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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Message of the 9/11 Conspiracy in the year 2014

By Michael Hoffman

Today is the 13th anniversary of the US government’s attack on its own people at the Pentagon and the World Trade Center (WTC) in New York City.
In November we will observe the 51st anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy by the CIA, in cooperation with the US Secret Service that was sworn to protect him.

The U.S. was never the same after the killing of our President, the people were transformed, as was the nation. The same is rightly said of Sept. 11, 2001. It was a landmark in the systemic psychological warfare inflicted on the American people.

What is the message of successful conspiracies like these? First, that those responsible for investigating the criminal conspiracy: the top cops, judges, lawmakers and journalists, neglected to do so. They chose their careers and creature comforts over bringing traitors to justice. 

This type of sybaritic treachery recently came to light in England, in the Rotherham Borough Council report which estimated that from 1997 to 2013, Pakistani and other Muslim immigrants systematically raped and sexually trafficked some 1,400 English girls as young as twelve years-of-age, while the British police deliberately looked away, lest they be accused of bias, since all the perpetrators were Muslim. Imagine these well-paid, over-fed police officials in their cozy, well-appointed homes snuggled in the bosom of their families —  knowing that the children of poor and middle class English parents were, day after day, sex slaves of Pakistani men —  and doing exactly nothing about it. The moral rot is almost inconceivable. Yet, it’s the same perversion of mind and soul exhibited by those who should have investigated and prosecuted the killers of Kennedy, and those who pre-positioned demolition explosives inside the Twin Towers and WTC building seven.

Instead, those who publicize this treason are being classed as a type of conspiracy theory terrorist by Establishment elitists such as Cass Sunstein, for whom “Holocaust denial,” “climate change denial” and doubts about the official accounts of who killed Kennedy and who attacked our nation on Sept. 11, are all part of a seamless fabric of intellectual terrorism. This sort of phantasmagoria should be laughed out of contention, but it is not.  

The second message imparted by the Cryptocracy’s immunity in killing the President and bombing the Pentagon and the WTC, is invincibility. In the movie “Patton,” General George Patton (himself a probable victim of an assassination arranged to look like an accident), as played by George C. Scott, states that Americans traditionally love a winner and can’t abide a loser.

Those responsible for the murderous coup that made Lyndon Johnson President of the United States, and which on Sept. 11 gave George W. Bush the pretext he needed to invade Iraq and Afghanistan, destabilize the Middle East, and bring his creature Al Qaeda to prominence, are winners in the sense of their power on earth and apparent invincibility. Since they are the winners, who are the losers? The American people, certainly, a fact which signals that Patton’s formula applies to us -- we can’t abide ourselves. Self-loathing is psychologically destructive and defeating, and leads to further degeneration and perversion. What are the signs?

One indicator would be “Childhood’s End,” in the words of the prophet of the 2001 gateway, Arthur C. Clarke. The Internet invasion of childhood now underway is perhaps the most tragic manifestation. Children as young as 9 and 10 are addicted to iPods, iPads, electronic tablets and personal computers. They are hooked, via wireless modem, to an online world where childhood ends. They exist in a catatonic state, tethered to a digital hive. This excessive electronic stimulation bordering on hypnosis, leads to an atrophied attention span in which focusing on reading even one chapter from a serious book is a tall order, while taking part in a family dinner and participating in an extended conversation becomes a tedious bore. And this zombie state is nothing compared to what is coming in the next year or two as the price of full immersion, Virtual-Reality (VR) goggles becomes more affordable.

After VR becomes ubiquitous, parents will nostalgically dream of the “good old days” when their kids were only half-tethered to hallucination. With the coming of VR the immersion, in hallucination will become total, and the ability to distinguish between the real and the fake will be sacrificed on the altar of technological verisimilitude.

At the opposite end of the spectrum of this psychological crippling, are the survivalists whose reaction to the cowardice and treachery which produced the world we inhabit is to give up, declare that “it’s no use,” and head for the hills to save their own skins. Many who do this claim to be Christians, followers of the God-man who said, “For whosoever shall save his life shall lose it.” 

Survivalists imagine that they are the most virile of all Americans, taking “responsibility” in the face of the coming, “inevitable collapse.” Little do they know that this frame of mind has been seeded by the Cryptocracy just as surely as the other psychologically crippling scenarios we have been examining. Survivalists in days of yore would have been regarded as cowards. In Anglo-Saxon England these survivalist types would have spotted the seemingly unbeatable Viking hordes landing on shore and would  flee, leaving protection of the nation to others. Those who will only fight when the odds are in their favor possess the mentality of brigands and pirates. Yet they call themselves family values conservatives as they abandon the field to God’s enemies. 

