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Monday, November 02, 2009

Larry David's Talmudic mentality and urinating on an image of Christ

Where is the exposure of Larry David's Talmudic Mentality?

Orthodox Judaism's Talmudic mentality of pornographic denigration of Jesus and Mary, which has cultivated a culture of disrespect for centuries, is studiously ignored as the source of Mr. David's scatology.

This writer has been asked to comment on the Oct. 25, 2009 episode of HBO's "Curb Your Enthusiasm," in which Larry David urinated on an image of Jesus Christ.

First, permit me first to present an article from the New York Daily News.  I direct your attention to the fact that even the headline is a light-hearted reference to urination ("p.o.'d"), which is intended to tip readers to just how serious the New York newspaper takes this act of televised desecration, which is to say, it's just a big joke for them:

Catholic League p.o.'d at Larry David after 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' character urinates on Jesus 

By Leah Chernikoff | New York Daily News | October 29th 2009

Not everyone is a fan of Larry David. Last Sunday's episode of HBO's "Curb Your Enthusiasm" featured Larry David's character unintentionally spraying a painting of Jesus that was hanging next to the toilet in a bathroom as relieved himself. A drop of urine hits the portrait of Jesus right below his eye, resembling a tear, in a joke characteristic of the show's satiric style.

Only the Catholic League didn't find it so funny. In a statement titled "Urinating on Jesus," Catholic League president Bill Donahue says, "At one point in the show, David goes to the bathroom in a Catholic home and splatters urine on a picture of Jesus; he doesn't clean it off. Then a Catholic woman goes to the bathroom, sees the picture and concludes that Jesus is crying. She then summons her equally stupid mother and the two of them fall to their knees in prayer. Was Larry David always this crude? Would he think it comedic if someone urinated on a picture of his mother?" the statement continues. "This might be fun to watch, but since HBO only likes to dump on Catholics (it was just a couple of weeks ago that Sarah Silverman insulted Catholics on "Real Time with Bill Maher"), and David is Jewish, we'll never know."

HBO issued the following statement in response: "Anyone who follows Curb Your Enthusiasm knows that the show is full of parody and satire. Larry David makes fun of everyone, most especially himself. The humor is always playful and certainly never malicious."

(End quote from the NY Daily News)

One can glean from this article in the Daily News that the Zionist establishment is not all worried about an offense to Jesus Christ that fifty years ago would have resulted in tens of thousands of people marching on HBO headquarters, boycotts and the bankruptcy of HBO. No such magnitude of outrage exists today. It has been neutralized by Churchianity's focus on Islam as the numero uno evil religion on planet earth, with the Koran starring as the world's most wicked book. Orthodox Judaism's Talmudic mentality of pornographic denigration of Jesus and Mary, which has cultivated a culture of disrespect for centuries, is studiously ignored as the source of David's scatology.

Prior to circa 1930, all general condemnation by the historic Christian churches and major Christian theologians, both Protestant and Catholic, of Islam were usually issued in the same sentence or paragraph or page, as exposures and anathemas against Judaism and the Talmud; the latter book being widely regarded throughout Christendom as far more sinister than the Koran.

Today the situation is quite different. We read mission statements from conservative churches that state: "We oppose Islam, atheism, paganism, abortion and secularism."

Why has Judaism been excluded from the list?

Scripture tells us to fear those who attack our souls. Islam, at its most fundamental extremist variant, attacks our bodies, it does not attack Jesus Christ or blessed Mary. It does not control our television networks and Hollywood movie industry that recently came out overwhelmingly in support of freedom for convicted child molester Roman Polanski, their bosom buddy.

I wrote an 1100 page study of the rabbis and their unholy book (Judaism Discovered), which most of you haven't bothered to buy or read, and of those who have read it, most haven't bothered to distribute it, or challenge their local pastor, priest or favorite talk show host with it.

The facts on ritual Talmudic and rabbinic denigration are in Judaism Discovered. The facts on the rabbinic laws on "how to urinate in a  holy way" will also be found in that book, which is the antidote to the demonic Antichrist filth peddled over America's broadcasting airwaves. I refuse to distill this information down to three paragraphs. It is not amenable to distillation. Distillation creates misunderstanding and an easy opening for ill-willed critics to distort and take out of context. Read the book.

If you have the time to sit on your can for four nights watching 16 hours of World Series baseball games, then you have the time to read several hundred (or more) pages of Judaism Discovered. If not, not. See you on Judgment Day, when you can explain your priorities to the Supreme Judge.

Face facts: the "Christian" crusaders against Islam have nothing to say about the Talmudic Christ-desecration that is marketed for children and adults by the millions on American television networks like HBO. How many souls will go to hell because of shows like "Curb Your Enthusiasm"?

