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Friday, July 17, 2009

From 2004: Hoffman vs. Raspail on demography


I. The Fatherland Betrayed by The Republic by Jean Raspail

II. Roots, Not Symptoms:
A Reply to Jean Raspail by Michael Hoffman


The Fatherland Betrayed by The Republic
by Jean Raspail

Le Figaro magazine (France), June 17, 2004
(Translated from the French By Peter Wakefield Sault)

I circled around this topic like a dog handler in the presence of a parcel bomb. It is difficult to approach it directly without having it explode in one's face. There is danger of civilian death. It is, however, the main line of investigation. I hesitated. Especially as in 1973, by publishing "The Camp of The Saints," I had already said it all. I do not have a great deal to add except to say that the deed is done.

Because I am convinced that the fate of France is sealed, because "My house is their house" (Mitterand), inside "Europe whose roots are as much Muslim as Christian" (Chirac), because the situation is moving irreversibly towards the final swing in 2050 which will see French stock amounting to only half the population of the country, the remainder comprising Africans, Moors and Asians of all sorts from the inexhaustible reserve of the Third World, predominantly Islamic, understood to be fundamentalist Jihadists, this dance is only the beginning.

France is not the only concern. All of Europe marches to its death. The warnings are precise - the UN report (which delighted some), incontrovertible work by Jean-Claude Chesnais and Jaques Dupachier, in particular - yet they are systematically buried and the National Institute for Demographic Studies [INED] pushes disinformation.

The almost sepulchral silence of the media, governments and community institutions on the demographic crash of the European Union is one of the more striking phenomena of our time. When there is a birth in my family or in the homes of my friends, I cannot look at this baby of our house without reflecting upon that which prepares itself for him in the negligent governments and what he must confront in his manhood...

Without taking into account that those of French stock, bludgeoned by the throbbing tom-tom of human rights, of "the welcome to the outsider", of the "sharing" dear to our bishops etc., framed by a whole repressive arsenal of laws known as "anti-racist", conditioned from early childhood with cultural and behavioral "crossbreeding", with the requirements of "plural France" and with all the by-products of old Christian charity, will no longer have any other means but to lower their children and to merge without kids into the new mould French "citizen" of 2050.

All the same let us not despair. Without doubt, there will remain what is called in ethnology some isolates, some powerful minorities, perhaps about 15 million French - and not necessarily all of the white race - who will still speak our language more or less unbroken and will insist on remaining impregnated with our culture and our history such as was transmitted to us from generation to generation. It will not be easy for them.

Facing the various "communities" which one sees being formed today on the ruins of integration (or rather on its progressive reversal: it is us whom one integrates into "the other", now, and more the opposite) and which in 2050 will be permanently and without doubt institutionally installed, it will be to some extent - I seek a suitable term - about a community of French continuity. This one will be based on its families, her birth-rate, its endogamy of survival, its schools, its parallel networks of solidarity, perhaps even its geographical areas, its portions of territory, its districts, even its places of safety and, why not, its Christian, and catholic faith with a small chance if this cement still holds.

That will not please. The clash will take place some time or another. Something like the elimination of the Kulaks by suitable legal means. And then?

Then France will no longer be peopled, all confused origins, except by hermit crabs who will live in shells left behind by the representatives of a species gone forever which was called the French species and unannounced, by one does not know which genetic metamorphosis, that which in second half of this century will have been clothed with this name. This process has already started.

There is one second hypothesis that I could not formulate otherwise than privately and which would require that I consulted my lawyer beforehand, it is that the last isolates resist until initiating a kind of reconquest undoubtedly different from the Spanish but taking as its starting point the same reasons. This will be a perilous story to write about. It is not me who will be charged with this, as I have already done my bit. Its author has probably not yet been born, but this book will see the light of day at the appointed time, I am sure...

What I cannot understand and which plunges me into an abyss of sorry perplexity, is why and how so many informed Frenchmen and so many French politicians contribute knowingly, methodically, I don't dare to say cynically, with the certain immolation of France (let us avoid the qualifier of eternal which disgusts the beautiful consciences) on the altar of an aggravated utopian humanism.

I ask myself the same question in connection with all these omnipresent associations of rights to this, rights to that, and all these leagues, these think tanks, these subsidized headquarters, these networks of manipulators insinuated into all the wheels of State (political education, judiciary, parties, trade unions, etc), these innumerable petitioners, these correctly consensual media and all these "clever" folks who day after day and with impunity inoculate their anaesthetic substance into the still healthy body of the French nation.

Even if I can, at a pinch, credit them on the one hand with sincerity, it sometimes saddens me to admit that they are my countrymen. I feel the sting of the renegade word, but there is another explanation: they confuse France with the Republic. "Republican values" have deteriorated ad infinitum, one knows it fully, but never with reference to France. However France is from the outset a country of [common] blood. On the other hand, the Republic, which is only one shape of government, is synonymous for them with ideology, ideology with a capital "I", the major ideology. It seems to me, to some extent, that they betray the first for the second.