Strange, is it not, that immigrants to the US from China and Mexico, facing overwhelming odds against them, find a way, in many cases, to overcome them? They have the health and the nerve, the hope and the optimism, to take advantage of what they view as a land brimming with opportunity. Often times with not much more than the clothes on their back, they move up the ladder of success, one step at a time. They are overcomers, even though, in the case of most Asian immigrants, they are not Christians. Meanwhile those who abuse the name of Christ by claiming to be His followers, overcome nothing, having decayed into faithless, hopeless people hiding in holes, awaiting the end.

Like the CIA’s JFK assassination, the US government-orchestrated 9/11 terror attacks are aimed at the hearts and minds of the American people, as part of an occult process of paralyzing us psychologically. 

Oh ye of little faith! Almighty God permits no challenge to us without also bestowing sufficient grace so that we may overcome the challenge, if we are up to our destiny as sons and daughters of the Most High.

The question is, are we? 
Copyright©2014 revisionisthistory.org 

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Unknown said...

Your comments about defeatism, fatalism, and downright cowardice are dead center. Modern Christianity's message is anything but 'victory in Jesus'. I would be interested in your opinion as to Francisca Ribera and C. I. Scofield as 'agents of venom', sowing the seeds of false doctrine, and thus defeat into Christendom. Ribera was a Jesuit so the answer there should be clear, but Scofield is a revered man despite his connections to men like Samuel Untermyer, John Ingalls, and George Bannerman. Could it be that these are the men who actually gave us the Scofield Bible, and thus premillennial dispensationalism? If so, Christians everywhere are being deceived, but with what end? Constructing a Jewish kingdom maybe? Human Alchemy? Or are those the same thing for us goyim?



Stirring words Michael. God bless you for that.

But they are challenging and disturbing too. It is time to take the battle off the internet and on to the streets. To organise and assimilate all factions who understand the basics of what is going on around us.

Mike O'Connor said...

The two planes each loaded with 20,000 gallons of fuel caused the fires at the WTC and the metal to sag and both buildings came down; Tell me why an all metal oil platform in the ocean that has an oil fire to claps into the ocean? So much for your controlled demolition.

Adam Evenson said...

By Adam Evenson.

Hoffman, you are a wise fellow. Why are you not more plentiful within the ranks of humanity? Ah, what a loss. What a loss.

Eileen K. said...

Mike, have you any idea what the temperature is to melt steel? It's over 2,000 degrees F; and, no jet fuel burns at that high a temp; therefore, the USG's version of 9/11 is a lie; period. Over 3,000 architects and engineers have already debunked that theory and accepted the micro-nuke theory. They know what you don't.

Adam Evenson said...

To Mike O'Connor: Have you ever witnessed the controlled demolition of any skyscraper or large building and contrasted it with a large skyscraper or building simply burning to the ground? The reason the remains of each kind of event are so radically different is because of the physics involved. Physics never lie. They work the same every time. Thus, you should study several hundred known controlled demolitions (at the hands of experts) and then study as many demolitions caused by accidental fires in the same kinds of buildings. You should learn the differences right away (unless you are blinded by some contrary agenda, that is.)

Unknown said...

Isn't it just fitting that our president announced a new military campaign against terrorism, against the golem that we conjured in Syria (ISIS), just hours before 9/11?

And as far as the upcoming advances in virtual reality, you must look no further than the gaming device, Oculus Rift:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fekm3HVfqiU (please be advised that foul language is used in this video)

This device is just a prototype, yet it appears to produce the most vivid hallucinations.

Blindlight said...

I would love the sources on this massive raping of English children by Pakistanis. Why would English policemen on a massive scale allow this to go on? It's the type of story Andrew Anglin would gravitate towards,looking for any and every racist promoting source often Jewish funded in all probability to suck in fans. Now let's get one thing clear, multi culturalism is promoted in order to divide up the goyim not to unite humanity, so this story caters to that end. Now I just googled the story and didn't find it in a quick look. Also, I am Jew-wise but not race obsessed. I believe white people in their new found acknowledgement of Jewish servitude, like to spend hour upon hour figuring out reasons why they are the greatest race of which the obsession is very "good for Jews" as it alienates all non-whites and further makes a society nation, instead of one volk, comprised of all sorts of various volks with no trust for the other

Michael Hoffman said...

To Johnny Appleseed

Here is a link to a source for the report on Pakistani mass rape and trafficking of English girls: