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Sunday, March 10, 2013

"Hate Group Watchdog" Attacks Catholic Church

"Hate Group Watchdog" Attacks Catholic Church

"A Badge of Honor"

By Michael Hoffman

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has labeled a Catholic organization a "hate group" because the Catholics hosted "speakers who have given lectures on Jewish and Masonic plots for world domination" or who have "members who share that view."

This is thought-policing, and it is intended to intimidate freedom of thought and scholarly inquiry, and harm the fund-raising and community ties of Mount St. Michael Catholic Church, in Spokane, Washington, which operates a school and whose nationally famous "Singing Nuns" host concerts throughout the region.

Journalist Jim Camden's report is more balanced that what has been previously published by Spokane's Spokesman-Review newspaper when it employed, for several years, the biased thought cop Bill Morlin, who showed his true colors when he went directly to work for the Southern Poverty Law Center.

This "Center" has not had a negative word to say about the presence in north Idaho of the Chabad Lubavitch hate group, whose founder, Rabbi Shneur Zalman, taught that all gentiles are "supernal trash.” 

The Lubavitchers harbor racist hatred for the Palestinians and advocate their murder and dispossession, yet they come and go on summer "mission" trips in the Idaho panhandle, hailed by the media and shielded from exposure by a curtain of silence from the supposed “hate watchdogs” of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The Spokesman-Review article, excerpted below, is balanced by the refreshingly contrasting views of a law professor:

 "Carol Swain, a professor of law and political science at Vanderbilt University and critic of the Southern Poverty Law Center, said Mount St. Michael appears to be tarred by a liberal organization for holding conservative religious beliefs…

"She contends the law center is so narrow-minded that it is a hate group. “I’ve never heard of anyone getting off their list,” Swain said. She thinks a conservative group should take being listed by the law center as “a badge of honor.” (End quote)

As long as the SPLC persist in their nonsensical stigmatization of harmless Catholics — and other dissidents and independent thinkers — their credibility and that of their well-funded, multi-million dollar 'poverty palace,' will continue to erode.

Hate groups watchdog has Mount St. Michael on list
Jim Camden
The Spokesman-Review, March 9, 2013, pp. 1 and 8

What do the Aryan Nations, the Ku Klux Klan and the home of Spokane’s Singing Nuns have in common? They’re all on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s map of “hate groups” in the Northwest.

Mount St. Michael, home to a Latin Rite or Tridentine Catholic church, school and convent north of Spokane, has been listed since 2006 by the law center as a radical traditional Catholic group and accused of anti-Semitic activities.

Last week, the law center released the annual update of its “hate map” of groups around the country, which includes an interactive, easy-to-use online graphic. Mount St. Michael is one of 16 organizations mapped for Washington, sharing the state listing with a potpourri of neo-Nazi, Klan, Christian Identity, black separatist, white nationalist and racist skinhead groups.

...The Rev. Casimir Puskorius, pastor of Mount St. Michael, calls the listing “very unfair” and contends it’s a result of a liberal organization taking issue with the teachings of a conservative Christian group. “We considered suing them, some years ago, but they have more resources than us,” Puskorius said.

...Mark Potok, a researcher for the law center, insisted the church was not on the map because of its religious doctrines. The center’s intelligence report on the church from 2006 mentions an early leader’s penchant for conspiracies, reports about speakers who have given lectures on Jewish and Masonic plots for world domination or members who share that view.

...Puskorius said the bookstore might have stocked some books like the law center describes at various times, or had some speakers who talk about those conspiracies at Mount St. Michael at some point. “Those are opinions that people have. People have made the case for them,” he said, but the church doesn’t push conspiracies.

The congregation is not anti-Semitic, Puskorius said. It invited a Jewish photographer to its annual conference to discuss the Shroud of Turin, the cloth that some believe wrapped the body of Jesus after the crucifixion, he said. “We do pray for the conversion of the Jews,” Puskorius said, because they believe that’s what the Bible teaches. “We pray for the conversion of all non-Catholics.”

...Like most Traditional Catholic groups, they reject Nostra Aetate, a letter from Pope Paul VI which denounces anti-Semitism, Mother Kathryn said. But that’s because they reject everything any pope has done for the last 50 years, she added, not because of the message. “To suggest that they are anti-Semitic is just not fair,” said Mother Kathryn, now the head of the Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Church, a Roman Catholic order in the Spokane Diocese.

Read more at Spokesman-Review.com:

On Vanderbilt Law Prof. Carol Swain:

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