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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Thursday, November 05, 2009

The Hoodwink in Texas


In addition to the Nov. 5 - Nov. 7 reports herein, there are numerous additional remarks in the "Comments" section [see bottom of this post] by readers and by Mr. Hoffman.


From Salon.com, 19:26 Pacific Time

"Remember, remember the fifth of November 
Gunpowder, treason and plot.
 I see no reason why gunpowder treason should ever be forgot."

SCRIPT CHANGE: The dead lone nut gunman has been resurrected and so have the eyewitnesses who saw more than one shooter.

The story here on the West coast at circa 5:35 pm Pacific Time from ABC, CBS and NBC on their nightly newscasts had been that Dr. Hasan had been killed and that he was the lone gunman (contrary to earlier reports of eyewitnesses seeing more than one shooter).

Now the gunman is said to be alive and the story of eyewitnesses and another shooter is being circulated again.

What does this signify? It signifies that a ceremony is underway in the Manchurian candidate's laboratory of mind control and mind games. They're showing us how fake is their facade, how thin their storyline is, how much they lie and masquerade and yet..and yet...we still believe them.

Nov. 5 symbol: V for Vendetta; also here

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Salon.com Nov. 5, 2009

12 Dead, 31 Wounded in Base Shootings
By Maria Newman
Published online NY Times | November 5, 2009 18:49 Pacific Time

Note: The NY Times article originally posted at the preceding URL has been radically altered with no note to that effect. The Times censored the following statement: "several eyewitness reports of more than one shooter." The Times added the statement: "...In the confusion of a day of wild and misleading reports..." This amounts to falsification of a news report. Why the need to do so? Here below are excerpts from the article as it originally appeared online on Nov. 5 at: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/11/06/us/06forthood.html?hp

An Army psychiatrist about to be deployed to combat zones overseas killed 12 soldiers and wounded 31 others on Thursday afternoon at Fort Hood in Texas, the authorities said. The gunman, who was identified as Major Nidal Malik Hasan, was shot by police forces and is being treated at a local hospital and in stable conditionEarlier reports that the suspect had been killed turned out to be wrong, said Lt. Gen. Robert W. Cone, the commanding officer at Fort Hood.

Mr. Hasan, 39, who had been promoted in May and previously worked at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, was about to be deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan, according to Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison. Her spokesman, Jeff Sadoski, said Major Hasan was upset about his pending deployment. Carrying two guns, one a semiautomatic weapon, Mr. Hasan began firing around 1:30 p.m. central time at a deployment center where soldiers received last-minute medical attention and instructions before being shipped out overseas, Mr. Cone said.

Mr. Hasan “opened fire, and due to the quick response of the police forces, he was killed,” the general said. “There were several eyewitness accounts that there was more than one shooter,” he said.
(Emphasis supplied; end quote from the New York Times online, Nov. 5, 2009 and subsequently censored by the Times).


Ft. Hood Investigators Focus on Motive
By Clifford Krauss and Jack Healy
NY Times website | November 6, 2009 | 12:53 pm Pacific Time

He's a Muslim Militant (Auto-Suggestion):

"...suggested soldiers may have heard him shout...Allahu Akbar"

(Is that like "...several eyewitness accounts of more than one shooter..."?)

NY Times:  Reports suggested that soldiers may have heard him shout something like “Allahu Akbar” — Arabic for “God is great!” — just before he fired two automatic handguns.

A Costume for the Charade:

NY Times: He was shown on a security video tape from a local convenience store wearing religious garb just hours before the shooting.

How could one shooter do so much damage? Explanation: government agents killed some of the victims:

NY Times: It may take some days or more to untangle ballistics evidence to conclude whether a single gunman was able to discharge so many bullets or whether multiple casualties were caused by single bullets. Local radio reports have also raised the possibility that some people were shot in a cross fire between Major Hasan and several military and civilian police officers.

Why did US Army General Cone declare that the alleged shooter, Hasan, was dead? 
Answer: The general's disinformation was due to the "hospitalization process."

At his Thursday night press conference, Cone attributed the mistaken report about Hasan being dead to "confusion at the hospital."...The alleged shooter has been in custody "throughout the hospitalization process," Cone said.

Source: http://www.salon.com/news/fort_hood_shooting/index.html?story=/politics/war_room/2009/11/05/army_presser


Nov. 7 Update
Feds refuse to answer questions:

"...military and federal investigators pointedly refused to release further details on how the shootings happened, why there were initial reports of multiple attackers and why officials took several hours to correct news media reports that Major Hasan had been killed."