The myopic "Christian" Muslim-hunters are partners with Zionists like Mr. Larry David in the public, ritual, premeditated urination on an image of the precious face of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This is so enormous a criminal act as to defy words! If a Muslim had committed such a foul and despicable act, the howls of outrage would erupt from the throats of Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck, and a collective thunder would be heard throughout the West.

But because the urination occurred on the image of the face of Jesus Christ, and because the urinator was a member of the Talmudic Master Race of Holy People, the blabbermouths who say "Lord, Lord" from their pulpits and "Gospel TV" programs, are silent about the source of this spiritual disease: the 'sacred' rabbinic holy book that is the Babylonian Talmud.

 Churchianity has three main enemies it is targeting: Islam, Islam, and Islam. In such an historic betrayal of the Christianity of our forefathers, of the saints and the patriarchs, how can it be otherwise than that Jesus Christ will be urinated on for the (dare I say it?) entertainment of millions, and the Churches do nothing to uncover the root of the toxin, so that it can be exposed for all to see: this is the mentality of Orthdox Judaism in action.

But how could the Churches perform such an exposure, when they are the allies and partners of Orthodox Judaism? How can your pastor or priest expose the deep-rooted inspiration for Larry David when your priest or pastor is himself a crypto-rabbi?

This is why I have said and I continue to believe that 99% of those who say they are Christians are not. If America was a Christian nation, then HBO would be out of business the way Assemblyman Dov Hikind in New York moved to put historian David Irving out of business by shutting down his American Express card account.

Dov Hikind is a more worthy human being than millions of so-called Christians, because Mr. Hikind has the courage of his convictions and fights for what he believes in. Meanwhile, pretend Christians are paralyzed by a pre-Pentecost "fear of the Jews."But we are living after Pentecost. Do not Christians have the gifts of the Spirit, whereby we are no longer possessed by man-fear?

One need not be a prophet to see that the omission of the Talmud and Orthodox Judaism from the conservative churches' enemies list is the rotten seed that has been sown. The devastating loss of respect for Jesus Christ is the horrifying harvest we are now reaping.

What about Bill Donahue and the Catholic League? Well, has Mr. Donahue ever once dared to utter the words "Talmudic mentality" in connection with a sick spectacle like "Curb Your Enthusiasm"?

The word "Koran" is invoked in every possible situation involving negative Arab actions, why the cowardice when it comes to invoking the Talmud with regard to Hollywood's perennial, ceremonial debasement of Jesus?

You can have Bill Donahue and his half measures, which have rendered him little more than an impotent wraith haunting the sidelines of media degeneracy, waving a withered finger in spectral indignation. He acts as a safety valve who helps to channel anger in directions that do not threaten the System at its foundation.

God requires that we speak radical truth without regard to human respect. I will respect Mr. Donahue when he respects the Word of God, without which the "Catholic League" will forever remain in the "loyal opposition" category, that can be counted on not to cross certain prescribed bounds of rabbinic decorum. That kind of timidity disgusts and repulses me, particularly when it results in more accursed attacks on Christ executed with brazen insouciance.

In his press release on "Curb Your Enthusiasm," Mr. Donahue praises the "Seinfeld" television program of yesteryear, which made a jest out of all sorts of squalid sexual situations and featured an entire program that made a joke out of masturbation. Is Mr. Donahue out of his mind, praising "Seinfeld"?

"Mention Larry David in a word association game and 'Seinfeld' rolls off the lips. That show, which David created, wrote and produced, was brilliant." -William Donaue, Oct. 26.

If any high profile commentator with a national following, such as Mr. Donahue, wants to effectively defend the Lord Jesus Christ and begin a real campaign to punch a giant hole in the evil New York and Hollywood entertainment sewer, they can say in public, "I recommend a book by Michael Hoffman, Judaism Discovered."

Until someone does, we will continue to see respect for the Holy Name and sacred image of the only Son of God degraded and disrespected on national television as casually as a rabbi enters a urinal.

I have one message for conservative, supposed Christians: you cowards!


Information on the purchase of multiple copies of Judaism Discovered is here:




Anonymous said...

The name for the "response" to all of this Larry David business should be "Curb Your Apathy." I heard Michael (Wiener) "Savage" pretending to fulminate about this episode two nights ago, allegedly in defense of "Christianity." But all of his hot breath was predictably curbed by just one thing: His apparent disgust at how Larry David routinely portrays Orthodox "Jews" on his program (allegedly making fun of bar mitzvahs, seders, etc.) as if Orthodox "Jews" are the good guys, who have no involvement whatsoever in the root mentality. If not for your writing, I could number myself among the millions of deluded individuals.

