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Monday, April 11, 2011

When the victims are unworthy then holocaust denial is approved

Editor’s note: The denial of the Israeli massacre of Palestinians at Deir Yassin and the complicity of Elie Wiesel, is part of the holocaust denial of Deborah Lipstadt and the brahmins of the Zionist establishment, who, together with their American news media, cry out with Talmudic fury whenever anyone dares to question the magnitude of Judaic victimhood in World War II, but who are themselves party to denying the holocaust of Palestinians in places like Deir Yassin, which they hope will be blotted out from memory.


Forget Deir Yassin -- Its Victims were “Unworthy”

By Professor Daniel McGowan
mcgowan@hws.edu | April 9, 2011

Sixty three years ago today Palestinian civilians were massacred at Deir Yassin on the west side of Jerusalem. The terrorists were Jews from The Irgun and the Stern Gang. The village buildings still stand within clear sight of Yad Vashem, the most famous “Holocaust" memorial.

There is no marker, historical plaque, or even a sign post to commemorate the Deir Yassin massacre, which was the most pivotal event in the Naqba, the 1948-49 dispossession of Palestinians and the beginning of the brutal ethnic cleansing that continues today, largely with American support.

The “Holocaust" Industry ensures that Jewish victims are worthy of remembering. In countless films, memoirs, novels, articles, museums, memorials, and educational programs Jewish victimhood is recounted over and over again. Professional victims like Elie Wiesel cast and recast the “Holocaust" narrative so that the world will “never forget” and consequently will ignore the apartheid conditions imposed on over half of the population living within the borders Israel now controls.

 The irony that Wiesel worked for the terrorist Irgun and steadfastly refuses to apologize for the massacre his employer perpetrated is never exposed in our Israeli-centric media.

No comparable organization or dedication exists on the Palestinian side, partly because the power of “worthy” victimhood is not recognized and partly out of fear of charges of "anti-Semitism."

When Sarah Palin put on her Star of David necklace and toured Yad Vashem three weeks ago she pandered to Jewish power and to the memory of “worthy” victims. Had Palin visited Deir Yassin or even mentioned its name, she would have ended her career in American politics.

 The same has been true of all obligatory visits by American politicians including Clinton, Giulani, Huckabee, and Romney.


Len said...

If you only count Jewish victims the death toll of the Holocaust was about 50,000 times that of Deir Yassin, if you count all victims it was about 100,000x. There was no evidence that killing the village's civilians was part of the plan.

Jason said...

No evidence?

The village was slated for occupation and the Haganah authorized the Irgun and Stern to lead the takeover.

After over 100 innocents, including children, were massacred there was no effort on the part of the occupation to bring justice upon those that performed the killings. The Irgun and Stern gang did their duty. They are celebrated. Deir Yassin is now occupied.

Feel free to argue numbers, but give an honest tally of innocent Palestinians murdered since the Naqba started for a real comparison.

Malek said...

Yeah, and I don't think the point of the blog is to compare the entire Holocaust to one massacre. It is to show how ironic it is that the very same people who make a Holocaust memorial made it in sight of where a massacre once was; a massacre which they deny.