Source: "Big Questions on Gunman; Few Details," NY Times website, Nov. 7, 2009 | 2300 Pacific Time | http://www.nytimes.com/2009/11/07/us/07forthood.html?_r=1&hp

Additional updates are here



Anonymous said...

Speaking of "V for Vendetta," it's creator, Alan Moore, is a self-proclaimed admirer of Crowley. "V" itself as a movie seems to trade on discordianism's "Law of Fives" - a call to chaos and the necessity of chaos for processing the world on the way to a new luciferic order. "V for Vendetta" even has 5 syllables. And, of course, the 5th of November can be a cover for "55" (11-5). The television show, "V," likewise invokes chaos after the arrival of lizard aliens disguised as alien humans. David Icke must be scratching his head. In any case, all of this trades on culturally established archetypes and memes that have been seeded into the group mind: the world is changing, old ways are no longer valid, new ways must be embraced in the age of Horus. And, by the name of the alleged gunman, I'm guessing we're all supposed to think he is a Muslim? You also have to love the latitude of Fort Hood: 31.13. Not only does it provide the "as above so below" mirror image, it's also the reported number of those injured and those killed -- if you take the initial reports of the gunman as dead: 31 injured, 13 (assuming gunman as dead) dead. Is this an attempt to "activate archetypes," to tune in a psychic frequency among others?

Anonymous said...

well y'know, i would say that this is sure to overshadow news of a rash of evictions in East Jerusalem, but - far as i can tell - that story never made the American papers.

media enjoys biography, so i'll be curious to see if they descend on Roanoke, Virginia tomorrow (he appears to have grown up in my wife's old neighborhood in Vinton). and the fact that he was an Army Psychiatrist is, i'm sure, a red flag for many (you, Alex Constantine, etc).

David C said...

This sounds like the Port Author incident we had in Australia back in 1996 where similarly more than one shooter was seen. Why do the cryptocracy play these games and take these risks (at getting caught), do they have some sadistic or voyeuristic streak?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Hoffman,

Could you explain why you attribute the conflicting reports to malice instead of mere incompetence?


Anonymous said...

and lest we forget, the alleged gunman's hometown:


a proliferation of V's indeed !

Anonymous said...

It appears the shooter went to Virginia Tech -- a tie in to the Cho massacre a few years back. Fort Hood is also in the town of Killeen. That's also the town where a shooting rampage occured years ago in Luby's cafeteria. "Kill"-een.

Anonymous said...

I saw with my own eye and heard with my own ears a TOP GENERAL in command of Fort Hood, Texas get on LIVE TV and tell us that the shooter was shot and killed by a civilian police officer, contracted to work on the base! I heard him say that there were two other soldier-shooter suspects.

Now, suddenly, the media is saying the shooter is ALIVE. Do we REALLY think that a GENERAL in command of the largest military base in the country would NOT KNOW what is going on under his command????

GEt REAL. The media is LYING. The GENERAL is not!

Anonymous said...

What exactly is the point here? That we shouldn't trust the government? Ok, got that. Isn't that the message of V for Vendetta?

You're being cryptic, Mr. Hoffmann. Please clarify your intentions.

Anonymous said...

The only thing that I dislike about V for Vendetta is the not-so-subtle gay rights propaganda. Otherwise it seems a brilliant critique of the cryptocracy.

Anonymous said...

The problem with this thesis or approach is that those supposedly being processed aren't aware -- even on an unconscious level -- of the following:

-- the "alchemical cauldron"
-- discordianism's "Law of Fives"
-- the "as above so below" mirror image
-- psychic frequency/"active archetypes"

The manipulation of a group of individuals does not require these feats of numerological legerdemain. Moreover, people are too busy working two or three jobs (or looking for work if they're unemployed) to even have exposure to the unconscious triggers cited.

It's far too presumptuous, nay, elitist, to say in rebuttal to these points: "Aha! That's precisely what makes the American sheeple so malleable -- they don't know they're being processed!" One could easily say that this obsession over coincidence causes a heteropraxis in cognition which, ironically, serves as the very basis for the social engineering mindset that led to the embarassment of Robert McNamara and the continued annoying presence of Henry Kissinger.

