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Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Saturday, June 13, 2009

James Von Brunn: Rabbi of the White Race

James von Brunn: The Shimon ben Yohai of "The White Race, " and His Contribution to Holocaustolatry

Manchurian candidate, James von Brunn has prepared the altar. Now comes the procession of Catholic bishops to incense the idol of Holocaustolatry, once again. The liturgical season of "The Holocaust" never ends.

James von Brunn, like the rabbis, is an anti-Christian racial determinist. He's mentally programmed to behave in an anti-Christian rabbinic manner. Like the rabbis, who teach that "Amalek" is a genetically programmed enemy of "The Jews" and cannot be reasoned with and therefore must be killed, so does James von Brunn believe that "The Jews" are genetically programmed enemies of "The White Race" and cannot be reasoned with and therefore must be killed.

In essence, there is no difference between James von Brunn and Rabbi Shimon ben Yohai who he paraphrased in the title of his book, Kill the Best Gentiles. But one of these race haters is sainted while the other will live in infamy in accordance with the crazy double-standards of this crazy, racist world, which the (Catholic) bishops honor above all.

Cardinal George sanctifies the "hallowed space" of the U.S. Holocaust Museum and calls for more "education" against every kind of bias (except pro-Judaic bias, of course). No, Cardinal George, the world needs the Gospel, the teachings of Jesus Christ which your elder brothers are attempting to destroy with their "education" and Holocaustolatry.



Abdul Alhazred said...

Christian naivete at its best. Iniquitous jewish behavior depends on non-jewish credulity and charity to survive and flourish(that's why they invented christianity:Matt.28:19) The more morons ignorant of their nature and schemes the better. Historical experience confirms that the best solution to jewish chicanery and social subversion is not to convert them to the "gospel"(remember the marranos?) but to expel them from society en masse. Anything less is foolishness.

Ban the truth.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope they aren't trying to discredit your work: