Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Welcome Information Connoisseurs

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New on Audio CD from Michael Hoffman

Please note: some of these broadcasts were previously available on audio-cassette (we no longer offer audio-cassettes). They are being offered now at our online store, remastered on audio CD.

Zionism, Racism and the Beirut Massacre
Hoffman worked as a newsman for radio stations as well as the Associated Press and the radio division of ABC News. When he broadcast "Zionism, Racism & the Beirut Massacre" over WEOS-FM, it was the last time the Establishment would ever allow him near a studio microphone. You'll see why when you hear Hoffman's encyclopedic recitation of the hidden history of Israeli war crimes. 40 min. Audio CD. $10.95 plus shipping

The Columbine Matrix: Decoding the Colorado School Massacre
Looks beneath the headlines to uncover the culprits & the "Revelation of the Method" behind the spectacular April 20, 1999 attack. Two Audio CDs. $19.95 plus shipping

SS Eyewitness: Hans Schmidt
In 1944, 16 year old Hans Schmidt volunteered for the combat arm of the Waffen SS. He fought in the Battle of the Bulge and in Hungary against the Red Army. Twice wounded, consigned to an American concentration camp after the war and jailed in Germany for his writings, this is his testimony. Approx. 60 min. 2 Audio CDs. $19.95 plus shipping

George Lincoln Rockwell: A Sketch of His Life and Times
Two Audio CDs. $19.95 plus shipping

Truth or Consequences
50 minutes of hair-raising revelations at the core of modern occult technology and the Kennedy assassination. Audio CD. $10.95 plus shipping

White Race and the Population Bomb
Two Audio CDs. $19.95 plus shipping

Overcoming Holocaust Newspeak
A ground-breaking analysis of the Orwellian roots of the application of the word "Holocaust" to the Judaic experience in WWII, beginning circa 1977, as well as pointers on how to recognize and counter this Newspeak. Approx. 45 min. Audio CD. $10.95 plus shipping 

The Three Freedoms
Analyzes three overlooked freedoms that we must utilize to take control of our national destiny. Hoffman believes these three freedoms will put us on the road to our own nation, if we would but use them. Prophetic address from 1999. Audio CD. $10.95 plus shipping
Chieftains and Princesses
Social criticism of dumpy modern Americans: sloppy clothing, sloppy thinking and the dumbing down of our culture beginning with lack of self-respect. Hoffman argues for a return to traditional standards which ennoble our people into "chieftains and princesses." Deals with the root of our malaise, not just symptoms. Approx. 75 min. Audio CD $10.95 plus shipping

The Scientist and the Gas Chambers: Germar Rudolph
Discussion by former Max Planck Institute chemist of of Auschwitz claims.
Two Audio CDs. $19.95 plus shipping

White Slave Labor in Early America
Builds on Hoffman's research in his book They Were White and They Were Slaves
Two Audio CDs. $19.95 plus shipping

Hate Crimes Hysteria: The Neo-Bolshevik Gambit
The imposition of dictatorship under a mask of humanism. This talk analyzes the process whereby activists are cleverly branded "haters" by their political rivals. Approx. 85 min. Two Audio CDs. $19.95 plus shipping


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chipochristianpaul said...

I will soon be ordering the new release cds. Thankfully I have the means to do this. For others who are interested in purchasing the resources, but cannot afford to, a price reduction should be considered for those individuals.