Michael Hoffman said...

Mr. "Savage" (Weiner) is a typical operator along these lines. He portrays Larry David as a renegade against Judaism, but when Mr. David urinates on a portrait of Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Lyady, or Grand Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, then we will begin to approach some degree of parity. Until then, token satire at Orthodox Judaic folkways are merely cover for the real target, Jesus Christ. By plinking at some minor aspects of Orthodox Judaism, Larry David covers his Talmudic tracks on his peregrination to absolute degradation of the image of Jesus Christ. Let us recognize and deconstruct the subtle serpent craft with which we are engaged.

Let us also not forget the second advantage to the diabolic from Mr. David's foul desecration: the fact that he remains in power after performing it; that is a very important symbolic indicator of who rules America, and the degree to which America is willing tolerate the further empowering of influential public figures who offer filthy insults to our Savior.

Yes indeed Michael Weiner "Savage," David Frum and other Khazarians of the Zionist persuasion have criticized Larry David, but for this criticism to be anything more than a redemption of Judaism in the eyes of potentially outraged Christians, it would have to also entail criticism of the Talmudic culture that produced Larry David, and that will be a long time coming from the Zionist processors of Churchianity's infantalized members.

Anonymous said...

Some of us cannot afford your book, Mr. Hoffman (nor do we own a television). My husband and I live under $1,000 a month.

Where was the outrage? Was it in the SSPX chapels? Sedevacantist chapels? FSSP chapels? I don't expect it occurred in the local novus ordo since, as you've written, they are well on their way to being judaized.

Thank you for weighing in on this. I was astonished that you had written nothing about it.

Anonymous said...

From The Telegraph UK

Why shouldn't Larry David urinate on a painting of Christ?

First Rebecca Adlington, then chocolate HobNobs… and now portraits of Christ join the list of unacceptable subjects for humour.
Or so say some easily enraged Catholics in America. They’re apparently apoplectic about an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, in which the comedian Larry David (playing a character who is essentially a charmless version of himself) accidentally splashes a portrait of our Good Lord while urinating.
Bill Donahue, president of the Catholic League, told Fox News that David should quit the series, and that HBO, the channel that shows Curb, “only likes to dump on Catholics and David is Jewish”.
Deal Hudson of Insidecatholic.com wailed, “Why is that people are allowed to publicly show that level of disrespect for Christian symbols? If the same thing was done to a symbol of any other religions – Jewish or Muslim – there’d be a huge outcry. When is common sense going to dictate that people realise this willingness of artists to do to Christianity what they would never do to Judaism or Islam?”
It’s a pity neither of these delightfully convivial-sounding gentlemen appears to have watched much Curb Your Enthusiasm before, otherwise they’d know that Larry David frequently fills the show with jokes about Jews and Muslims.
In the first episode of season one, his character offends his agent’s Jewish parents by joking about Hitler.
In episode three of season four, his character arranges a date for a male friend with a Muslim woman – then recoils in horror when he sees that the woman, without her veil on, is hideously unattractive.
In episode nine of season four, his character offends a female Hasidic Jewish dry cleaner (he assumes that Hasidic Jewish women have to have sex while wearing a sheet with a hole in it).
In episode eight of season five, his character offends two Orthodox Jews by pretending that he too is an Orthodox Jew, then displaying his colossal ignorance of their beliefs and customs.
Those are the ones I remember off the top of my head – there are plenty more.
Anyway, the joke in the urinating-on-Christ episode, as always in Curb, is not on Christ or on Catholics, but on Larry David’s character. It’s farce. He’s always doing the wrong thing. That’s how farce works: it’s farcical.
A bit like the response of the American Catholics above.

Michael Hoffman said...

My response to the "Telegraph UK" is that their analogy fails abysmally.

To claim that Larry David's mild satire of Orthodox Judaic folkways makes him an equal opportunity offender of religious sensibilities is rubbish.

When Mr. David pees on a portrait of the Alter Rebbe or Menachem Mendel Schneerson, two gods of Chabad-Lubavitch, then we will begin to have some parity in terms of desecration.

Moreover, let us not be distracted from the hidden fact that pissing and spitting on Christian images and relics is institutionalized in the religion of Orthodox Judaism. See "Judaism Discovered," pp. 532-554.

Unknown said...