Among the flood of references which I accumulate in thick files in support of this assessment, here is one which under the [deceptive] appearance of a good child illuminates the extent of the damage well. It is drawn from a speech by Laurent Fabius to the socialist congress of Dijon, 17th May 2003: "When the Marianne [statue of Liberty] on our town halls takes the beautiful face of a young immigrant Frenchwoman, this day France will have crossed a line while bringing alive fully the values of the Republic..."

Since we are [left] with quotations, here are two, to conclude: "No amount of atomic bombs will be able to dam up the tidal wave comprising human beings in their millions which one day will leave the southernmost and poor part of the world, to erupt the relatively open spaces of the wealthy northern hemisphere, in search of survival." (President Boumediene, March 1974.)

And this one, drawn from the 20th chapter of 'Revelations': "The thousand years is expired. Those are what departs the nations which are at the four corners of the Earth and which are equal in number to the sand of the sea. They will go forth in expedition across the surface the Earth, they will surround the camp of the saints and the beloved city."

Roots, Not Symptoms: A Reply to Jean Raspail

by Michael Hoffman
Copyright © 2004 by revisionisthistory.org

How strange--not one word from Jean Raspail about who is really at fault for the invasion of France--the French themselves! Who were (and are) too hedonistic and selfish to average three or more French children per couple. Into this vacuum quite naturally (i.e. by the iron law of biology) rush those people who have enough sense to reproduce themselves (the Muslims) and who need lebensraum. Raspail deals, as do so many others, with symptoms and scapegoating: "those politicians" and that "sepulchral media" who vex "the still healthy body of the French nation."

I assure Monsieur Raspail that the French people are desperately sick, not healthy, and that the "sepulchre" was built by the French themselves and the bones one finds there are of the aborted children who would have obstructed the multiple vacations, the second house, the third car. This sepulchre is also peopled by the spectre of millions of French children who were never conceived, for the same reasons.

Those white nations which do not have sufficient spark of life to reproduce themselves are indeed doomed, but this is no "conspiracy." These are the inevitable wages of the Masonic, "secular Republic" that is France. The same is true for Italy, where the Catholic Church has auto-destructed and Germany, Spain, Sweden...all secular, all playboys and playgirls.

One cannot merely pay lip service to Christianity, tossing a bone to a mere nostalgia. The French, or for that matter the American intellectuals, even on the Right, dare not look to see what culture and religion prevailed when Charles Martel marched to Poitiers in 732, when Isabella reconquered Granada in 1492, when Pius V was victorious at Lepanto in 1571 and Nicholas, Graf von Salm in Vienna in 1529 and John Sobieski in that same city in 1683.

The West today, ruled ideologically by the spirits of Jean Jacques Rousseau, Charles Darwin, Albert Pike, Sigmund Freud and Menachem Mendel Schneerson cannot conquer, except from the cockpit of a glorified airborne video game attached to missiles.

Who is to blame for the demise of Europe-- the healthy, fertile Muslims or the anemic, self-extinguishing denizens of the House of Usher? If lebensraum was a virtue for the Germans is it a vice for the Muslims? The most primitive pagan in the jungle knows what the "advanced" Europeans do not know, that sex without children is death!

And the current "Crusade"? It was only forty years ago that Jacqueline Kennedy wore a black veil at the funeral of her assassinated husband, and Christian women throughout Europe and America--sophisticated women of the middle and upper classes--wore head coverings in church. Now crusader Neocons are on a campaign to "free Muslim women" from standards of propriety and modesty not so different--at least in spirit-- from what prevailed universally in the West as recently as four decades ago.

France has banned girls from wearing head scarves in its public schools, lest the girls appear too modest, and this in a France where rectums and genitals are on display on every street-corner kiosk, yet there is a morbid fear of the least display of chastity.

The Muslims rightly despise us because we have lost all self-respect; because we are not the people of the West any longer, but the people of the alchemical crucible of constant, ruinous transvaluation.

The West cannot turn its back on God and retain any territory anywhere, and when I say God I am not speaking of the god of the rabbis.

Roots, not symptoms, Monsieur Raspail.


Henry said...

Yes indeed, Mr Hoffman.

As the sperm count of the average drunken male heads toward zero, the followers of those that once fed their own children to the fires of Moloch, have been rubbing their hands with glee at how quickly the European has succumbed to the pot pourri of Satanic delights on offer, 24/7.

William Shakespeare knew a thing or three about red-blooded men and the spark of life. But could even he envisage such a time as this?


"...And gentlemen in England now-a-bed
Shall think themselves accurs'd they were not here
And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks
That fought with us upon Saint Crispin's day."

King Henry V, Scene III.

