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Friday, February 21, 2014

Is the Talmud the direct descendant of the Old Testament?

Dear Mr. Hoffman

re: Luther the Antinomian? (see the comments section following our blog post on Martin Heidegger)

You mentioned that in England even the yeoman was sovereign. That did not prevent the Upper Classes from kidnabbing the poor and sending them to the colonies as slaves.

One Question: How do you reconcile the supremacism, mass murder, lack of love and unforgiveness of the Old Testament theology with the Prince of Peace? It seems to me that the Talmud is the direct descendant of the Old Testament.


H.L., M.D.


Dear Dr. H. L.

In the political theory and theology of the Puritans (regarding the majority Protestants only), and among the category of clergymen known in Britain (mainly during and after the reign of Charles II), as "non conforming divines,"  the concept of the individual as having inalienable rights apart from the monarchy or any earthly government, was very strong indeed. A direct legacy of this philosophy can be found in our Declaration of Independence, not withstanding the fact that poor whites suffered demonization and criminalization in Britian, which led to their enslavement on land, and as I recently tried to demonstrate in an issue of Revisionist History newsletter, on sea.

As for the Old Testament, its warfare was directed not at gentiles generally, but against those tribes and nations that used magica sexualis to worship false gods. You will find the distinction in the Hebrew terms ger and nokri; i.e. benevolent aliens and enemy aliens.

The major difference between the Babylonian Talmud and the Old Testament is that the former is a manual of racial self-worship, whereas the latter repeatedly excoriates Israel and the Israelites for their faithlessness, pride and transgressions. Recall that in the Book of Hosea God equates Israel with a whore. Prophet Isaiah thundered imprecations against Israel to such an extent that the Talmud says Isaiah was killed and celebrates his murder. Hence, Isaiah is one of the prophets Jesus referenced as having been murdered by the Pharisaic spirit within Israel, and you will recall that Isaiah was one of the most eminent of the prophets before the coming of John the Baptist. In Judaism's Strange Gods I give citations from sacred rabbinic texts that degrade and defame not only Isaiah but Old Testament patriarchs such as Noah and even Moses himself. One of the most virulent hoaxes of history is the one put forth by Douglas Reed, and before him, the Nazi leadership, that rabbinic Judaism is an Old Testament religion. It is in fact the quintessential anti-Old Testament religion.

If you wish to see this fact thoroughly documented and know for certain the difference between the Old Testament and the Talmud of Babylon, you might consider studying The Talmud Tested: Comparing the Religion of Judaism with the Religion of Moses, by Professor Alexander McCaul.

And of course the bane of our existence, the Money Power, would not have one-tenth the power it has in the world today if Christian Israel harkened to both the Old Testament and New Testament proscriptions against the taking of interest on loans, as this writer has demonstrated in the book, Usury in Christendom: The Mortal Sin that Was and Now is Not. In order for the "Rothschild Judaism" that is the éminence grise of the financial system today, to operate, it had to nullify the Old Testament laws against usury; this nullification being as old as the child-molestation advocate and so-called "good Pharisee," Hillel, who first issued a "prozbul" nullifying the Deuteronomic ban on unjust loans.

For what it is worth, I have spent more than eighteen years of my life studying the Talmud of Babylon and cognate rabbinic texts, and the more I study the more I see what Nicholas Donin, Vincent Ferrer, Martin Luther, Johann Andreas Eisenmenger, Alexander McCaul and Fathers Prainitis and McNabb discerned.

The stubborn survival of the cockamamie dogma of the Nazis, Douglas Reed and many others concerning the Old Testament, cannot long endure among reasonable men and women when exposed to the light of truth. This dogma is, in the final analysis, a thinly veiled gnostic attack on Jesus Christ Himself who, without the Old Testament, becomes "The Christ" of the New Age.

Jesus and the Apostles of the New Testament favorably quoted the Old Testament literally hundreds of times. If it is a book of evil, then so too is Jesus Christ evil. Our Lord cannot be separated from the Word of God that preceded His Incarnation! People who execrate the Old Testament should be candid enough to admit this fact, so that we may proceed with this debate from an accurate understanding of where that execration ultimately leads.

Michael Hoffman

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