I don't understand why you revile us Christians so much for our "apathy" when an image of Jesus is desecrated. For one we Christians know that an image is nothing, we are not to worship them. Next, we believe our Lord is glorified in heaven at the right hand of God; no peeing can do nothing to Him. And last but not least, we as Christians are to imitate Him: when he was on earth he was spat on, insulted, bitten and even murdered, but he never rebuked anyone, as Paul says, he never paid back to his enemies. Are we His followers not to do the same? Otherwise hatred would arise and that is what the zionist want. We are to strive to be above this worldly hatred and see beyond to the unseeing, which is eternal.

Michael Hoffman said...

To "none" 11:12 p.m.

To defend against the public denigration of a representation of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, does not in any way denote the worship of images.

No "hatred" is involved in protesting the public denigration of a representation of the Son of God such as Mr. Larry David obscenely performed before millions.

Whatever insults Jesus bore on earth do not negate or cancel His Father's wrath at those who insulted His Divine Son, and we know what the fate was, in 70 A.D., of the entire Temple system as a result of those insults and disrespect.

Jesus certainly did "rebuke" people, including the Pharisees and many other evil-doers.

To suggest that we are to be indifferent to filth heaped on representations of Jesus is of the devil since the devil's religion on earth, Orthodox Judaism, systematically institutionalizes and encourages the degradation everything connected with Jesus, including images such as the crucifix.

I doubt that you will try to argue that the sacred Name of Jesus Christ has as little value as that which you assign to His image. However, in so far as His image is defiled, so too is His Name, the Name before which every knee shall bow, brought into derision, mockery and low repute.

I have not advocated either military or police action against HBO or Mr. Larry David. That would be as unscriptural as the sort of lukewarm indifference which you, unfortunately, advocate.

Wrothchild said...

Thank you Michael. God requires us to speak radical truth without regard to human respect. That was the best Christmas present I could have gotten; I am banned from my family's Christmas celebration because I speak to them (except my mother, she's ok) without regard for their sensitivities. There is too much at stake; I have pleaded with my brothers- but since one works in Hollywood and the other one aspires to- they only perceive me as a threat. I understand why some of Jesus' teachings on family are so unorthodox.

Unknown said...

Well, I tell you what action I DO take and if everybody did the same things would start changing. I never heard of or saw "Curb Your Enthusiasm" programme and I don't know who Larry David is for I completely boycott Hollywood trash. I never watch Hollywood films, never watch or hear the news on the "mainstream media", never go to a cinema, I never buy their magazines like Newsweek, Time, etc. In short, I don't intake their rubbish and they don't get my money. Living in the far east, at home all we watch in TV are local shows and Japanese and Korean cartoons or some soaps.

Ken from Dublin said...

I'm an Irish catholic raised here in Dublin and I have the entire set of six series so far of Curb Your Enthusiasm, it is in my opinion the funniest and cleverest sit-com ever made, and I consider Larry David to be a comic genius without equal.

I actually can't remember this particular scene, but I'm sure I must have laughed out loud at it, Larry David - excuse the pun - takes the piss out of himself in this series, you'd think that he'd deliberately urinated on an image of Jesus on the floor such is the hysterical reaction here, no, he accidentally splashes a drop of urine in a toilet in a comedic setting to highlight in a comical way the absurdity of image idolatry in the catholic church, the two scenarios are light years apart in terms of offence.

We modern catholics here in Ireland are appalled at all the idolatry of moving statues the worship recently a tree that had a vague semblance of a human image on it that was interpreted as Christ etc.

This was just another of his satirical attacks on taboo subjects, he's done episodes in which he could be open to accusations of being a pedophile, he's slagged of the blind, and also elements of his own religion.

The fact that so many catholics have failed to take offence en masse is probably because we are still punch drunk from all the revelations of pedophilia and it's infestation of the catholic church and it's tolerance and subsequent cover-up both here and in America, the dissillusionment is of monumental proportions and a huge percentage of catholics world wide have become secularised, now being catholiccs only in name.

Had he parodied the pedophilia in the catholic church would there have been the same offence taken? - it would have been a cheap shot, but a perfectly fair one, and offended parties here could only hang their heads in shame rather than be offended.

Ken from Dublin said...

Actually I would like to withdraw my previous comment.

From the moment I posted it my conscience has been troubling me.

I didn't remember this scene because I hadn't viewed it, it's in the 7th series which I only purchased a few weeks ago, not long after the above comment by me was posted.

I actually do now take offence at this, deep offence in fact, I am a lapsed catholic, but just because I don't go to see the game every week doesn't mean I don't still passionately support the team.

I haven't watched the rest of series seven after seeing this episode and don't intend watching the rest either.

I've been researching the Talmud since and this book is horrific, it is anti-human, with psychopathic rhetoric that has no place in the collective human soul or consciousness regardless of one's religion.