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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Richard Gage, founder of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth

CSPAN Interview: 
Richard Gage, founder of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. Approx. 40 minutes. The crucially important science behind the US government’s September 11, 2001 conspiracy is discussed in this interview.


Unknown said...

Here are some points to think about:
In the above video Richard Gage's first statement about the WTC complex is not true by omission.
ALL six + 1 buildings of the World Trade Centre Block, with the odd one out being Building No 7, which was across the road from the block, were destroyed & were the only buildings destroyed in Manhattan on 11th September 2001.
All other surrounding buildings had only very superficial, cosmetic damage to them.
The two towers, back in the 1970s, had to be constructed after a flood-insulating foundation, a "bathtub", had been established below Ground & Hudson River Bay level. If the two towers (ignoring the five other buildings destroyed on the same day) had been destroyed through any type of explosion – conventional or nuclear – the two towers would have been chopped into smaller pieces by the strategically placed (about & within each building itself) demolition devices; After this in-air segmentation, the broken, but, with big chunks, buildings could have added to their destruction using gravity and floor impact. The absolutely necessary aftereffect of ANY TYPE of destruction by explosion would be a severely damaged "Bathtub" foundation & lots & lots of large-chunked debris remaining. There is a bay hundreds of metres from the seven destroyed buildings of the World Trade Centre. The "Bathtub" had only very superficial damage.
The recorded, but not reported, Seismic Impact of each 15-minute-apart collapse of Tower 2, then 1 was as if a dry sandcastle had fallen to the Earth. All the different materials of the Buildings were molecularly disassociated (think of the destruction of the Bridge 'Galloping Gertie,' with the wind putting it into resonant feedback oscillation, pulling it apart at the macro level). Disassociation by resonant oscillation can happen at the molecular level. The matter of the buildings turned to dust, and, in that sense, never hit the ground. No Kinetic Destruction or Thermal Destruction could have produced the physical aftermath; which was recorded, despite the dust & small amount of debris that was present being quickly shipped away.
Expressions such as "a new type of energy" & "direct energy weapons" are bad and non-descriptive. But if Catholics believe consciousness is a priori to, and the producer of, matter; You should be able to assimulate the point.
The forensic/physical evidence is irrefutable & conclusive, but if a material fact leaves people's political & social beliefs up in the air, the mind often closes down as a coping strategy. Not having a human solution to the political consequences demanded by the forensic analysis shouldn't cause people to look for preplanned pied-pipers to lead the unthinking, but it does.
Leaving aside all political positions Dr Judy Wood may have, the forensic evidence she has compiled makes her statements about what physically COULD NOT have happened on 9/11, irrefutable.
This physical evidence is publicly denied by Richard Gage.
These things are connected to the fact that partical physics is wrong & is, in reality,kabbalistic. Einstein's relativity is wrong and the Ether exists. And the powers-that-be, know it.
To use an expression the Anglo-American slaves are familiar with, career-minded governmental physicists (et al) such as "Low Energy Nuclear Reactions - Poopooed & Labeled as 'Cold Fusion'" Steven E Jones, following in Jack Parson's tradition & having worked at Los Alamos Laboratories, is part of the Military Industrial Complex. He is presently talking about 19th Century welding technology as a component of 9/11 research, thermite.

Emmanuel Goldstein said...

Leibnitz Zero is 100% correct in his assessment.