However, if you assert based on these "signs" that people are being unconsciously manipulated, then just what are the unwashed masses being processed for and/or towards? Please articulate the goal of this "processing." Is it a Kissingerian acceptance of secularist/consumerist hegemony? If so, how does this shooting incident accomplish that? Is it a "man is god" one-world supergovernment? If so, how does this incident advance that -- especially to people who don't watch television, listen to the radio, or read newspapers. People can't be shocked into submissive catatonia if they're too busy trying to feed their families.

Doesn't the Bible warn against trying to discern signs in this manner? This technique itself is kabbalistic. It's one thing to point out that those in power might fall for this drivel (and even attempt to implement it), but to fall prey to it oneself is dangerous and counterproductive. If anything, people with higher IQs are harmed more by this methodology than any of the so-called "sheeple." Why? Because it compels one to engage in a recursive thinking pattern which, ultimately, is still unable to effect any power shift in the temporal realm. It's a more sophisticated, parlor game version of liberation theology, but it makes the same errors nonetheless. Whether "power as gun" or "power as symbol," both methodologies cannot change the order of the world.

Andrew said...

The etymologies of Nadal Malik Hasan is Christ King Good

Michael Hoffman said...

To Anonymous 10:25 a.m.

I wrote an entire book, "Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare" endeavoring, in part, to address questions such as yours. Perhaps you may wish to consult my book on this matter.

Reading symbols and recognizing twilight language is a form of perception and communication and to the best of my knowledge perceiving language and communicating those perceptions are what makes us human and have nothing intrinsically "Kabbalistic" about them whatsoever.

The overarching goal of all alchemical processing by the Cryptocracy is the devolutionary process of man-into-beast; although I am not entirely content with this analogy since "beast' implies a certain animal vitality, whereas in Dr. John Dee's algorithm for thanatos, our humanity is to be repeatedly drained of liveliness and vitality.

We are less vital and alive than we were 30 years ago and the 1970s generations was less alive than the pre-1963 generation.

Detecting an operation in process and documenting it does not make one a party to, or a partner with, the process.

Michael Hoffman said...

I cite "V for Vendetta" mainly for its 5th of November signage.The Nov. 5 "Guy Fawkes Gunpowder plot" to blow up the Houses of Parliament may have been a government set-up with Fawkes serving as a patsy. I do not, however, accept the premise of the film (see my review at

V = November 5th

Walk the Yellow Brick Arlington Road with me: From the 5th of November's gunpowder we are led to think of "V for Vendetta." From the V symbol of that movie we are led to the current and much hyped ABC TV series "V," which at its website immediately greets the viewer with a reminder of the Kennedy assassination conspiracy and concerns the infiltration of earth by double-talking aliens.

The preceding is a twilight language cryptogram.

We're not in Kansas anymore and haven't been for a long time. The Fort Hoodwink ceremony is one more step down the devolutionary path set out for us.

Notice the insipid "questions" put to officials by the media, mostly predicated on personal interest story angles. Few if any establishment journalists are holding the commanding general to account for his announcement that the alleged lone nut shooter was confirmed dead. Few if any establishment journalists are asking to speak with the eyewitnesses who saw more than one shooter.

Note the general passive acceptance of the tale of Fort Hoodwink as it has been narrated by the government, with all its glaring contradictions.

The response from the media and the American people is a dumbed down deadening one, from the living dead.

The people who protest the Obama government and "socialized medicine," for some reason trust the government in its military incarnation at Ft. Hoodwink, just as they see nothing "socialistic" about their Medicare, or about massive taxpayer spending on the military-industrial complex and exorbitantly expensive, useless foreign wars.

Every year the Cryptocracy works rituals like Fort Hoodwink, the D.C. Sniper etc. etc. we become less human, less perceptive, less alert, less alive.


Maurice Pinay said...

I humbly offer a sketch of my reading of the past two days' 'great works':



To be clear, I don't believe it's kabbalistic to identify these rituals. I don't believe that the symbols have any power per se. It's only when they're associated with primal emotion; terror, lust, etc. that they gain power. Once the association is made I believe that the symbols can speak to a large percentage of people at some unconscious level. If this is true and it is possible to enchant the masses in such a way, and I believe it is, then it would be negligent to not identify these rituals.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Hoffman (and Mr. Pinay),

Again I reiterate that in order for symbols to have power, they must

a) be viewed, and
b) have a particular resonance to the target audience

How many people are being processed by the confluence of symbols you mention? Even the highest rated television shows grab about 10% of the American viewing public. News and "news magazine" stations grab even less. As I see it, the cryptocracy has less and less control, because they don't have a monopoly on symbols. Sociocultural paradigms (and their symbols) change so rapidly that much of their resonance is lost. Due to demographic plurality, there are very few symbols that maintain their power across the cultural spectrum. Dee's algorithm still requires input data. For the cryptocracy's agenda to be efficacious, that data must depend on the target audience.