Anonymous said...

No, Mr. Hoffman. Defending Christianity means defending the gates against ALL intruders (not just the Jews), and buoying up your comrades WITHIN the gates; compliments aimed at the heathens in a time of war HARM your brothers in the trenches... you blithely hold open the door to let in the ululators, the circlers of the Qaba, the admirers of the "prophet" (pedophile, throat cutter, profligate, and blasphemer) who will exact revenge and retribution upon Christians in whatever country they gain a majority. But maybe that's your goal, eh, to pay us back for liking group A (Jews) more than group B (Palestinians)? I'll stick to reading G.K. Chesterton, (he knew how to defend us without stabbing us in the back) and maybe throw some Raspail in for variety! Amazon here I come!..

Michael Hoffman said...

To Anonymous 7:04 p.m.

My information on Islam comes from many sources, including two Palestinian Catholics who were born in Bethlehem and Nazareth (respectively) and a Christian native of Syria. In none of these cases do these three report anything approaching your neocon fantasy of what life under Islam is like. All three said that while they would most desire Christian rule, they would vastly prefer the rule of the Muslims among whom they were raised, to that of the Zionists.

Henry said...

Anonymous said... "But maybe that's your goal, eh, to pay us back for liking group A (Jews) more than group B (Palestinians)?"

Do I really need to point out the absurd irony of this thoughtless comment?

And just who is the "us" that prefers those “who say they are Jews, but do lie?”

As "Anonymous" is in the mood for buying books, Might I suggest that he/she order a copy of "The Invention Of The Jewish People" by Shlomo Sand. Also, Mr Hoffman's "Judaism Discovered" would seem to recommend itself in this particular case.

mwh said...

The mantra chanters rise from their pews and in unison proclaim that:

"God blesses those who bless the Jews."

When they piously claim that "we love the Jews," this "blessing" is their sole interest.

Most of these people are personally acquainted with few if any "Jews". Their mindless mantra is little more than a misbegotten attempt to bribe God.

Furthermore, few of them have ever even opened their Bibles to discover that there is no such verse as "God blesses those who bless the Jews." They have taken for granted that such a verse exists because their Zionist shill "shepherds" have fed them this gruel.

John the Baptist and Jesus both made it very clear that a claim of bloodline descent from Abraham was no automatic guarantee of God's blessing or of special treatment from the Goyim.

God blessed Abraham, not every Tom, Dick and Harry who comes down the dusty road claiming to be a "Jew."

If God's blessing of Abraham was an automatic blanket blessing of all "Jews", then Jesus Christ Himself would fall under the curse of God for some of the things he said to some of the descendants of Abraham.

And of course, this doesn't even address the fact that most "Jews" today can't even prove they're "Jews".

But the would-be bribers of God care absolutely nothing for any of this. They are convinced of their own righteousness and they intend to keep their ticket to heaven paid in full by continuing to chant their mantra, "God blesses those who bless the Jews."

These people are capable of only one single pompous, self-congratulatory knee-jerk reaction to words such as I have written here. I have been summarily dismissed on numerous occasions with: "You are a hateful Antisemite." (or slight variations on that theme)

And it never dawns on them that many Muslims are also Semites. The fact that the Zioists are the biggest Antismites of the day sails right over the heads of these pious pontificators.

In the words of Jesus, as recorded at Matthew 15:14:

"Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch."

Anonymous said...

Mr. Hoffman,

Respectfully, may I ask, have you been to Sweden lately? In a month there, I saw more baby strollers full of beautiful, well behaved nordic kids than ever. A tiny minority were immigrants, the majority were blond or red-haired or black-haired white children. The entire city of Stockholm is built for Swedish children in strollers.

Not the same ten years ago -- they must be on a breeding kick. Swedish baby stroller manufacturers might be a safe haven in the global economic crisis.

I think the Swedish racial/ethnic group will survive very well, thank you -- I don't have the statistics, only the personal observation of my friends and associates over there, all of whom have tended to marry other ethnic Swedes.

I don't accuse you of this personally, but I'm sick of American ignoramuses painting all of Scandanavia as some kind of free-love, sex-obsessed, leftist socialist dictatorship. The culture goes a bit deeper than that. In my experience, Scandanavians may bathe in the nude whilst being prudish about sex. The Swedes have their own insanities like any culture, but also have a great deal of common sense, and a pride in civic responsibility (try taking the public transit from Slussen to Arlanda sometime -- best in the world, probably) that puts American society to shame.

Lumping them into a pan-european smorgasbord is a mistake which travel can dispel.

France, in my opinion, is a whole other bottle of schnapps...as proud and arrogant and blind to their ignorance as most people in the USA. At least they have a culture. Spain -- while festivals rage in the streets, the churches are still attended with fervor. Europe isn't quite Los Angeles, yet.

Thank you for your always-informative and helpful blog.