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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Control • Number • 23

23 people were killed in a terror bombing of the Iranian embassy in Lebanon today, and also today, the “thisTV” television channel in Spokane, Washington, broadcast from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. “Support Your Local Gunfighter,” a movie in which the star James Garner advises his friend to never gamble on a roulette wheel. The Garner character then does so immediately, placing his bet on number 23 and losing $4500. When asked to explain his behavior, he states that he had number 23 on his mind.

Pope John 23rd is regarded by some Catholic traditionalists as the first anti-pope of modern times and that he and all popes since are not true popes, ergo the See of Peter is vacant. In Piers Compton's 1984 book, The Broken Cross, Pope John the 23rd is depicted as a masonic initiate. Angelo Roncalli (John the 23rd) was the second 23 pope named John. The first Pope John 23rd was Baldassare Cossa, who reigned in the 15th century and was also regarded as an “anti-pope."

The number has been the subject of not one but two films: the 1998 German movie, “23," and "The Number 23," starring Jim Carrey. Each has a main character obsessed with the number.

23 is one of the most commonly cited prime numbers - a number that can only be divided by itself and one. Twenty three is the lowest prime that consists of consecutive digits, and it add up to another Prime number. Primes have been described as the "atoms" of mathematics - the building blocks of the world of numbers. An American businessman has put up a US$1m (£500,000) prize for the first mathematician to find a pattern in primes - a problem known as the Riemann hypothesis.

John Forbes Nash, the Nobel Prize-winning economist who was the subject of the film, "A Beautiful Mind," starring Russell Crowe, was obsessed with 23. It featured prominently in his battle with mental illness.

Charles Darwin's Origin of Species was published in 1859 - 1+8+5+9 = 23.

The Hiroshima bomb was dropped at 8.15am - 8+15= 23.

The most famous and most quoted of the Psalms is number 23.

Each parent contributes 23 chromosomes to the start of human life. The nuclei of cells in human bodies have 46 chromosomes made out of 23 pairs. Egg and sperm cells in humans have 23 chromosomes which fuse and divide to create an embryo.

The most detailed account of the assassination of Julius Caesar, written by Nicolaus of Damascus, claims numerous enemies stabbed the Roman emperor 23 times. The wounds ranged from superficial to mortal.

The first morse code transmission - "What hath God wrought?" - was from the Bible passage Numbers 23:23. In telegraphers code 23 means "break the line.”

The Birthday Paradox states that a group of 23 randomly-selected people is the smallest number where there will be a probability higher than 50 per cent that two people will share the same birthday.

 While living in Tangiers, William S. Burroughs, grandson of the inventor of the modern adding machine, allegedly met a Captain Clark who ran a ferry between Spain and Morocco. One day, Clark told Burroughs that he had been doing the route for 23 years without incident. Later that day, the ferry sank, killing the captain. While Burroughs was thinking about the incident, a radio bulletin announced the crash of a Flight 23 on the New York-Miami route. The pilot was another Captain Clark. The events prompted an obsession which saw Burroughs record every occurrence of the number 23 for the rest of his life.

The average human physical biorhythm is 23 days.The human Biorhythm cycle is 23 days

Geosynchronous orbit occurs at 23,000 miles above Earth's surface.

2/3= .666 the number of the beast.



Peter said...

strange coincidence

pclaudel said...

Dear Mr. Hoffman,

As far as i can tell, the only thing missing from your list is the old slang expression "23 skidoo," which my parents and grandparents still used around the house during my childhood, back in the early fifties.

In a rare exception to the rule, Wikipedia has a few apparently informative paragraphs on the phrase.

Jeff Masters- San Francisco said...

There are much natural phenomena associated with the number 23. Is the point of this post that the occult is attempting to hijack and counterfeit natural phenomena? I have one more to add. The Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn are each currently at 23 degrees 26’ and moving south and north respectively at a rate of 47’’ per year, closer and closer to 23 degrees even. –Source-Wikipedia