Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Saturday, July 13, 2013

A letter from Bernard

On Jul 13, 2013, at 5:20, Bernard wrote:
Buongiorno Mr. Hoffman,
I enjoyed reading your recent Revisionist History newsletter No. 67 on the great Italian Dante, and your deconstruction of the Dan Brown book. It is telling that Brown completely omits usury from his book.
If you have not read it, I would highly recommend to you Christopher Marlowe's play The Jew of Malta (formally, The Famous Tragedy of the Rich Jew of Malta).  The play was written in 1589, and was performed with great popularity in the London until 1642. The central character, the miser Barabas, operates a counting house in Malta (much like Tom Walker in "The Devil and Tom Walker").  Although written over 400 years ago, the play foreshadows many of today's evils. In fact, with the full ascendancy of usury and the money power, it might fairly be said that New York and London today amount to little more than two massive counting houses.
I also enjoyed the newsletter’s "War on Reality" piece which discusses Plato's cave and creation of false reality.  Webster Tarpley's excellent book 9/11 Synthetic Terror Made in the USA (5th Edition), in chapter XIII entitled “The 9/11 Myth: Collective Schizophrenia", also discusses Plato's cave as it applies to Americans' inability to see the reality of  9/11.  
PS. You should not be concerned that Pat Buchanan's “American Conservative” magazine would not accept the advertisement for your excellent book. As a long-time Washington insider, he too apparently cannot come to terms with the reality of the 9/11 false flag. Inroads are being made in DC  however – Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth are now running taxi top advertisements there.

Dear Bernard

Thank you for your letter.

I am long time fan of Kit Marlowe, and I believe he was killed by the fledgling English Secret Service. Some day I hope to write a book on Elizabeth I, her regime and the actual hidden king of England behind her throne.

As for Pat Buchanan, I don't necessarily make my own belief that the US government used controlled demolition to bring down the buildings in New York on 11 Sept., a litmus test of fellowship or even one's lucidity. 

But timidity that breeds censorship of a book (Usury in Christendom) that doesn't even have anything seriously negative to say about Judaics or Judaism, but plenty to say concerning filthy gentile usury -- that is prima facie evidence of a magazine (The American Conservative) being not what it says it is in its monthly preachments. They figured the Zionists can hurt them more than my supporters can, and they played their poker chips on that basis. But for me this battle is not a game.

Best wishes,
Michael Hoffman


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