Are farmers in the Chinese hinterland affected by this latest cryptogram? Are the residents of the coastal town of Chennai paralyzed into distraught submission? Are the Chinese immigrants living ten to a home in Los Angeles paying any attention to this? Would it affect them? Do they even know about the significance of November 5th? Are the Hindu families emigrating to this country en masse fertile soil for cryptocratic manipulation?

You assert that we are lifeless and becoming more so, yet fecundity abounds in the third world (as does the Gospel). It seems to me that, like Euripides, you lament the loss of your ancient homeland -- in your case, the America of your youth. That is your paradigm, your nostalgia. It differs for different people and cultures.

I would be more receptive to your thesis if you could provide examples of the cryptocracy at work in India, for instance, in which the cryptocrats are using Indian legends, symbols, and history to paralyze their huge population (which is quite vital and bursting at the demographic and geopolitical seams). Are the Chinese cryptocrats using similar methodologies in Beijing? If so, show me. What's China's equivalent of November 5th? I've got news for you -- the monolith of 2001 means absolutely nothing to the Indians and Chinese I know.

Of course, in absence of such examples you might be asserting that the cryptocrats have a special desire to destroy Western Christendom. If they do, there will always be other people in other countries receptive to Christ's Gospel. It was not restricted to Europe and any intimation of that verges perilously close to the dead-end of the Christian identity movement with its inherent denials of free will and grace.

As far as cultural entropy is concerned, we do live in a fallen world. Deterioration is inherent, yet there will be examples of beauty and decadence in any age. How much of one or the other we perceive depends on what we want to see. The saints had the right idea. They kept their eyes focused towards Heaven and regarded all else as static.

Anon 10:25

Arjalea said...

Why did this happen just when Obama is ready to declare a surge in Afghanistan? To whip up war fever in the United States, perhaps? Anti-Muslim war fever spurred on by Zionist Israel lobby.

Dutch Boy said...

Such incidents always produce confusion and misinformation. There is no a priori reason to believe that the perpetrator was not the current suspect.

TMaestro said...

Well, Cabala is sub-conscious methodology and falls in line with signals technology/mind control...I know secondary to scholarly research on both subjects.

I do not think we will ever know for sure 'the details of this tragic event' but what is for sure is that the core of this issue is not simple in nature for the depth of such is certain to be at
'above top secret' Intel levels thus not public information...

Anonymous said...

To Anon. 10:25: I would say that yes, the Cryptocrats are processing the masses in India -- take a deeper look into the events surrounding the Bombay attacks, never mind the Nepalese assassinations. The point is to psychologically terrorize or traumatise a populace so that they believe there is something very wrong with their government. In conjunction with entertainment and film that, in the words of the late Senator Patrick Moynihan, "defines "deviancy down," a society may eventually reach a point where corruption and vice are mainstreamed and injected into popular attitudes and "mores."

The use of twilight language and conflicting story lines is intended to suggest to the masses that they are not getting the full story. This puts enough -- not all -- of the people in psychic tension: they come to believe their government is corrupt but must continue to live in a culture of lies. Read Solzhenitsyn on this phenomenon and look at what the Bolsheviks did -- they used plenty of mass psychology techniques like this. As far as twilight language itself and seeded memes, read Lakoff on the power of metaphor or Saussure and Barthes on language and symbol: concepts are connected through metaphors and symbol which have the effect of bringing disparate ideas together in odd, unconscious ways: "Women, Fire, and Dangerous Things."

Lastly, if it's true that the Cryptocrats believe in magic, sympathetic magic and the power of names and places is something they believe in -- not necessarily the person who decodes their actions. I'm not clear why you think someone trying to decode these things is similar to someone practicing Kabbalah. The person trying to decode them is like a detective tracking a perpetrator: he's looking for clues to expose a crime. A Kabbalist isn't doing this. In this respect, the twilight language sleuth is trying to break the spell, not cast it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 5:19 pm -

Interesting post but I would respond and say the cryptocrats don't have to worry as much about India and the Chinese. The highest forms of religion and philosophy are from Greece and Rome - trial by jury - ownership of arms, the renaissance man - bills of rights - universal voting and property ownership rights etc. - These things are purely the 'West's baby'. That's not to say great things do not exist in China, etc. I for one would love to sleep in a monastary in China at 15,000 feet, eat nothing but a little rice and study martial arts and meditate all day - but in terms of the 'standard' human rights - its Europe and the US and Canada. 1 billion Chinese would leave China and live in the US or any part of Europe. No matter how good living conditions got in China - millions of persons of European extraction would not move to China.

