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Monday, November 28, 2011

A review of "Judaism Discovered"

Michael Hoffman's Note: The reader may be asking, why publish a review for an out-of-print book? The fourth edition of Judaism Discovered was never printed because we did not raise the approximately $18,000 necessary to print and ship to Idaho a massive, textbook-size hardcover of 1100 pages in the minimum quantity (1,000 books) required by the printer in order to qualify for a decent discount; moreover, just to truck 1,000 copies of Judaism Discovered, which weighs 4.5 pounds per copy, from the plant back east, would cost nearly $2,000.  The book is officially out of print, true. However, a few single copies are still available from us directly. Judaism Discovered is out of print in terms of quantity copies at a reasonably low price. We can't sell you five copies at a wholesale discount. (If you purchase electronic e-books, Amazon offers Judaism Discovered on its Kindle device). We have condensed Judaism Discovered's 1100 pages into an affordable paperback of 381 pages, Judaism's Strange Gods, which also contains new material.

A Review of Judaism Discovered

By Lance Owen

This review is for Judaism Discovered: A Study of the Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition and Deceit (hardcover) by Michael Hoffman. 

The author of this book, Michael A. Hoffman II, is one of my favorite writers. He has written several other books including: Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, The Great Holocaust Trial (about Ernst Zündel), and Judaism's Strange Gods. He has also written numerous tracts on Freemasonry, and other occult topics. I consider him an expert in these areas. I don't know how to characterize him or his work. It seems like he's a Christian scholar, revisionist historian, and occult expert, all rolled into one! But I'll bet he doesn't like to labeled, so I'll just call him a truth seeker, like myself.

This book is over 1000 pages with nearly 1200 footnotes. He uses quotes from famous Rabbis to make his case, which is, that Judaism is not the Old Testament religion that many believe. It's a mishmash of various pagan superstitions that go back to Babylonian times. It is a religion of racial self-worship. The purpose of this "religion" is to replace Calvary with a lie known as Auschwitz. It must have taken many years to put this book together and it is an astounding achievement. He is very thorough and uses quotes from many older little known texts.

The Talmud

I used to think that the most important book of the Rabbis was the Old Testament. Some would call the Jews, the "People of The Book". This is not true. The Talmud is the book to be studied, along with the Cabala, by orthodox Jews. The Old Testament is relegated to minor status. Why? Well, the Rabbis worship themselves, not Yahweh, the God of the Old Testament. The Pharisees, who were the early Rabbis, murdered the prophets as Jesus told us. The Talmud tells us that the prophet Isaiah was sawn in half! In the Talmud it is said that a Rabbi won a debate with God! The Judaic people are God! Only Jews are human. Gentiles are animals.

The Talmud consists of two parts, the Mishnah and the Gemara. The Mishnah is the codified "Oral Law" passed on by the Pharisees, who were the early Rabbis. With this "Oral Law", the Rabbis can make up anything they want. The Gemara is commentary on the Mishnah.

The Talmud is a book (many volumes) of rules which orthodox Jews should follow. It is full of all kinds of arcane rules which will drive one insane. Like, meat and dairy products should be kept in separate refrigerators. There are toilet rules, and rules with dealing with menstruating women (they should be shunned) and so on.

The Cabala

The Cabala is a book on witchcraft. It is used for cursing people and invoking demons. According to Hoffman, it contains some seventy volumes. I realize that many people will have a problem with that.

The Rabbis routinely curse Christian graves, churches, and the Cross. Orthodox Jews spit on Christians. They won't deny this. But we are not privy to the witchcraft that the Rabbis practice behind closed doors. But thanks to God, they let things slip out. Yitzhak Rabin was cursed by a Rabbi and was dead in a month. That was for signing the Oslo peace agreement. The Rabbis curse countries too.

Treatment of Gentiles

The Talmud clearly states, that gentiles caught reading it should be killed. That has got to be a shocker! When it comes to the Gospels, don't they say, "Spread the good word."? But the hate directed toward gentiles and Christians in particular, permeates this work. It is repeatedly stated that, it is OK to steal from gentiles, as long as Jews are not harmed by doing so. If a gentile strikes a Jew, he deserves death. The gentiles are inferior (a different species) and are not to be treated as equals. Having sex (including rape and sodomy) with children is OK according to the Talmud. Although, it is unclear whether this includes Jewish children. The famous Rabbi, Maimonides, said that Christians should be killed (or not treated by Jewish doctors) when Jews are dominant, and that the Christians are idol worshippers. One Rabbi said that, "Even the best of gentiles should be killed".

Treatment of Jews

Women should sit in the back of the bus, according to orthodox Jews. The Rabbis hate their own people and use them for their own ends. The Rabbis encouraged segregation (ghettos) so that they could control their Jews.


In the book, there is a picture of an orthodox Jew holding a chicken over his head, in a ceremony to transfer sins to the chicken! There is also info on the propitiation of the moon goddess Shekhinah (remember Shock and Awe). Rabbis sell lucky amulets to ward off evil. Like, perhaps, the demons that they summon on occasion! They take astrology and Gematria (number/letter combinations important) very seriously.

The Sacred Six Million Number

No, no, no. Not that six million number! The other six million number! Didn't you know? Six million Jews were threatened by Germany during and after World War One! I had a problem with that number ever since I learned about it in high school. Too precise. I mean, if the numbers of the dead were really known, precisely, wouldn't the number be more like five million eight hundred thousand, or six million one hundred thousand? Why six million?

