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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Gas chambers in Roman Catholic legend and lore

To: E. Michael Jones, Editor, Culture Wars

Whenever I get my issue of Culture Wars I flip to the table of contents to quickly review the subject matter and the authors. Of course the Letters section is always informative and I may even start there before turning to a feature article. Culture Wars for the Catholics of this country, in fact for the entire English speaking Catholic world, is like a crusading knight off to fight the enemies of Holy Mother Church, and he is not taking prisoners.

My eagerness is even more so piqued when I see the name of Professor Iwo Cyprian Pogonowski, a native-born Pole who by his own accounts spent five years as a prisoner in Sachsenhausen during World War II. Typically I can also expect to find in the very next issue passionate rejoinders from Joe Rocco and Otto Mueller, (Lo! their footsteps are even now nigh at the door!) Being an amateur student of history myself since my adolescence having grown up in the years immediately after WW II, (born 1951), and listening to the stories of my male relatives who served in the military, I always like to read authors who had personal experience during those years. Pogonowski has never failed to shed some of his brilliance on this subject. I have tended to regard him as sort of infallible—right up until his last article in the April 2011 issue of Culture Wars, “Holocaust Profiteering by Literary Hoax”.

Too bad he wrote what he did, because he failed to study what many a revisionist historian considers as the most salient point of the era and how our very future hangs by dint of this issue by a Damoclean thread.

To be sure I have no problem with the major thrust of his piece which is to expose certain Jewish authors as taking poetic liberty with historical facts in order to viciously calumniate Polish Catholics as anti-Semitic monsters which, of course, they certainly were not, as they themselves were horribly victimized by the Jewish-dominated Soviet occupation forces who took over after cessation of hostilities.

But what we really changed my mind was his casual mention of “gas chambers” in two places (p. 13). There he was going along defending the valor, integrity and noblesse oblige of the unfairly benighted Polish people when out of the blue he mentions “(m)ass execution of the Jews in Nazi gas chambers” in 1942, and the other place speaking “of Jewish victims in Poland…bound for the gas chambers.”

 Whoa, boy! This really flattened me. So here is an authoritative eye witness writer testifying in his presumed irrefutable capacity, a prisoner of the Nazis in Sachsenhausen for 5 years, who still believes in the homicidal gas chamber myth. To the Jewish world, it is the Shoah—The Holocaust—the pivotal event in Jewish history which even now is constantly brought before the public’s attention in such a way that the alleged murder of The Six Million is being used to supercede Our Lord’s Crucifixion on Mount Calvary as the most seminal turning point in the history of the human race.

Who’da thunk that a man who spent time in a real concentration camp could still believe in junk history? Didn’t he hear the initial reports after the war that even the camps in Germany were “killing camps”? But quickly it became evident that mass murder did not take place there in German camps in the Allied Occupation Zones—only in camps in Poland controlled by the Soviets which were placed off limits to inspection by the free press. So one would think he would have been put wise to the ruse being foisted off on the public by World Jewry, backed by Soviet aggression, that at least 4 million Jews were killed by hydrocyannic gas then incinerated into ashes at Auschwitz-Birkeneau. The world’s tabular data on ethnic population numbers did not tell of 6 million Jews dead, and there was a distinct dearth of physical evidence—bones and tons of cremated ashes—that did not exist. Where there is no physical evidence, you cannot prove a crime.

All kinds of evidence to the contrary began to pour in after on opening expose by Dr. Paul Rassinier wrote The Lie of Ulysses (1961) which was further developed by the American Electrical Engineer from Northwestern University Prof. Arthur Butz (1976) The Hoax of the 20th Century.

This changed the whole texture on the matter, and the rush was on to bury the atrocious lie that the Holocaust had become and to sterilize its aura of a quasi-religious Holocaustianity which insidiously infected teaching institutions, religious seminaries, theatres, books and the very air itself until people began to believe that the only reason the United States sent men to war was to free the Jews. An annually recurring reminder occurs every June 6th, when some American plenipotentiary stands shoulder to shoulder with Elie Wiesel or some other world class fraud and gives public thanks for the courage of the “Best Generation” for having spent its blood and treasure to make sure God’s Chosen People was not completely wiped out.

Every March I wonder why the same is not done in South Vietnam because in March 1965 Battalion Landing Team 1/9, (a former Marine never forgets either), charged ashore on Red Beach. It didn’t have the fireworks of Omaha Beach, but the courage of the men carrying out an amphibious landing was nevertheless just as virtuous. But there were no concentration camps or homicidal gas chambers in Vietnam, nor in Korea, so we don’t like to memorialize them. Actually we would rather fortget them since we were fighting against the very political system that characterizes our cultural existence at the moment. Then, too, notwithstanding the millions of Vietnamese, Koreans and Americans who died for no good cause other than they were taking their orders, still they were only kelipot goyim*, certainly not the Chosen of God.

I think I made my point. When someone on Pogonowski’s caliber falls short of the mark and doesn’t take the time to study the issues, then how can we be expected to believe anything else he’s reporting? It all gets shrouded in an incredulous aura. And the only way out of this darkness is for the author to report the truth. And if there is a question, go back to the documents. We deserve to get the whole unvarnished Truth. That’s why I read this magazine, and I believe I can speak for everybody in its reading audience. We like it because it allows us Catholics to hit back at the antichristian culture trying to make us lose our eternal salvation.

The subject of the homicidal gas chambers has just got to be be studied. And you have to go outside of the mainstream print and broadcast media to find the sources. But they are there. And I have a strong feeling the professor knows the Holocaust to be a lie, but for some personal reason, he’s keeping mum about it.

Nevertheless! Yea, the footsteps of Joe Rocco and Otto Mueller are nigh, even at the door.

Pat Flanagan, M.D.
Waukesha, WI

* Dr. Flanagan’s reference is to the statement of the founder of Chabad-Lubavitch, Shneur Zalman of Lyady, the “Alter Rebbe,” in his sacred text, Tanya, concerning the goyim: "The souls of the nations of the world, however, emanate from the other, unclean kelipot which contain no good whatever.”


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