The cryptocracy has to knock out (by subtle control) Christianity and the legal rights of citizens of the West - after that - to boss around a million Chinese who cannot own firearms - that's easy.

Anonymous said...

what if the cryptocracy symbolism marks are just really fingerprints that this event was triggered through black magic. Where the details work themselves out through resonance. Have you ever witnessed the fullfillment of a prayer? the way it comes together in stange and subtle ways? Could evil prayers, or intense fear cause similar ripples in reality to occur? Such ripples could easily bear the marks of resonant events simply from the manner in which they were triggered. Could these events unfold in this manner simply as symptoms of our collective spiritual sickness? In semi interesting coincidence my captcha for this post is blestedd

Joe O said...

Why did a psychiatrist with no combat experience display such amazing skill with handguns? His choice of weapons shows detailed planning. This was not someone who simply "snapped" and went berserk.

One commemntator has questioned whether occult symbols and language can have an effect on immigrants or those who don't watch TV. I would suggest that they unconsciously pick up on symbolic language through advertisements and movies. The cryptocracy won't get through to everyone but to a certain degree that doesn't matter. Many of these immigrants don't vote and have little to no power.

Liberty Bell said...

Hooded Sign of Silence:


Grand Inspector Inquisitor Commander:

"Fort Hood commander Lt. Gen. Bob Cone['s] ... father, Donald Cone, said [of his son] 'He's very secretive,' ..." (http://www.wmur.com/news/21541337/detail.html)

Ordo ab Chao:

"'It's chaotic,' said [Cynthia] Thomas[, director of Under the Hood Cafe]" (http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/us_fort_hood_shooting/print)



Another 'V':



Possible Duality: 'Nadal' (Spanish - 'Nativity')/'Nidal' (Arabic - 'Strength')


Paul Joseph Watson is asking what 'news' agencies are not: "Was Fort Hood Killer On Psychotropic Drugs?" (http://www.infowars.com/was-fort-hood-killer-on-psychotropic-drugs/)


31st Degree Double Cross:


"Thirty-first Degree: ... The central teaching of this degree is justice." (http://bakersfieldscottishrite.org/31st%2520Degree.html - 'Justice,' which Aleister Crowley renamed 'Adjustment'.)


Justice Card...Crown of a 'Malik':


On November 5th, "The Moon waneth. The Moon waneth. The Moon waneth. For in that Arrow is the Light of Truth that overwhelms the Light of the Sun whereby the Moon shineth. The Arrow is fledged with the plumes of Ma'at..."


Note the connection with 'Ma'at', Egyptian goddess of "of truth, balance, order, law, morality, and justice ... regulating the stars, seasons, and the actions of both mortals and the deities, ... set the order of the universe from chaos at the moment of creation." (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ma%27at)

November Vth, witchcraft moon, an ordo ab chao 'adjustment' under the Hood.


Anonymous said...

And then the mind control issue is never raised by mainstreet public consumption pimps or whores.

Anonymous said...

I tried to post this earlier but maybe there was a quirk in the system

The following bullet points are taken directly from the caption of the story that broke on BBC.co.uk:

- Shooting starts 1330 local time (1930 GMT) at Soldier Readiness Processing Center near Howze Theater where graduation ceremony is due to take place
- Thirteen people are killed and 30 injured

firstly, notice the numbers 1330 local time and the dead and injured as 13 & 30. what a funny coincidence.

secondly, notice that the location is defined by the keywords 'processing', 'theater', 'ceremony', 'graduation'

(source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/8345713.stm)

but something i find even more telling is this image from the story that broke on msnbc


Quite prominently over the immediate right shoulder of the General, and the real focus of the image, is who? 'men in black' (i.e. 'you saw nothing here', or perhaps just flatly to say 'black op')

if you think a photo like this is chosen at random without regard to the message it portrays, you either know very little about the media or you are not living in reality. Even if everything else were somehow a strange coincidence, that photo was most definitely calculated.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if its coincidence that the Discovery Channel is replaying ‘The Washington Sniper’ this week?

