnold — We’re on the same page generally, save for your hunch that the "three tramps" were just Joe Sixpacks caught up in a dragnet of some sort. Until those three are conclusively identified, I’m not buying it.

Incidentally, I don’t believe that Charles Harrelson was part of that trio. After at least one of the riflemen flashed Secret Service credentials at a local Dallas cop (see Rev. History 69), he and the other gunmen made a clean get-away and did not stick around for photo ops.

So why did LIFE mention Harrelson in connection with the “three tramps”? Why indeed. Methinks it was an invocation of the name; to keep it mysteriously connected to the assassination in some “unknowable,” urban-rumor kind of way.

Observe the misdirection: from crime-scene forensics to a haunting of the psyche:

“Woody Harrelson's Dad had something to do with the JFK assassination!”

"Yeah, well what exactly?"

"I dunno, but LIFE said…"

"Hey, fella, if you believe everything you read everybody had something to do with killing Kennedy."

The preceding mock-conversation is a reasonable representation of the demoralizing confusion ROTM can sow when it isn’t pursued as an investigative lead, to which can be added other leads, such as that Woody has referred to his Dad, who was an independent contractor for the Mafia, as a “CIA agent.”

But just try to get a reporter for LA Times, NY Times or Wash. Post or FOX/CBS/CNN to look into this. They have zero curiosity. I have never been interviewed about my meeting with Harrelson. Dimwits with Ivy League degrees in English and hearts the size of a pea — that’s an accurate profile of the cowardly careerists who masquerade as investigative reporters in the US.

Jeff Masters- San Francisco said...

My comments had some errors. I'm sorry about my sloppiness. The murder of JFK and the criminality of the news media are very serious matters. Corrections-On the matter of the "three tramps" or "unworthy assassins" of Masonic mythology, the spelling is "Juwes" on the Goulston Street graffito in the "Ripper" case (referring to the mythical three murderers of Hiram Abiff, supposed architect of Solomon's Temple). In SS & PW, the information about the New Orleans building is on p. 28 & 29 and it merely identifies it as a headquarters-building of some of the conspirators, not that planning took place there. The press conference that Ruby infiltrated was held by Dallas D.A. Henry Wade. I agree with you in Newsletter #69 that there is just as much possibility of Right-Wingers having been made patsies as Left-Wingers, in order to muddy the waters.
I don't believe Harrelson was one of the "three tramps" either. But Life magazine might have made the connection because the tall, young guy appeared to be about the same age as Harrelson and looked remotely like him, in order to evoke the "doppelganger" effect. As you say, investigative leads should be followed, otherwise confusion is easily sown. Everyone should read Newsletter #69 and as many books from your list on this subject as they have time for. If they think it will do any good, people should write their Congressional Rep. demanding that the CIA be abolished.

DB said...

"Here we are not looking forensically at suspects, but mythically at ghosts haunting a scene."

Such powerful words Michael that attests to the Masonic ritual trauma this psychic drama plays over and again by the media on the American national psyche--just like 9/11 now too!