That number has Cabalistic significance. It is ten times six hundred thousand. Six hundred thousand is the number of letters in the Torah (supposedly). That's where the Rabbis got the number (my opinion). The six million number is surely an exaggeration, as many researchers say. But exaggeration is OK, according to the Talmud. For example, didn't Hadrian slaughter 800,000,000 Jews? It's in Talmud! The Holocaust should be debated. But it is not, because the Rabbis would lose. The authorities have reduced the number of dead (mostly Jews supposedly) at Auschwitz by several millions. The current figure is about 1.5 million. But where are the bodies?


It is said in the Talmud that Jesus deserved what he got. There was no resurrection. He is burning in Hell in boiling hot feces. The Talmud mocks Jesus and the hatred of Him is incessant. Those who read the Gospels go to hell. Mary was promiscuous and Jesus was a bastard. The New Testament was burned recently in Israel.

Rules for Lying

The Talmud has many rules for lying. God rewards clever liars. The overriding rule is, don't get caught lying.

The Kosher Tax

This is a racket. I can buy Kosher aluminum foil from my grocery store. The Kosher symbol has nothing to do with quality. Even junk food is sometimes kosher. Why should we pay this tax? The Rabbis are probably cursing the food for Gentiles at the same time that they bless it for their fellow Jews.

Noahide Laws

Now this is cause for concern. These laws are for Gentiles. There are seven of them. One of the Noahide Laws says that Idolatry is to be punished by death. Does that mean that those possessing a Christian Cross should be killed? The Rabbis made up the Noahide Laws. They have nothing to do with Noah. One of those laws says that homosexuals should be killed. Perhaps someone should tell the homosexual lobby this bit of info. As far as I know, the homosexual lobby is allied with the Jewish lobby to fight hate. Aren't the Noahide laws hate?

Owen's comments on Hoffman's book

Wow! Buy this book. It is one of the best books I have ever read. I started taking notes from the beginning, and ended up with nearly thirty pages! This review is the most important thing that I have ever written. Hope it gets out there, to make a difference.

Hoffman seems to be one of the few out there in this fight against the Talmudists. Why? The Talmud is full of filth and hate. Why aren't more people talking about it? The mainstream media pretends that Muslims are the problem, not the Rabbis. The laws of our land are slowly being Talmudized.

It's OK to lie to, swear false oaths to (see Kol Nidre), cheat from, and steal from Gentiles. This is clear and spelled out at length in the Talmud. Now the reader can understand why a bunch of Jewish banksters on Wall Street have no problem with looting the USA. Leo Strauss, an orthodox Jew spoke of the "noble lie". Like for example, the Holocaust? A student of his (Wolfowitz) lied to get the US into a war in Iraq. What happens when we believe these lies or don't challenge these liars? Well, do we end up like the US? Everyone reading this must think that something has gone horribly wrong with America. But, the same thing is happening in Canada and Europe. Jesus said that Satan was the father of lies.

Murdering Gentiles is acceptable too. One can now understand how an IDF soldier, or perhaps a settler, can shoot an unarmed Palestinian child and "harvest" their organs to sell on the black market. We know that these things happen. A Rabbi was caught in New Jersey with organs. The Palestinians are considered sub-humans.

I wonder about the obsession with filth in the Talmud. Perhaps this can partly explain the "potty humor" of Jewish "so-called" comedians, like the filthy Larry David who urinated on a picture of Jesus recently on TV. Or, how about the sickening Joan Rivers. After all of these decades she is still around making with the potty humor. She was never funny decades ago and she's not funny now. I don't suppose that Mel Gibson thought she was funny when she said that he should be killed for making anti-semitic comments.

Now we have the trashy Sarah Silverman (heir-apparent to Rivers?). How long are we going to have to put up with her? She was on video making some disparaging remarks about Jesus while pretending to wipe her bottom. Hilarious!! As I write this, there is a pic of her on the net with her pants down sitting on a toilet.

Hoffman says that the Rabbis encourage segregation. Or used to. I have heard this before. In all of my net reading, some things are hard to forget. I remember reading a Yiddish proverb. It went something like this, "Our own Jews are going to destroy us". I did not understand this at the time. But I do now. The Rabbis hate the ordinary rank and file Jew.

I thought that I would mention one more thing. The Rabbis are obsessed with numbers and symbols. This goes back to Pythagoras. Today, his theorem is revered by Freemasons.

Pythagoras and his followers believed that numbers guide the universe. He found out how to construct a five-pointed star using a compass and straight edge. The pagans and the Rabbis attach great importance to this symbol. We now see five pointed stars on the flags of many countries.

After reading this far, the reader must agree, that there is no such thing as Judeo-Christianity. Judaism is the antithesis of Christianity. The Old Testament belongs to Christians, not Jews. The God given laws of Moses have been negated by Judaism. And what about Christian-Zionists? Perhaps they have been brainwashed by the Scofield bible. I hope that the reader will send some of these people a link to this review.

And that leads me to this. I agree with Hoffman, that Judaism is a religion based on deceit. To his credit, it is an ideology which he fights, not a racial group. The Talmud is a book full of extreme hate and filth. However I wouldn't ban it. I just think that we should discuss it.

Thank you Mr. Hoffman. You are very courageous.

Please Note: Hoffman has recently published, Judaism's Strange Gods: Revised and Expanded, which is essentially, a shorter version of the book reviewed here.

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