"You asked us to say, "We have caught the sniper like a duck in a noose." We understand that hearing us say this is important to you."

Anonymous said...

250 years of Freemasons' Society
Ashutosh ShuklaFriday, November 7, 2008 3:40 IST Email


It believes in betterment of the society and provides relief to the needy

The Freemasons' Society plans to celebrate 250 years of its existence in the city on November 22 and 23. A fraternal society, it believes in works like distributing school bags, medicines, providing relief to individuals or flood victims. It has 5.5 million 'brothers' world over.

Though not an underground organisation, the society has been secretive in the sense that it has never indulged in publicity or advertising or interacted with the press.

The society works on the principles of high moral standards. "We have Bhagvad Gita, Bible, Quran, Guru Granth Sahib and Zend Avesta as our guides," said Vasudev Masurekar (see picture), regional grand master, regional grand lodge of western India.
"We are not operative masons but speculative ones. Working tools of masons set moral parameters for us. Our units meet at lodges to discuss what service they can do to the society," he added.

Explaining further, he said, "For us, the gavel is like a tool, which when used in our meetings, is a symbol of use of conscience in our action. It is like a reminder. Other tools like the compass mean that a person should have desires within the range of propriety."

The society, born in England on June 24, 1717, largely had masons from Irish and Scottish origins. The day is now known as the 'Universal Brotherhood Day'. "The society came to India in 1728 in Kolkata. It moved to Mumbai in 1758," said Arun Phadke, brother at the mason society.

However, till 1834 there was no Indian who was a member of this truly secular organisation, said Phadke. It was the assistant collector of Bombay Manecjjee Khursetjee (popularly known as Khada Parsi), who became its first member, he added.
He too had to go to England to become a member as one could join the society only on recommendation of an existing member," said Phadke. The society still works on the same principle.

"Our charity work is not based on cheque-book philanthropy. A bag is passed around to collect funds after every meeting and a member contributes as per his will. We do not even decide what we will do. Whatever comes up in the meeting as a meritorious case is taken up," said Kishore Kowshik, 'brother' of Sorab Davar Lodge.

A person can be a member of the society if he is over 21 years of age. He is permitted only if he has belief in God, willingness to offer service at all times and a genuine desire for knowledge. India has 360 lodges with each having 25-30 people in it.

Mumbai has the maximum of 28 lodges. Phrizoe Shah Mehta, Motilal Nehru, Swami Vivekanand have been amongst its prominent members.

Eugene said...

Guy Fawkes in recent times was discovered to spell his name "Guy Faux", ie "Fella False" or "Dude Dead", etc.

Guy Faux's death led to the Night of the Bonfires where "good" Englishmen set up a mock effigy, burn it, and hail

"By God's providence he was catch'd.
With a dark lantern and burning match.
Holloa boys, holloa boys, let the bells ring.
Holloa boys, holloa boys, God save the King!
And what should we do with him? Burn him!"

A "terrorist act" that only reinforced the power of the Crown.

Qui Bono indeed! As Phillip K Dick said in his Gnostica Tractates "To fight the Empire is to become infected with the Empire" and "the Empire never died".

All resistance is coopted to only increase Crown power. Guy Faux is the strawman who makes all men straw. To hail his demise magically makes you a good slave of Empire. The magic is to take the power of self defense, ie the hero, and makes all heroes serve as chattel to Empire. Zombies. Golem. Suits. Only doing my J-O-B.

"Fighting tyrants abroad equals be a good soldier.


Fighting tyrants at home equals domestic terrorist."

What's in a label? Everything! When corporations gained the right of personhood-wink on paper, all the people became paper.

We are all "holloa boys" ie "hollow men" "and this is how the world ends, not with a bang, but with a whimper".

Hal said...

Michael, you make some good points that challenge the official story, and you point out some interesting coincidences, but we still don't have any "smoking guns" like there were for 9/11... until now.

I recently came across two articles on the ABC news website that indicate that officials are interested in someone other than Nidal Hasan in connection to the Fort Hood shootings:


In both articles, the owner of the gun store where Nidal Hasan is alleged to have bought the murder weapon says that "They (law enforcement) called last night and asked about a specific name and gun purchase, but the name was not Hasan."

Why would investigators ask about the a gun purchase made by someone other than Hasan, and not ask about a purchase made by Hasan? Unless there is another suspect and officials know Hasan was not involved, their line of questioning makes no sense at all.