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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Amnesty International: Israeli war crimes in Gaza Dec. 08-Jan. 09

Amnesty International Confirms Israeli War Crimes

On 27 December, as 2008 drew to a close, Israeli jets launched an aerial bombardment of the Gaza Strip, where 1.5 million Palestinians live, crowded into one of the most densely populated areas of the planet. In the following three weeks,
more than 1,400 Palestinians were killed, including some 300 children, and some 5,000 were wounded

Israeli forces repeatedly breached the laws of war, including by carrying out direct attacks on civilians and civilian buildings and attacks targeting Palestinian militants that caused a disproportionate toll among civilians.

Israel said it launched the attacks in order to stop Hamas and other Palestinian armed groups firing rockets at towns and villages in southern Israel. In 2008, seven Israeli civilians were killed by these mostly homemade, indiscriminate rockets or in other attacks by Palestinians from Gaza; three Israeli civilians were killed during the three-week conflict that began on 27 December.

The sudden conflict followed an 18-month period in which the Israeli army had subjected the inhabitants of Gaza to an unremitting blockade, preventing virtually all movement of people and goods in and out of the territory and stoking a growing humanitarian catastrophe. The blockade throttled almost all economic life and led growing numbers of Palestinians to become dependent on international food aid; even terminally ill patients were prevented from leaving to obtain medical care that could not be provided by Gaza’s resource- and medicine-starved hospitals.

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Let us not forget the business-as-usual element. The Israelis have slaughtered thousands of innocent Arab civilians in Lebanon and the occupied territories but nothing substantive is done to prevent future massacres and war crimes. We in the West continue our leisure and recreational activities while fellow humans in Palestine are in desperate circumstances. The Palestinians are carted off to concentration camps (the Israelis did this through proxy forces in Lebanon at the El Khiam concentration camp which was eventually liberated by Hizbollah). Palestinians are killed; they are starving for food and medicine, and we're going about pursuing our lovely, lavish lifestyles. If these were "Jews" who were dying, starving, denied medicine and medical care, the most demanding moral question of the Age would become, "What did you do while the 'Jews' suffered and died in 2009?!" The Palestinian gentiles, who are less than human, as Orthodox Judaism has always taught, do not merit any such pressing, haunting concerns. The burning question of the Age is sixty-five years old and still being forced down our throats, "What did ____ [fill in the blank: the Catholic Church, Pope Pius XII, President Franklin Roosevelt, the Red Cross etc.] FAIL TO DO during The Holocaust?" 


Anonymous said...

AI is practically zionist controlled territory .
AI is much more interested in liberating leftist revolutionaries , than Israeli slaughters or men going to jail for thought crimes . They practise a kind of politiczed "human rights" policy that is subject to political correctness .
The Gaza slaughter was just so blatant that they needed to pay it a bit of lip service by a re-cap and nothing more .
Leftists are not the brightest folks when they don't recognize who really runs their show , and that AI is just a tool for the hypocrits to control the goyim by furthering multi-cult socialism for the goy world .

Anonymous said...

Amnesty International (AI), whether its leadership intends it to be or not, is clearly part of the alchemical window dressing (or good cop in the good cop - bad cop game) for the NWO whose modern day Moloch agenda includes that of universal chemical and surgical abortion on demand for one and all. Amnesty International via its main website (www.amnesty.org) has the following as its first sentence in the section "WHO WE ARE." "Amnesty International is a worldwide movement of people who campaign for internationally recognized human rights for all."

A perusal of AI's site indicates by implication, if nothing else, that AI does not consider human beings growing within their mother's womb to have "internationally recognized human rights." Query as to why AI does not yet treat "excess" babies growing outside their mother's womb such as those born in violation of Communist China's one child policy to be without "internationally recognized human rights." After all, Red China, no small player on the international stage, by way of its mandated infanticide certainly does not maintain that these babies have "internationally recognized human rights."

In a 21 August 2007 AI press release found on the AI site one can find perhaps the clearest overall position (or rather, perhaps, lack thereof) of AI on abortion. It states that it "remains silent on the rights or wrongs of abortion." Just as the question of when human life begins is above Obama's pay grade according to our Judaic Puppet Criminal in Chief's own testimony, so it appears to be for AI as well. What a travesty! How much longer will it be that we hear from AI that it "remains silent on the rights or wrongs of euthanasia" or a host of other crimes/sins against man and God?


Anonymous said...

[The Gaza slaughter was just so blatant that they needed to pay it a bit of lip service by a re-cap and nothing more .]

Yes, they have just told us what we already knew . That is , that the Israelis conducted a turkey shoot in the Gaza penal colony .

Question for Amnesty Int. :
What are you going to do about it?

Answer : Nothing .
We've got better things to do , for there's an anti-abortion group in the Catholic church that is trying to infringe on women's right to choose in Bolivia !
There's a neo-nazi group that is trying to discriminate against un-documented immigrants !
So much to do , and so little time , send in your contributions !